All of the Trinity Sisters have been victims of many crimes and they will be described here. Trafficking being the worst, but corruption will be properly dealt with too.



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    Stopping a Pedophile

    Unfortunately, child sexual abuse is way more common than people want to believe. 8% of men and 20% of women have prior to the age of eighteen suffered some form of sexual abuse (1), (2).

    If you are aware and you look around you will most likely spot someone who is a pedophile.

    But – you probably don’t know what you are looking for so in this story I will show you a very typical example of a pedophile and how they are ‘grooming’ their victims.

    Len, Angel, and I had decided to go to Long Beach just to shop, relax and talk. You know – we were sisters but we only knew each other for a few weeks so still had a lot to catch up on and talk about. Imagine being sisters and you don’t know each other – there are a gazillion things to talk about to get to know each other. So that’s what we did.

    After a few hours of shop crawling we sat down in a nice café to get something to eat and it was while we were eating Angelica noticed a mother with her 5-year-old daughter and a man in his seventies. Maybe her father or an uncle.

    — Look at them, Angel said and nodded in their direction.

    I immediately noticed that the mother didn’t seem interested in her daughter at all. She talked to the old man while eating and if she talked to her daughter she didn’t even look at her.

    The old man on the other hand was very focused on the daughter. While he talked to the mother he also looked at the daughter and talked to her. We couldn’t hear what they talked about, but he smiled a lot at the daughter.

    At some point, the daughter needed to go to the toilet, but it was the man who took her hand and followed her to the back.

    Now, Angel knows exactly how to spot these scumbags. She has encountered hundreds of them and they all have the same ‘vibe’. They kinda ‘smell’ the wrong way.

    — I know what is going to happen, Angel said. Come with me.

    Angel went out back and followed them silently. She gave them sixty seconds, and then she violently kicked the door to the toilet, and voila! There he was. Groping her in all the wrong places.

    He flew up and tried to look as if this was the most natural thing in the world. But his face was all wrong. His body language revealed with 1000% accuracy that he knew this wasn’t good.

    Len took the girl by her hand and helped her finish her visit at the toilet. Angel was not that polite. As soon as Len and the daughter were out of sight she kicked the man so hard in his balls that he fell to the ground!

    — I know who you are and in particular, I know WHAT you are! I know where you live and if you continue this pedophilic lifestyle I am going to cut your balls off and the police will find you dead while eating your balls!

    Actually we didn’t know where he lived but we know the car he drove so it was only a matter of looking at his license plate.

    We took them both back to the mother and Len started out saying:

    — Fortunately, we entered the toilet while this man had her hands and fingers in all the wrong places of this young lady and I suggest that you take a lot more interest in how your daughter is doing!

    She looked confused. Not in the innocent way. The way you try to act when you know you are wrong but not ready to admit it.

    At the same time, Angel threw the man in his chair. He looked terrible. She threw her gun – which is a Glock 22 and a pretty impressive piece of hardware, at the table in front of him and said:

    — From this day on you will NEVER even think of touching an underage!

    She took her gun and we left.

    I could tell Angel was furious! Furious because there was no one to defend her when she got raped, abused, sold, and trafficked to Albania. Furious because we probably were the only people in the world who were able to spot this and at the same time do something. The world is populated by morons, psychopaths, narcissists, egomaniacs, pedophiles, sex offenders, liars, scumbags, and politicians who get paid to protect them.


    What could have happened if Angel didn’t notice:

    The man would have done things to the girl at that café that would put him by bars for the rest of his life. He would come out from the toilet with the little girl in his hand. He would probably kneel down and whisper something in her ear while smiling AND touching her. What he would be saying: “Don’t tell anyone about this. This is OUR secret!”

    And he would have continued to molest this girl and maybe even other girls too.

    There is nothing wrong with granddads and uncles taking care of their grandchildren. The problem is when they look too much, smile too much, and in particular TOUCH too much.

    It is easy to spot when the child thinks it is too much. They will try to avoid contact because it feels uncomfortable.

    And that’s where you step in!




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    Michael Jackson’s bodyguards say Not Guilty!

