All of the Trinity Sisters have been victims of many crimes and they will be described here. Trafficking being the worst, but corruption will be properly dealt with too.



  • Lenora,  Crimes

    Google doesn’t like Trinity Sisters – AMP bugs

    When Debra started this blog Google did not even notice. did not appear anywhere in a Google search unless it was a long-tail keyword like Trinity Sisters Dirty business. This is a short essay on AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages and why you should be careful. Normally when you create a website you should easily be able to occupy position one on page one for a search on the URL without extension. This means that a search like this: Trinity Sisters will show you Trinity Sisters as the very first. Of course, there are factors like the number of backlinks and other sites with the same words in the…

  • Debra Quincy

    The Big Bitcoin Revolution Scam

    Yes, I know! Many people haven’t got that much money and this makes them easy targets for these predators at Bitcoin Revolution. But DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM! The ONLY money that is EASY MONEY are those made by billionaires! The more money you got the easier it is to get more! The bad news is that most people have to work pretty hard just to make a living. For normal people, there is no such thing as ‘Easy Money’! This scam has many names. Bitvoin Revolution. Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Era… According to the FTC it was a $3 billion industry in 2018. The people behind these…

  • Debra Quincy - Trinity Sisters
    Debra,  Crimes

    Police brutality

    Dear Police Officer!   If you make people insecure, you don’t contain the situation! If you make people insecure, you escalate the situation!   If you make people feel safe, you control the situation. If you make people feel safe, you de-escalate the situation.   If you as a police officer don’t know the law or otherwise call for unlawful action, people will disrespect you. If you calmly convey you know what you are doing and what you are talking about, people will respect you. If you threaten people and they start fearing for their lives, they WILL go into fight/flight mode! Everybody does! Even you!   There is NO…