Youtube is a fraud

Thousands of Youtubers complain that Youtube is removing their LEGITIMATE subscribers. And Youtube claims they are removing inactive subscribers.

NO Youtube you are NOT!!!!

Here is the documentation that you (tube) is wrong and the Youtubers a are right.

I created a Youtube channel for my games. I know I had 3 subscribers after a few days. Because I knew who they are!

At the same time Youtube said that I had ZERO subscribers!

So to test it I asked one of my subscribers to unsubscribe and this is the result:

She got this message that I have MINUS 1 SUBSCRIBER while the two other subscribers got the message that I had ZERO subs ALL THOUGH they both were subscribed!!!!

YouTube – You are FUCKED UP!


This is Debra – one of my subscribers. Youtube says that she subscribes and that I have ZERO subs!!!! Brilliant!



This is another friend I asked to unsubscribe. Before unsubscribing he told me I had ZERO subs and this is what he got after unsubscribing:


After resubscribing he got this one:

But after immediately refreshing his screen he got this one:

So it seems subscription are immediately ignored!


And this is from one of my subscribers. Her channel has -1 subscriber…

I still have ZERO subs even though 3 of my friends documented they are subscribed!!!!

YouTube fucks us all over and over!!! Thanks Youtube! Maybe you hire amateurs to program this shit. Maybe you just want us to pay for ads to get more subs….? Maybe you don’ty know what you are doing. Maybe I think your greed is controlling Youtube!


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