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Why suicide does not help.

In the following I will go through the consequences of ending your life prematurely.

Emotions can be very dark and heavy. They can trick people into doing things they otherwise would not have done. When emotions take you over you lose conscious control of yourself. Thought can amplify emotions and thought can control emotion – if you are well-trained in watching your mind. This is also called meditation or mental hygiene.

In the Movie Ground Hawk Day Bill Murray finds himself waking up every day at six o’clock and the day before repeats itself. This happens over and over and over. Bill tries to change things, manipulate things and learn fantastic skills – everything in an attempt to get Love from Andie MacDowell. He also tries to escape the wheel of life by killing himself. Only to discover that he still wakes up at six o’clock to a new repetition.

After repeating his life numerous times he finally discovers the truth. The only thing that will set him free from repeating the same life and the same mistakes day after day is Love.


Killing your self does not solve anything. The first thing you will notice after ending your life is you will be isolated in the afterlife in a place that is sad, dark and lonely. In the first short time you will try to orient yourself to find out where you are and why your life did not end.

If you think your pain will stop when you die you are mistaken.

If you think everything will go black and stop you are mistaken.

If you think suicide is the solution to your grave emotional situation you are severely mistaken.


Killing your self makes everything much worse. Most people who kill themselves believe that their sufferings will end or that they stop existing and thus the pain will end.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The biggest issue now trying to contain your emotions. And you cannot do that without your body. If your emotions were impossible to cope with and overshadowed you when you were alive, you will notice that without your body it gets many times worse! Your pain will be tenfold. Your grief will be tenfold. Your sorrow will be tenfold. If it was boredom that drove you here it will be tenfold.

But this is not all of it.

If you hurt anybody – living or dead – by killing yourself you will feel their pain tenfold on top of what you already are feeling.

If you let someone down – living or dead – by killing yourself, you will feel let down tenfold.

After years of immense sufferings and pain you will fall asleep and after years of relaxation you will be born again. With the exact same challenges, you did not solve correctly in your previous life. The universe is patient. You will get another chance to make the right decision. And another and another. Until you WAKE UP!

There is always someone somewhere that is saddened by your suicide. Always. You will also be reborn in their situation to feel and learn what you did to them.

You will be put in the same challenge over and over until you solve the riddle and chose the path of Love, forgiveness and Enlightenment. You cannot escape. The patience of the Universe is endless.

In other words – you will lose several hundred years of time and make your sufferings ten times bigger and 100 times longer simply because you made a bad decision.

Chose Love. Chose from your heart. Chose to cope with your pain now.


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