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I’m on Facebook and I am one of these girls who get a ton of PM’s every day from guys. Only one word. “Hi”.

What the hell is that for an insanely stupid worthless way to contact a girl on Facebook??? What the fuck does a guy expect a woman to respond to that???

If you have a FANTASTIC follow up, it would most likely work in real life. But this is Facebook.

You guys have a great reason to approach me! I have a nice face and I look sexy. All the reason you need. But my good looking is not an invitation to sex. It is not an invitation to anything. It is just the way I look!

I have no reason at all to answer you! I don’t know you. I don’t care how your face looks and I do not check your profile. Not without any reason. And you give me none just by saying “Hi”.

If you expect me to react to a “Hi”, I assume you are absolutely uninteresting, non-creative and totally boring! This means I will NEVER respond to your “Hi”. Never as never in all eternity!

“Hi” = Insecure! If you do not have the guts to challenge me intellectually in a humorous way that signals that you are funny, exciting and challenging to be with (for any period of time), don’t even bother contacting me! The world is full of small insecure men.

“Hi” means that you want ME to take the initiative from there. And I won’t.

I am the kind of girl that goes for what I want! 200%! A “Hi” signals that you are NOT going to invest anything in getting what YOU want. A simple cheap non-risky almost anonymous “Hi”.

You are not ready to risk rejection to invest in what you want! You are not committed!




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