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Debra Quincy

Debra Quincy

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Lenora Quincy

Angelica Quincy

Angelica Quincy

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Celestine Quincy


Dirty Business


Our Book Trinity Sisters – Dirty Business is finished! 

We need your opinion!

Should it be more polished? Is it too sarcastic? Is the title too promising? Is it poorly written? Does the front cover capture you? Is the storyline ok? Any feedback will be taken into serious consideration.

The book is FREE for a limited period of time!

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At the age of 5, Debra travels with her mother back to Korea to escape a drunk and violent stepfather, but shortly after arrival her mother is brutally killed and even though she has relatives she ends up living in the streets as she has a hard time relating to people.

She learns to be a skilled pocket lifter and after an incident with the local mafia boss, she becomes his right hand and helps organize his business doing drugs, gunrunning, art theft, grand theft auto, and electronics.

Thirteen years later Debra, goes back to London, joins the army, and is sent to Afghanistan to protect pipelines for the US and opium production for the CIA. She is captured by a Russian renegade KGB operative Lev, after a Chinook crash where she was the only survivor. Tortured for weeks but rescued by an American ‘outlaw’ Goldie and his friend, a former mercenary Snyper that accidentally was present in the Afghan mountains to relieve Lev a ton of weapons he had stashed in a cave after the Russians left the country in 1989. They flew from Afghanistan over Pakistan by night in Psycho’s old Sea King, which he got by blackmailing his former employer in Central America – The CIA and sailed from Karachi to Miami in Snypers huge Yacht after killing Lev and 15 of his men on a cold godforsaken mountain.

Debra got separated from her sisters when she left London, but a lot of strange coincidences bring them together after nineteen years. Their stories are even worse.

Lenora was abused by her stepfather, ended up in the streets of Detroit hiding from the police, and lived there for four years.

Angelica became a junkie in the streets of London for thirteen years and was trafficked to Albania.

A story of violence, trafficking, modern slavery, child molesters, corruption, drugs, wars, a lot of dead scumbags, healing, and finding Love.

But where is the Sisters’ real dad and what is his secret?

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Trinity Sisters - Dirty Business

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  1. Ronnie Barkan

    This is BY FAR the most interesting book about trafficking ever! Mixed with your experiences and all the hardship you endured it is an emotional rollercoaster of astronomic dimensions to read this book!

    It is well written, humoristic and the sarcasm is extremely entertaining!

  2. Maxine

    Considering people, in general, don’t know how big the trafficking and molestation issue is, I sincerely believe it is very important to educate. 1 out of 5 Americans have been sexually molested, most of them as kids!

    1/5th of an entire country’s population has been molested! No wonder it continues!

    The book is fantastic! I was taken on a journey beyond imagination. I read it all in 5 hours. I couldn’t stop!

    Most women and in particular all children are not in a position to fight back! Authorities and the justice system aren’t helpful. Cases are dismissed, police don’t have the time to do something, and relatives often advise victims to do nothing as they don’t stand a chance or they get ridiculed. The shame and the guilt are overwhelming.

    A HUGE problem most people can identify with is to belong to something. A group of like-minded or a family. The fight for a place to belong is very capturing!

    Here are three women who say NO! Like Rosie McGowan!

  3. Anthony

    The focus on trafficking and sex tourism is almost non-existing! No one seems to care. Or maybe they all protect each other?


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