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Michael Jackson’s bodyguards say Not Guilty!

In this previous article, I described why I deeply believe why Michael Jackson is innocent.

Two of Michael Jackson’s bodyguards have now come forward and are giving very strong testimonies to Michael Jacksons’ innocence in the accusations from James Safechuck and Wade Robinson.

The two bodyguards are Matt Fiddes who worked for Michael for ten years and Bill Whitfield who worked for Michael for two years. Here is the video interview with Bill in which he explains his relationship with Michael and firmly states that he is totally innocent and James and Wade did what they did because of greed.

Next we will be investigating Epstein! Were these timed allegations against Michael supposed to take the heat from Harvey Epstein?

To cover up the fact that Epstein had very powerful clients like Bill Clinton, Trump, Lots of Hollywood producers…?

Also check Corey Feldman here:


And if you still don’t believe Michael Jackson was innocent listen to what Tom Meseraux says about the 140 witnesses the state called to testify against Michael. He discredited all of them from A to Z and some of them even discredited themselves:



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