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    Self defense

    Ok – Jeg afleverer min peberspray! Men jeg beholder mine fingre så jeg stadig kan stikke dem i øjnene af en nærgående svumpukkel! Jeg beholder også mine knæ som med en hastighed på 180km/t kan forvandle enhver krænkers kogler til kartoffelmos! Jeg beholder også min pandebrask som kan deformere næsen betydeligt på enhver stymper der kommer for tæt på! Jeg beholder også mine hæle der med en vejtromles effektivitet kan få enhver storetå til at ligne en pandekage! Jeg beholder også mit skarpslebne Visakort fra Lunar Bank (metaludgaven) der kan slice arme og ansigter til blods!
    Jeg overgiver mig aldrig!
  • Lenora

    Child abuse

    Detroit is a violent city and I remember one of my first nights there we were approached by a group of boys. I don’t think they wanted to rob us because we didn’t have anything to rob. I think it was more of a pissing contest.

    I stood in the back and they went up to the fireplace where some of the elders were trying to keep themselves warm.
    They started talking but I couldn’t hear what they were talking about. It was clear though that one of these guys was accusing one of the old men of something and he was kind of in the defense.

    I got somewhat alert because the situation escalated as they began to push one of the elders around.

    They began to hit the old man and he fell to the ground while they continued kicking him.

    Now I’m not really a fighter, but there is no chance in hell that this man could handle five young men armed with bottles and metal pipes, so I quickly ran over to them.

    – HEY HEY HEY!!!! What seems to be the trouble? I asked politely but loud.

    – Piss off. You are not part of this. One of them replied.

    – I am now!

    – OK bitch! I’ll teach you who is in charge here!

    – I laughed. In charge? Of what? Empty streets and no food? You are a joke man!

    He was the one with the metal pipe. He raised his arm and I guess he planned to smash my skull with it.

    But If I gotta be a bitch, imma be a bad one!

    So a fast stroke to his throat even before he was ready to strike and he fell to the ground gasping for breath.

    I didn’t wait for the next guy to attack. I just jumped the closest one. He got the underside of my shoe right in his face. It is called a back spinning roundhouse kick. The ones Chuck Norris famously delivers in all of his movies.

    It is fast and in real life, it works a lot better than in the movies where the bad guys need 5 or 6 of these kicks before they give up.

    In real life just ONE of these kicks – if it is well placed can be lethal.

    He went down without a word. And he didn’t get up. He wasn’t dead. If I wanted to kill him I would have hit him with my heel in his temple. This was just like a hard slap on his chin with the sole of my left shoe and he fast-forwarded to his sleep.

    After that kick, the third one stood right in the landing zone for a jumping front kick which completely sucked all air out of his body. As a matter of fact, it was a variation of the Crane kick from Karate Kid. He sat gasping on the ground growling funny sounds.

    The two last guys ran off…

    I went over to the old man and kneeled. He was conscious but bleeding from bruces in his head and from what I have seen he probably had some injured ribs on top of that.

    – Can you breathe?

    – Yes, but it hurts like…

    – OK, we need to get you to the hospital.

    That was the moment the police arrived. Accidentally I guess. They pulled over and looked at the old man. They seemed like they didn’t really care but they called for an ambulance and ten minutes later the old man was on his way to the hospital.

    I wanted to go with him but the officers stopped me. They wanted to know what happened.

    They took a report and they asked me why one of the guys was unconscious and two of them had problems breathing.

    – Dunno, I said. Maybe they got a throat infection or something.

    – You have any ID, one of them asked.

    – No. Where did they take him?

    – Henry Ford hospital I believe. What’s your name?

    – Quiet.

    – What?

    – Quiet is my name.

    – Oh, I thought you told me to shut up.

    – No.

    The other people from my group told the police what happened. That they attacked the old man and I went between them. But I had nothing more to add.

    So, the police drove off and we went back to Tent City to get some sleep.

    The next day I went to the nearest hospital to see if I could find the old man.

    I asked in the emergency room for the old man and one of the nurses said:

    – Come with me. We got a man who was attacked last night. It’s probably him you are looking for. Follow me.

    – He got beaten up and got a lot of injuries and needs to stay here a few days, but he is ok.

    We took the stairs up to one of the upper floors. I followed the nurse into a room and yes! It was him.

    – Hi there! I said.

