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    Pepper Spray for self defense

    Every woman with respect for her own life MUST have this small pepper spray for self-protection. Sometimes I wish I could use it on Facebook!!! Well, I have used pepper spray before. I also managed to get out of situations either by talking, running, or sometimes when everything else fails – by fighting. Unlike most others, I am not afraid of fighting. Not anymore. Actually I like a challenge! It keeps me sharp and aware! But you are probably not like me. Most people are afraid of being beaten up or potentially losing their life. And I totally understand that. Being scared is your body trying to protect itself.

    Pepper Spray for self defense 1

    I have been fighting a lot. You probably haven’t. I got beaten up and handled some big guys by being faster and smarter than them.

    Anyways… My point is pepper spray is much safer, much faster, and a helluva lot easier. Any woman should have this tactical gear in her party arsenal for self-protection!

    It is effective up to 10-12 ft. and contains 12-15 shots per canister. Just point and spray.

    Click on the image or the button and go check it out. For a few dollars, it will save your life!

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    Steelman Kevlar Safety Sleeve for self protection

    I’m a pissed off girl in a fucked up world! I don’t look for trouble. Trouble always seems to be looking for me! I hope you all attract better circumstances!

    These sleeves are very nice to wear in a violent city. They are slice and cut-resistant and if you have some martial arts training you can easily disarm someone attacking you with a knife without getting your arms sliced. If you have no martial arts training you should run as fast as you can instead!

    Steelman Kevlar Safety Sleeve (Pair), Cut-resistant, Protects against Heat, Oil, and Water, Double Layer Protection, Welding, Martial Arts, Mechanics, Black.

    Steelman Kevlar Safety Sleeve for self protection 2

    Click on the image or the button to check them out!