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Dear Trump

I have met a lot of men from all walks of life. I have met criminals, drug dealers, thieves, mafia bosses, soldiers and officers from many different countries, a few (corrupt) politicians and a lot of ordinary people. The vast majority of my encounters reflect pretty normal men who have the ability to be present and open to some degree. BUT some of them were very ambitious and some very ruthless in their way to prove themselves worthy of something they tried to achieve. These men all had one thing in common. They never experienced the presence of a dad.

This leaves the boy hurt, with a subtle feeling of failure that needs to be covered up and compensated for.

And it seems that the army – and the police force in the US in particular – attracts a certain kind of man. Men who did not have a solid, sensible father figure present in their childhood!

Now Egoes come in all shapes, forms, and sizes and I realize that some kind of ego is necessary to survive in this world – which is why the military can be great for ‘boys’ who need to develop the masculinity they never got from their father.

Most soldiers actually become more MEN by being a soldier – if we take out all the negative consequences it has to send young men overseas to kill other men. The trauma can actually break them instead and often does if you don’t put on your psychic armor and become a try-hard hard-ass! An empty shell.

My view on Trump is that he has one of these oversized, overcompensated egos. I bet his dad never sat down with his son and told him that he was the best thing that ever happened to him. That he would love him no matter what and that he was proud of him! I bet that he never spent a single day with his son to make him feel accepted, appreciated, recognized, and loved!

An oversized Ego is a sign of compensation. Always! No exception! The largest ego is the one who talks the most to cover up the lowest self-worth. The largest ego is the most shallow.

In everything, Trump says you can hear him say, “See me, Dad.” “Am I great or what”? “Are you proud of me now, dad”? “Do you love me”?

Our psychology (psyche) and history have one thing in common. They repeat themselves! We all know that history repeats itself. But not many have recognized that we as human beings always unconsciously try to go back in time to unfinished dramas to finish them. This means we try to recreate previous unfinished situations in order to make a more satisfying ending where we can feel accepted, appreciated, and loved, and unfortunately, this does not really work. Well, it does actually, but it takes an insanely long time and maybe a lifetime of repeats before we wake up.

That’s why every achievement Donald makes has this subtle signature saying: Dad – see what I did. Acknowledge me! Do you love me now?


Mr. Trump! It seems you have been walking in circles all your life just to handle this single issue that your father wasn’t there for you.

You probably don’t want pity.

I’m sorry for you, Mr. Trump. All you ever wanted was Love and that was the only thing you never got…

But you got some achievements during your time of action. You are the president who has done most for trafficking victims and pedophilia! Click here!

I hope you get them before we do!



  • Johann Erichsson

    Trump is hillarious! Every single sentence he speaks contains some kind of self promotion often by discrediting others.

  • Alex Piet

    I know it sounds negative but Mr. Trump is a moron! A hillarious moron yes but nevertheless a moron! BUt I understand what you are saying. We all carrying some luggage around.

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