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Fighting Trafficking, Corrupt politicians and common stupidity

Stopping a Paedophile

November 11, 2020

Unfortunately, child sexual abuse is way more common than people want to believe. 8% of men and 20% of women have prior to the age of eighteen suffered some form of sexual abuse.

If you are aware and you look around you will most likely spot someone who is a paedophile.

But – you probably don’t know what you are looking for so in this story I will show you a very typical example of a paedophile and how they are ‘grooming’ their victims.

Len, Angel, and I had decided to go to Long Beach just to shop, relax and talk. You know – we were sisters but we only knew each other for a few weeks so still had a lot to catch up on and talk about. Imagine being sisters and you don’t know each other – there are a gazillion things to talk about to get to know each other. So that’s what we did.

After a few hours of shop crawling we sat down in a nice café to get something to eat and it was while we were eating Angelica noticed a mother with her 5-year-old daughter and a man in his seventies. Maybe her father or an uncle.

— Look at them, Angel said and nodded in their direction.

I immediately noticed that the mother didn’t seem interested in her daughter at all. She talked to the old man while eating and if she talked to her daughter she didn’t even look at her.

The old man on the other hand was very focused on the daughter. While he talked to the mother he also looked at the daughter and talked to her. We couldn’t hear what they talked about, but he smiled a lot at the daughter.

At some point, the daughter needed to go to the toilet, but it was the man who took her hand and followed her to the back.

Now, Angel knows exactly how to spot these scumbags. She has encountered hundreds of them and they all have the same ‘vibe’. They kinda ‘smell’ the wrong way.

— I know what is going to happen, Angel said. Come with me.

Angel went out back and followed them silently. She gave them sixty seconds, and then she violently kicked the door to the toilet, and voila! There he was. Groping her in all the wrong places.

He flew up and tried to look as if this was the most natural thing in the world. But his face was all wrong. His body language revealed with 1000% accuracy that he knew this wasn’t good.

Len took the girl by her hand and helped her finish her visit at the toilet. Angel was not that polite. As soon as Len and the daughter were out of sight she kicked the man so hard in his balls that he fell to the ground!

— I know who you are and in particular, I know WHAT you are! I know where you live and if you continue this paedophilic lifestyle I am going to cut your balls off and the police will find you dead while eating your balls!

Actually we didn’t know where he lived but we know the car he drove so it was only a matter of looking at his license plate.

We took them both back to the mother and Len started out saying:

— Fortunately, we entered the toilet while this man had her hands and fingers in all the wrong places of this young lady and I suggest that you take a lot more interest in how your daughter is doing!

She looked confused. Not in the innocent way. The way you try to act when you know you are wrong but not ready to admit it.

At the same time, Angel threw the man in his chair. He looked terrible. She threw her gun – which is a Glock 22 and a pretty impressive piece of hardware, at the table in front of him and said:

— From this day on you will NEVER even think of touching an underage!

She took her gun and we left.

I could tell Angel was furious! Furious because there was no one to defend her when she got raped, abused, sold, and trafficked to Albania. Furious because we probably were the only people in the world who were able to spot this and at the same time do something. The world is populated by morons, psychopaths, narcissists, egomaniacs, paedophiles, sex offenders, liars, scumbags, and politicians who get paid to protect them.


What could have happened if Angel didn’t notice:

The man would have done things to the girl at that café that would put him by bars for the rest of his life. He would come out from the toilet with the little girl in his hand. He would probably kneel down and whisper something in her ear while smiling AND touching her. What he would be saying: “Don’t tell anyone about this. This is OUR secret!”

And he would have continued to molest this girl and maybe even other girls too.

There is nothing wrong with granddads and uncles taking care of their grandchildren. The problem is when they look too much, smile too much, and in particular TOUCH too much.

It is easy to spot when the child thinks it is too much. They will try to avoid contact because it feels uncomfortable.

And that’s where you step in!


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By Angelica Quincy

Angelica fled from a catholic school because she didn’t fit in there due to her rough childhood losing her parents and her sisters. She ended up in the streets of London as a prostitute selling her body for the next fix. She got picked up and trafficked to Albania where she suddenly got the chance to fight for her self and the girls in the brothel and she took it and a nasty bunch of criminals suddenly felt the wrath of Angel in a bad temper!

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