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The Big Bitcoin Revolution Scam

Yes, I know! Many people haven’t got that much money and this makes them easy targets for these predators at Bitcoin Revolution. But DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!

The ONLY money that is EASY MONEY are those made by billionaires! The more money you got the easier it is to get more!

The bad news is that most people have to work pretty hard just to make a living. For normal people, there is no such thing as ‘Easy Money’!

This scam has many names. Bitvoin Revolution. Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Era…

According to the FTC it was a $3 billion industry in 2018.

The people behind these scams know this and they are totally shameless. This scam involves several hundred people and thousands of websites. They make millions of dollars every single day. This is organized crime! If you want real details look here. And another one here with weightloss and miracle pills.

  1. They use celebrities in fake articles to promote this scam.
  2. They use the names of well known and respected news sites to make it look creditable.
  3. They have bought a gazillion websites where they post these fake stories.
  4. They have bought another gazillion review websites that totally dominate the first 10 pages of Google with FAKE positive reviews so when you Google “Bitcoin Revolution” you get 200 FAKE review sites that ALL support the scam.
  5. They steal images and hack innocent people’s websites.


Bitcoin Scam
Bitcoin Scam



Here is an example where a well known and respected Danish news media has been used. Take a look at the address line where it says: It says it all. This is not!!:

Bitcoin Revolution scam
Bitcoin Revolution scam

The Image of Line Pedersen, Slagelse is stolen from The Guardian. It’s the 3rd image in the slider.

The Image of Kristian Nyborg, Middelfart is stolen from

The image of Julie Christiansen from Græsted is stolen from a Canadian website.

And so on and on and on…



These ads can be found on Facebook and sadly Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t care as long as he makes a profit on these ads. A HUGE profit! These ads have been reported for a long time on Facebook as well as Google. But the criminals help each other making money.

If you sign up and do not pay they WILL call you. Not once. Not twice. Not 50 times! They WILL continue until you succeed in blocking all their numbers – which is around 10.000 worldwide.

Here is an example of an ‘independent’ review: which of course is made by – Bitcoin Revolution themselves.



These Domains are only a fraction of those used: – Owner: Secret – Owner: Secret – Owner: Secret – This is a legit Japanese site they hacked, created a subdomain and run thousands of Google Ads on. – Owner: Secret – Owner: Secret – Owner: Secret. – Owner: Secret. – Owner: Secret – Owner: Secret – Owner: Secret

My guess is that there are thousands of these domains out there.


How to tell if it is a scam.

The Big Bitcoin Revolution Scam 1


  1. ALWAYS look at the address line in your browser. Check if it matches what you expect to find. Under this ad it says Instagram so you should expect to end up on an Instagram page – but you don’t!
  2. If it looks too good to be true it very likely is!
  3. If someone asks for your money you better triple check who they are!
  4. Look for spelling errors and odd word combinations.
  5. Look for contact information – This is important because most of these scammers have as NO contact info! Some times a contact form – but they will never answer you! Try to contact them and see if they answer! Look for their OFFICIAL name, address, phone numbers etc. If there are no such things rest assured it is a scam!


Unfortunately if you pay these bastards any money they are LOST! You will NEVER see them again and you will NEVER receive any Bitcoins! It is a SCAM. Facebook and Google allow it and because they make money with them!

The Bitcoin Scam is all over the world and it is very difficult to even make a case and take it to court.

So STAY THE FUCK AWAY from these scumbags! They want your money!

I have taken bigger and much more violent crime syndicates down before and I’m tempted to do it again. My way! Welcome to my world bitches!






  • Arnold Hessen

    I almost fell for this scam but something made me think twice. These people are scumbags and should be locked up until they learn!!

    Thanks for a great article 🙂

  • The Handy Man

    The Internet is the new marketplace for scammers and con artists. It is much easier to trick people on the net than IRL because you can’t see the person.

  • Johann Erichsson

    Thank you for this article. We need a lot more attention on scammers on the Internet. It is an open marketplace for criminals who try to trick money from people who does not expect it.

  • Danny Da Vince

    Thank you for this article. It is very interesting and needed in these days when criminals takes over the Internet. We need to raise peoples awareness on this!

    I like reading all your articles and hope you will write more. I have read them all by now and I love it! You are really pointing at some dark areas of many peoples life!

    Thanks again!

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