Trafficking,  Pedophilia

ICE and Trafficking

I don’t really know if ICE is in the dark about what is really going on in the world today. Looking at their most wanted list (Click on the Trafficking tab) it looks like they don’t.

These guys are nothing compared to the men who control trafficking and these men are people from the mafia protected by government officials all over the world.

If ICE doesn’t realize how things work in real life I will have to assume that they are part of the problem! ICE goes after the small fish! This means they trafficking alive!!!! They never go for the top guys! They are part of the very system that protects pedophilic scumbags and people who make millions on others’ misery!

This problem goes to the top of almost every government in ‘civilized’ countries. Prins Andrew, Jeffrey Epstein who worked with CIA, MI6 and Mossad to produce dirt on high ranking officials all over the world. Harvey Weinstein, Tom Hanks, Kevin Spacey, Mark Salling, Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, Paul Reubens, The entire Catholic church…

In Congo 9 out of 10 are assaulted and raped. Men, women, children, AND animals! Almost the entire population of Congo has been raped and molested! But that’s another story!


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