    In this previous article, I described why I deeply believe why Michael Jackson is innocent.

    Two of Michael Jackson’s bodyguards have now come forward and are giving very strong testimonies to Michael Jacksons’ innocence in the accusations from James Safechuck and Wade Robinson.

    The two bodyguards are Matt Fiddes who worked for Michael for ten years and Bill Whitfield who worked for Michael for two years. Here is the video interview with Bill in which he explains his relationship with Michael and firmly states that he is totally innocent and James and Wade did what they did because of greed.

    Next we will be investigating Epstein! Were these timed allegations against Michael supposed to take the heat from Harvey Epstein?

    To cover up the fact that Epstein had very powerful clients like Bill Clinton, Trump, Lots of Hollywood producers…?

    Also check Corey Feldman here:


    And if you still don’t believe Michael Jackson was innocent listen to what Tom Meseraux says about the 140 witnesses the state called to testify against Michael. He discredited all of them from A to Z and some of them even discredited themselves:



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    Google doesn’t like Trinity Sisters – AMP bugs

    When Debra started this blog Google did not even notice. did not appear anywhere in a Google search unless it was a long-tail keyword like Trinity Sisters Dirty business. This is a short essay on AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages and why you should be careful.

    Normally when you create a website you should easily be able to occupy position one on page one for a search on the URL without extension. This means that a search like this: Trinity Sisters will show you Trinity Sisters as the very first. Of course, there are factors like the number of backlinks and other sites with the same words in the URL – competition, but the site should still be pretty near position one.

    The first thing we noticed was that Google Search Console told us that the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) version of the site had a ton of script errors and of course they did not provide ANY clues to these errors!

    We had experts looking at the site and they all agreed that there were NO script errors and Google got it wrong. So trying to do something we tried another AMP plugin, submit the site for a new review and wait. That didn’t make any difference what so ever.

    Then we tried deleting plugins – half of them each time and narrowed it down to Really Simple SSL. It has probably nothing to do with Really Simple SSL as it works brilliantly on gazillions of sites all over the world AND both the SSL plugins we used caused errors. BUT there is a reference to SSL in the image below.

    When we deleted this plugin and submitted the site again the AMP errors disappeared very slowly over the next month. The number of script errors began to decrease in Search Console. The first three days they reviewed three pages and three AMP errors disappeared. Then Google slowed down and it would take 3-4 days between new reviews – probably because they will not allow people to ‘spam’ the Review button.


    AMP script errors


    After one and a half months, Trinity Sisters began showing up in Google. On page 20! Slowly during the next two months, the site rose to page 7-8 – which means position 70-80 which clearly was better than before but not good enough yet.

    And why isn’t this good enough?

    Simple! These search engines have on position ONE:

    • Lycos

    And Google has TrinitySisters in position 50-65…

    This tells me that Google Search has a BUG!

    One of our search engine experts at got an idea that made our site climb approximately 20 positions up. On the site, he created a 301 redirect and began visiting all AMP versions of the site and 14 days later June 14. 2020 was on position 50-65 which is better but still, we have a long way to go.

    This little trick tells Google that the AMP version of the page has been permanently moved and hopefully, Google deletes the page from the AMP cache on their servers, and it is a perfectly ‘legal’ whitehat SEO trick. We also made feedback to Google but who knows if they even read those…

    And of course, we are still looking for other factors that can cause Google to rank in position 50-60. Factors that apparently are hidden.


    Trinity Sisters 30 days later.

    The past 30 days we worked on getting traffic up and we got it from 25 visitors/day to 250 visitors/day. We also got one extra backlink which is DS 43 whish isn’t remarkable enough to make any noticeable difference. is more and more to be found at pos 8-12 the last week. A week isn’t much so we will just have to wait and see.

    We also found out that we have the worst Google positions in Europe and the best in the US, but as it is now it seems that Europe is also moving up to pos 8-12.

