Celestine was born in Thailand one year after her three sisters who she didn't know because her father didn't know. Very early she showed signs of spiritual interests and her father wasn't late to put her in a nearby monastery where she got proper training. She studied under the late Master Po (named after the river Po), who is said to be a reincarnation of Vimalamitra – the 26th of Padma Shambava’s 25 main disciples! His mission was to make his students go further than the master.


Celestine Quincy

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    What Mindfulness REALLY is!

    During the past 20 years, Mindfulness has really found its way into many people’s hearts. Especially young people seem to have fallen in love with the idea of being Mindful. From the time the Chinese invaded Tibet in 1950, the Tibetans have spread all over the world, bringing oceans of wisdom out of Tibet to the western world. I would like very much to clarify a little what Mindfulness is and in relation to this, also what Meditation is. Jon Kabat-Zinn has defined mindfulness as “the awareness that arises from paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally”. And this is a very accurate description. I would, for…

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    Being Present

    The past is gone. The future has not arrived. There is no Love and no Life outside this moment. Ego is not present. It cannot be. Ego has jumped out of the source. Left the now. Always trying to define itself because of that. It is a construct. A bunch of opinions and attitudes. Nothing more. The moment Ego arrives at NOW it is not Ego any more. It becomes omnipresent as nothingness. Leaving Now is falling. Falling asleep. And Ego does not notice. Ego is not aware that it fell asleep. We are neither aware when we fall asleep at night. The point we notice we fell asleep is…

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    Why suicide does not help.

    In the following I will go through the consequences of ending your life prematurely. Emotions can be very dark and heavy. They can trick people into doing things they otherwise would not have done. When emotions take you over you lose conscious control of yourself. Thought can amplify emotions and thought can control emotion – if you are well-trained in watching your mind. This is also called meditation or mental hygiene. In the Movie Ground Hawk Day Bill Murray finds himself waking up every day at six o’clock and the day before repeats itself. This happens over and over and over. Bill tries to change things, manipulate things and learn…

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    Karma 1O1

    The purpose of Karma is to teach you NOT to suffer. The way we usually go around this is to try to CONTROL our surroundings. But the returning karma of controlling other people is to be controlled by other people! You can’t escape your karma. You can run but it will catch up with you eventually – and you will get what you deserve – so to speak. There is a deep secret in the saying “Treat others as you would like to be treated”. Think of energy as a common denominator for everything you do, say, think and feel. The doing represents most energy. Thoughts and feelings are more…

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    Sri Lanka Easter Bombings and the Karma for the Suicide Bombers

    This article has been written in the light of the bombings in Sri Lanka on 21 April 2019. Worry not for revenge as the universe is intelligent enough to deal with the actions of a suicide bomber. Always stay in contact with the Divine Love as much as you can. The Divine Universe does not care for religion of any sort. Only for Light and Love. Love will wake you up to what is behind the curtain. Hate will roll down more curtains. Everything that happens to the suicide bombers after their death is not real. It is their own inner projection they experience. It will be much like a…

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    Love is All You Need

    Some people talk about seeing the light, but try BEING the light! Your soul is a raw unpolished diamond. Spend your life cutting and polishing your diamond so you can reflect the Divine Light. Then let go of the Diamond and become the Light. Know you ARE the light. Know that everything is made of this light and there is NOTHING higher than this – Except for The Source – which is best described as nothingness. But do not give it a name. It is better to leave it with no names. If there is a God he MUST be made of this light – which means that he is…