    – Ohh It’s you! My Guardian angel!

    – That’s me all right. Aren’t you a little too old to involve yourself in a fight like that?

    – Yeah, I tried to avoid it but it seemed inevitable.

    He tried to sit up in the bed but couldn’t get up so the nurse had to help him.

    – Boy I’m glad you showed up! My name is Harry by the way. People know me as Street Harry!

    – I’m Lenora. But they call me Quiet. Are you doing all right?

    – I will live. Thanks to you!

    – No problem. I said!

    – How on earth did you manage to handle five guys that were bigger than you?

    – Well… I’m very boring. People tend to fall asleep when I come too close.

    – Haha!!! What a skill to have!

    We talked for several hours. He told me his story and I told him mine. Both our pasts were stories of pain and despair.

    – I can imagine with a past like yours you must be a very angry woman? I think that’s where you get your power and strength from. Yes, it must be!

    I never thought of my past this way, but it made a lot of sense when thinking about it. All the betrayal, the abuse, and my non-existing confidence in people – especially in a certain kind of men. Yeah, I was angry. Very angry.

    I took his hand with a tear in my eye and he looked at me with his deep, dark, and soft eyes. I felt his pain as clear as my own.

    – I’ve been abused my entire childhood, he said. By my father and his brothers. They raped me and made me do horrible things. My life got so messed up that I couldn’t keep a job for very long. I have lived in these streets for 27 years now and I will die here. This is my home. The only thing that ever worked for me.

    – You… you… They abused you? I stuttered.

    – They sure did! As a child, I thought life was supposed to be like that and I was the one to blame because I didn’t fit in. For half my life I thought something was wrong with me. I was so shameful that sometimes I just wanted to die. Does your anger come from the same kind of thing?

    Boom! It was like being hit by a runaway Amtrack! He was direct and it was spot on!

    It wasn’t just a tear from my eye any longer. I was flooding his entire bed. I buried my head in his duvet.

    He put his hand on my shoulder and I asked him how he managed to live with all that pain.

    – Considering the alternative, I simply had to, and looking at you I see a very strong woman trying to protect that child who got molested. It’s not your fault it happened. It is the world that is bad. Not you. You probably feel just as shameful and misunderstood as I did, but my little boy inside of me now understands there was nothing he could do and he did nothing wrong. It was my parents who failed miserably. Not me. That attitude helped me overcome my shame and helped me move on. You hear me? It’s NOT you!

    His words echoed in my cold and empty heart, but I sure as hell understood what he said. And listening to his words I realized I had to forgive myself because I knew he was right! It wasn’t me who was wrong! It just might be the world that is crazy.

    – I killed my stepdad.

    -That’s very admirable. One scumbag less in the world to hurt us. You are a true fighter. You can do anything you want! You have a bright future! I KNOW you have! You are going to accomplish great things. I can feel it!

    Harry looked right through my tough face. He saw ME! And it felt good to be seen and understood by one who it was forced upon to live with the same kind of shit as me.

    I visited Harry every day for the next half week and on day four he was released from the hospital.

  • Pedophilia,  Lenora,  Angelica

    How to spot a pedophile

    Unfortunately, child sexual abuse is way more common than people want to believe. 8% of men and 20% of women have prior to the age of eighteen suffered some form of sexual abuse. Pedophiles and trafficking are EVERYWHERE!

    If you are aware and you look around you will most likely spot someone who is a pedophile.

    But – you probably don’t know what you are looking for so in this trip to Long Beach I will show you a very typical example of a pedophile and how they are ‘grooming’ their victims.

    Len, Angel, and I had decided to go to Long Beach just to shop, relax, and talk. You know – we were sisters but we had only known each other for a few weeks so we still had a lot to catch up on and talk about. Imagine being sisters and you don’t know each other – there are a gazillion things to talk about to get to know each other. So that’s what we did.

    After a few hours of shop crawling we sat down in a nice café to get something to eat and it was while we were eating Angelica noticed a mother with her 5-year-old daughter and a man in his seventies. Maybe her father or an uncle.

    — Look at them, Angel said right away and nodded in their direction.

    I immediately noticed that the mother didn’t seem interested in her daughter at all. She talked to the old man while eating and if she talked to her daughter she didn’t even look at her.

    The old man on the other hand was very focused on the daughter. While he talked to the mother he also looked at the daughter and talked to her. We couldn’t hear what they talked about, but he smiled a lot at her daughter.