    Approximately 1 out of 10 searches will still show Trinity Sisters on page 4 or 5. Even if it is 10 or 20 searches in a few minutes. Google’s AI is like a crazy woman (sorry for the analogy) who is caught up in drama and can’t find anything…

    But one single thing we have noticed with Google is that a long tail keyword such as “trinity sisters trafficking” ends up showing 4 sites with links to Trinitysisters and the rest of the results has NOTHING related to Trinity Sisters AT ALL! NOTHING!

    Google is BROKEN! Bert is dyslexic!



    This AMP story leaves us with the following things to consider:

    Move the entire site to a new URL.


    This is how AMP SHOULD work:

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    The Big Bitcoin Revolution Scam

    Yes, I know! Many people haven’t got that much money and this makes them easy targets for these predators at Bitcoin Revolution. But DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!

    The ONLY money that is EASY MONEY are those made by billionaires! The more money you got the easier it is to get more!

    The bad news is that most people have to work pretty hard just to make a living. For normal people, there is no such thing as ‘Easy Money’!

    This scam has many names. Bitvoin Revolution. Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Era…

    According to the FTC it was a $3 billion industry in 2018.

    The people behind these scams know this and they are totally shameless. This scam involves several hundred people and thousands of websites. They make millions of dollars every single day. This is organized crime! If you want real details look here. And another one here with weightloss and miracle pills.

    1. They use celebrities in fake articles to promote this scam.
    2. They use the names of well known and respected news sites to make it look creditable.
    3. They have bought a gazillion websites where they post these fake stories.
    4. They have bought another gazillion review websites that totally dominate the first 10 pages of Google with FAKE positive reviews so when you Google “Bitcoin Revolution” you get 200 FAKE review sites that ALL support the scam.
    5. They steal images and hack innocent people’s websites.


    Bitcoin Scam
    Bitcoin Scam



    Here is an example where a well known and respected Danish news media has been used. Take a look at the address line where it says: It says it all. This is not!!:

    Bitcoin Revolution scam
    Bitcoin Revolution scam

    The Image of Line Pedersen, Slagelse is stolen from The Guardian. It’s the 3rd image in the slider.

    The Image of Kristian Nyborg, Middelfart is stolen from

    The image of Julie Christiansen from Græsted is stolen from a Canadian website.

    And so on and on and on…



    These ads can be found on Facebook and sadly Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t care as long as he makes a profit on these ads. A HUGE profit! These ads have been reported for a long time on Facebook as well as Google. But the criminals help each other making money.

    If you sign up and do not pay they WILL call you. Not once. Not twice. Not 50 times! They WILL continue until you succeed in blocking all their numbers – which is around 10.000 worldwide.

    Here is an example of an ‘independent’ review: which of course is made by – Bitcoin Revolution themselves.



    These Domains are only a fraction of those used: – Owner: Secret – Owner: Secret – Owner: Secret – This is a legit Japanese site they hacked, created a subdomain and run thousands of Google Ads on. – Owner: Secret – Owner: Secret – Owner: Secret. – Owner: Secret. – Owner: Secret – Owner: Secret – Owner: Secret

    My guess is that there are thousands of these domains out there.


    How to tell if it is a scam.

    The Big Bitcoin Revolution Scam 1


    1. ALWAYS look at the address line in your browser. Check if it matches what you expect to find. Under this ad it says Instagram so you should expect to end up on an Instagram page – but you don’t!
    2. If it looks too good to be true it very likely is!
    3. If someone asks for your money you better triple check who they are!
    4. Look for spelling errors and odd word combinations.
    5. Look for contact information – This is important because most of these scammers have as NO contact info! Some times a contact form – but they will never answer you! Try to contact them and see if they answer! Look for their OFFICIAL name, address, phone numbers etc. If there are no such things rest assured it is a scam!


    Unfortunately if you pay these bastards any money they are LOST! You will NEVER see them again and you will NEVER receive any Bitcoins! It is a SCAM. Facebook and Google allow it and because they make money with them!

    The Bitcoin Scam is all over the world and it is very difficult to even make a case and take it to court.

    So STAY THE FUCK AWAY from these scumbags! They want your money!

    I have taken bigger and much more violent crime syndicates down before and I’m tempted to do it again. My way! Welcome to my world bitches!





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    Police brutality

    Dear Police Officer!


