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Emergency Kit For Women

May 18, 2022

What should be in an emergency kit for women?

I have been asked many times what an emergency kit for Women should include. So in this article, I will show you a number of remedies and stuff you can use in your survival kit.
The purpose of a survival kit is of course to increase your chances of getting through a difficult situation alive. So we need as much equipment as possible in as little space as possible.

How to design a Women’s Emergency Kit for a purse

It is truly an art to be able to design a women’s emergency kit for a purse or a handbag. Every single item in the survival kit has to have a meaningful purpose and you want quality tools! No cheap stuff from a toy store! We preferably need military-grade equipment. No Chinese shit! You don’t wanna be in a pitch-black forest at midnight with a flashlight that doesn’t work! Or even worse – empty batteries! New batteries EVERY time you go no matter the condition of the old batteries. Use them for the kid’s flashlights.

Women’s mini emergency kit

Design your kit to match the job! An emergency kit is not just a standard kit! Much of it will be the same from job to job, but some jobs require special tools so prepare with that specific job in mind.

Girl emergency kit checklist:

My Tactical handbag. I have a normal handbag with a metal frame. This frame is important. It can be used to create a lock pick, or it can be used as a primitive knife. Not as handy as a real knife, but far better than having nothing. Vital things are concealed.

  • 30 feet of nylon wire and a fishing hook.
  • Two small screwdrivers.
  • A Hex key
  • A lock pick set.
  • Two feet of duct tape.
  • A small compass
  • 2 needles and three feet of sewing thread.
  • Small bottle with alcohol for disinfection
  • Antibiotics
  • 3 sterile napkins
  • a mini scalpel
  • A pair of rounded tweezers for bullet extraction
  • A few energy snacks.
  • A tactical pen
  • A small LED flashlight
  • A Paracord Bracelet (10 feet polyester)
  • 2 deciliters of distilled water for cleaning wounds or drinking.
  • 3 Carabiners
  • A ‘snowflake’ multitool.
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • A multitool Axe with a small hammer, saw a small knife, mini screwdrivers, different openers and a pair of scissors.
  • A black camouflage stick
  • A 30/15cm Mil-Tec combat knife
  • A few paperclips (for opening handcuffs)
  • A credit card


But I got more stuff hidden around my body and my clothing.

  • A Yahwara. In my hair, I carry a Yahwara. It is hidden in my ponytail and no one would suspect it for a weapon. It is almost impossible to notice and if someone does It simply looks like a device to handle my ponytail.
  • My clothing is always black on the inside, so I can turn them inside out and be invisible at night.
  • Black Combat boots with 60 cm laces.
  • My T-shirts are cheap and can easily be torn apart and used as bandages.
  • For partying, I have convertible shoes where the high heels can be dismounted in a second and turn into flat shoes great for running.
  • In my sleeves, I have two Wire Saws without handles. One for wood and one for metal.
  • Mil-Tec Gloves.
  • Mil-Tec Paracord belt with 90 feet of polyester wire.


My weaponry looks like this:

  • H&K G36K and H&K G36C. I named them Short and Shorter because of their size. Both take 5.56 cal. and 30 round mags. (613/833mm & 500/716mm length).
  • Glock 22 Primary Firearm, a few extra 19 rounds of magazines and some 31 rounds of extended mags. primarily for shooting range. I also have a 50 round drum mag. but that’s only for fun!
  • Glock G19 Backup – Mounted in an ankle holster.


These are the secondary key phrases I used in this article. The main keyword is the header: What should be in an emergency kit for women?

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By Debra Quincy

Debra was an outsider all her life. She never knew her father and she lost her mother and sisters very early. Couldn't handle close friends. They would only be taken away from her – just like everyone else before. Going to war actually saved her and finding true friends in the army started a healing process.

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