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Cookies my ass!

We don’t really know what happened in Brussels when some senior butthead decided that every single website in the world should warn people about the use of cookies!

Maybe they were running out of work, was afraid we would think they didn’t produce enough laws or maybe they just felt they had to produce something for their astronomical royal salaries…

The result of their boredom was the total destruction of the flow on the Internet. In the good old days, we could surf from website to website completely uninterrupted and hassle-free. But now the typical website experience on each and every webpage you visit is a popup where we have to click YES – I accept your fucking cookies!

Why on earth did those EU barons have to ruin the flow on the Internet? Steal people’s valuable time by asking them to accept cookies on every single website on the Internet?

How stupid is that?

Well, that is just about the dumbest thing I have ever seen online. Imagine someone knocking on your door. You answer through your door speaker. “I can’t open the door until you read and sign the 16-page paper contract I slice to you through the letter slot. Read it, sign it and return it. Accept that access to my house is at your own risk…

Imagine every time we go shopping in town we had to sign a 16-page contract before entering the shop…

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small pieces of information the website stores on your computer. Every webpage is a unique and independent session that doesn’t know which page (or session) was before and which comes next. This is where cookies are used. The first webpage stores information to the next in cookies on your device to help the next page so you are able to navigate through all elements on a website. Imagine you putting something you want to buy in a basket and click Checkout. The checkout page has no other way of knowing what you put in your basket unless it can read the cookies stored by the page where you put your stuff in the basket. Likewise, the amount has to be stored in a cookie to tell the payment page how much money you are spending.


Our leaders are drunk addicts. Addicted to power and money. They are extremely good at wasting our money and our time. They are too far away from the reality of the majority.

Adding a cookie accept popup to all websites on the Internet corresponds to building speed bumps every 100 yards on a highway!

EU go home and drink some more booze. Please drink so much that you are unable to make any new laws at all…





  • Ridgen Phamridge

    I must admit you are pointing at something that probably will destroy the flow on the net. I’m sure that wasn’t the intention from the start but the suggestion probably changed a lot on it’s way through hearings and comittees…

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