    If you make people insecure, you don’t contain the situation!

    If you make people insecure, you escalate the situation!


    If you make people feel safe, you control the situation.

    If you make people feel safe, you de-escalate the situation.


    If you as a police officer don’t know the law or otherwise call for unlawful action, people will disrespect you.

    If you calmly convey you know what you are doing and what you are talking about, people will respect you.

    If you threaten people and they start fearing for their lives, they WILL go into fight/flight mode! Everybody does! Even you!


    There is NO WAY you can beat a man up and at the same time expect him to be calm and act rationally. It is NOT possible because the reptilian brain takes over and bypasses Neo Cortex (the logical thinking brain). He is not dangerous. The officers’ ego is!

    The most dangerous people to the police are those who are calm and collected.


    Because they have experienced this many times before. They have been to war. Been shot at. Been in prison. Got beaten up. They are experienced and they know what to do! Besides – one of them has invented taser safe clothing which he is manufacturing so a taser is harmless to him. They always wear cut-proof clothing so they are almost 100% immune to knife attacks. They also have kevlar in the sleeves and ankles so if they are attacked by a dog (which has been trained to go for wrists and ankles) it will probably break its teeth. They have concealed weapons everywhere. Hidden tools to open any door. They can slip out of handcuffs in five different ways within five seconds.  They are well well trained, well educated, and extremely well prepared. They are superior and they can handle almost any situation. So they are not afraid.

    I know people in the military who will fuck two police officers over in a split second without even blinking! Well – actually they are so smart so they will never be pulled over by a patrol car. Lucky police officers!

    These guys are people with a lot of experience from real life-threatening situations. They have been in much worse situations than this. Multiple times. And survived. Two men with guns can’t scare them.

    Police burtality

    When a police officer lets his ego take control he loses control of the situation. He is a danger to citizens. 1004 people were shot and killed by the police in 2019.

    Here is one of the stories.

    Unfortunately, the police no longer serve and protect you! The police are used by the top of society to serve and protect their money. And they do this by putting fear into easy targets. They kill them. They beat them up and they throw them in jail. The US has the BIGGEST percentage of its population incarcerated! Almost twice as many as Russia!




    The basic problem is antagonizing.

    If the police start out with the attitude that ‘the others’ are the enemy and we are the good guys they are starting from a polarized situation. This escalates and the ‘distance’ between the parties becomes bigger and bigger. So does the problem. This is called escalation.


    Another huge problem is racial bias.

    Unfortunately, a lot of police brutality is racial biased. The statistics simply state that if you are a black American you are 2.5 times more likely than whites to be killed by police! Let’s say that again – LOUD:

    If you are a black American you are 2.5 times more likely than whites to be killed by police!


    How do we overcome police brutality?

    It is actually very simple. My friends who I mentioned before are on top of the situation no matter what. They are prepared. They are educated and they are well trained. Police officers are not! That’s why the police are scared and cover it up by acting tough with huge guns.

    What makes a Navy Seal on top of the situation is months and months of training and years of experience. Realistic training. Training that is similar to or even worse than real-life situations. Training that makes normal police work look like playing Counter Strike which means the SEALs are able to take it easy simply because they KNOW they are in control when they have the right attitude. They do NOT escalate the situation. They contain it and because of their training, they can de-escalate any threat before someone gets hurt.

    The opposite of antagonizing is harmony – which is healing. Instead of splitting the situation, they make it whole by bringing the parties together in harmony.

    When I was a kid I was afraid of walking the streets of Gwangju but after several years of martial arts training, I got the balls to go everywhere in my city day and night. I was on top of the situation and nothing ever happened.

    So don’t defund the police and don’t continue the militarization of the police. Educate them properly. Prepare them. Train them! Teach them to be REAL men. Not wuzzies that hide behind a tough facade!

    Overcome your fear so you don’t have to play tough guy to hide it!


    Watch Jocko talking about how to handle tough situations without escalating them:

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    Sri Lanka Easter Bombings and the Karma for the Suicide Bombers

    This article has been written in the light of the bombings in Sri Lanka on 21 April 2019.

    Worry not for revenge as the universe is intelligent enough to deal with the actions of a suicide bomber. Always stay in contact with the Divine Love as much as you can. The Divine Universe does not care for religion of any sort. Only for Light and Love.

    Love will wake you up to what is behind the curtain. Hate will roll down more curtains.

    Everything that happens to the suicide bombers after their death is not real. It is their own inner projection they experience. It will be much like a nightmare and in order to have any educational effect, it will feel very real to them. What they see, feel, and hear will be their reality, simply because they created it! And they cannot escape it.

    The moment we die we will meet the Primary light which emanates from the source of nothingness. If we are able to recognize that this light has never been created nor will disappear and that this light is not outside of us nor inside, we will attain the highest stage of Consciousness and Love immediately.

    Most people will not know what to do when they see this light because they do not have the necessary training. So death will continue its process without any awakening.

    The suicide bombers will not see this light at all. It will be there, but they are not able nor ready.

    What will happen is they will be separated from each other and ‘placed’ in open solitary confinement. A place in the afterlife where there will be not much light. Their only true companion will be loneliness. This loneliness will be very painful. It is impossible to contain emotions without a body so it will be endlessly overwhelming to experience all that pain they have caused. Yes, they will experience every bit of pain and suffering they have inflicted and it will take a long time. Imagine you fall off of a ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in a thunderstorm. The water, the and the rain and the storm equal these emotions. You will be a victim to the forces of nature. You can’t do anything. You can’t even die from the pain because you are already dead.

    Cosmos will replay the catastrophic death scenery over and over for months and months and the suicide bombers will have to live through every single affected person’s pains and sufferings likely for years. Eventually, the ‘screenplay’ will fade, they will be left in darkness and will now in addition to the loneliness also have their own anger, sorrow, and regrets as company.

    After 20 to 40 years they will slowly fall asleep and forget and after many more years of relaxation, they will be born again with no direct memories of their past. As we cannot remember from one dream to another likewise we cannot remember from one life to the next.

    And know that first now the education process begins.

    Every death the suicide bomber has caused he will be forced to experience himself.

    Every loss he has caused he will be forced to experience himself and

    Every pain he has inflicted will be forced upon himself to feel.

    The universe is truly a tough but just teacher. The suicide bombers will now spend the next 500 to 1000 years paying their debt to the Universe.

    The consequences of such an act are almost endless. This is why we NEED to stay in contact with the Eternal and Divine Love! The suicide bombers did not only create the horrible scenarios in Sri Lanka. They will continue to create similar scenarios in the future in order for them to suffer the necessary amount of pain to learn from their deeds. This will create even more victims. The event in Sri Lanka will have a ripple effect for thousands of years.

    This is Karma beyond belief.

    This is the law that rules this universe.

    This is the Law of Balance.

    This is why we need to stay in contact with Divine Love and seek to forgive instead of seeking revenge. Do NOT become a part of this ripple by hating and wanting revenge. Use your valuable time on earth to Heal and Love. The Law of Love is superior to the law of balance.

    This is a healing practice you can use:

    Contact your Love for your family, friends, and loved ones. Feel how much you Love them. Send that Love EQUALLY to all the victims and all the perpetrators. Keep in mind that the suicide bombers will have a much harder time than their victims for the next 1000 years. They will be the ones to suffer the most. The more you heal these two parts of the events, the more you heal the world, and the less the total amount of suffering on earth will be.

    You will bring Love and Light in existence on earth using this practice. And as a pleasant side effect YOU will become a more Loving being.

    It takes tens of thousands of years to wake up through suffering. It takes thousands of years to wake up through mindfulness. It takes only a lifetime to wake up through the Love and Presence of the right teacher.

    Waking up means knowing the truth about your self.

    Love is all you need! Stay present! Be aware! Love is all you need!




    I was taught by the late Master Po. He was able to follow the spirits after they left the body and guide them through the passage of death. I have watched blissful deaths as well as painful deaths, and Master Po always guided the younger spirits towards higher stages of consciousness.

    Master Po – Even though we are never separated we will meet again!


    One Love!