    At some point, the daughter needed to go to the toilet, but it was the man who took her hand and followed her to the back.

    Now, Angel knows exactly how to spot these scumbags. She has encountered hundreds of them and they all have the same ‘vibe’. They kinda ‘smell’ the wrong way.

    — I know what is going to happen, Angel said. Come with me.

    Angel went out back and followed them silently. She gave them sixty seconds, and then she violently kicked the door to the toilet, and voila! There he was. Groping her in all the wrong places.

    He flew up and tried to look as if this was the most natural thing in the world. But his face was all wrong. His body language revealed with 1000% accuracy that he knew this wasn’t good.

    Len took the girl by her hand and helped her finish her visit to the toilet. Angel was not that polite. As soon as Len and the daughter were out of sight she kicked the man so hard in his balls that he fell to the ground!

    — I know who you are and in particular, I know WHAT you are! I know where you live and if you continue this pedophilic lifestyle I am going to cut your balls off and the police will find you dead while eating them!

    Well… we didn’t know where he lived but we know the car he drove so it was only a matter of looking at his license plate.

    We took them both back to the mother and Len started out saying:

    — Fortunately, we entered the toilet while this man had her hands and fingers in all the wrong places of this young lady and I suggest that you take a lot more interest in how your daughter is doing!

    She looked confused. Not in the innocent way. The way you try to act when you know you are wrong but not ready to admit it.

    At the same time, Angel threw the man in his chair. He looked terrible. She threw her gun – which is a Glock 22 and a pretty impressive piece of hardware, at the table in front of him and said:

    — From this day on you will NEVER even think of touching an underage!

    She took her gun and we left.

    I could tell Angel was furious! Furious because there was no one to defend her when she got raped, abused, sold, and trafficked to Albania. Furious because we probably were the only people in the world who were able to spot this and at the same time do something.

    The world is populated by morons, criminals, pedophiles, drug abusers, abused people, traffickers, violent people, exploited people, relation retards, drunkards, psychopaths, narcissists, egomaniacs, pedophiles, sex offenders, liars, scumbags, and corrupt politicians who get paid to protect most of them. Millions of people with limited emotional bandwidth…

    What could have happened if Angel didn’t notice:

    The man would have done things to the girl that if he got caught, he wouldn’t survive his imprisonment. This kind of people are called Chomo’s which is short for child molesters – the lowest and most dangerous rank for a prisoner and they are raped AND killed behind the prison walls! Even in prison, they are outcasts.

    He would come out from the toilet with the little girl in his hand. He would probably kneel and whisper something in her ear while smiling AND touching her. He would instruct her like this: “Don’t tell anyone about this. This is OUR secret!”

    And he would have continued to molest this girl and maybe even other girls too.

    There is nothing wrong with granddads and uncles taking care of their grandchildren. The problem is when they look too much, smile too much, and in particular TOUCH too much.

    It is easy to spot when the child thinks it is too much. They will try to avoid contact because it feels uncomfortable.

    And that’s where you step in!

  • Trafficking,  Pedophilia

    ICE and Trafficking

    I don’t really know if ICE is in the dark about what is really going on in the world today. Looking at their most wanted list (Click on the Trafficking tab!!!) https://www.ice.gov/most-wanted it looks like they don’t. And strangely they only present a dozen wanted people. That’s weird in a world where trafficking is the fastest growing business in the entire history of mankind!

    These guys are nothing compared to the men who control trafficking and these men are people from the mafia protected by government officials all over the world.

    If ICE doesn’t realize how things work in real life I will have to assume that they are part of the problem! ICE goes after the small fish! This means they keep trafficking alive!!!! They never go for the head of the snake! They are part of the very system that protects pedophilic scumbags and people who make millions on others’ misery!

    This problem goes to the top of almost every government in ‘civilized’ countries. Prins Andrew, Jeffrey Epstein who worked with CIA, MI6, and Mossad to produce dirt on high ranking officials all over the world. Harvey Weinstein, Tom Hanks, Kevin Spacey, Mark Salling, Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, Paul Reubens, The entire Catholic church…

    In Congo 9 out of 10 are assaulted and raped. Men, women, children, AND animals! Almost the entire population of Congo has been raped and molested! But that’s another story!


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    Stop The Wars for Profit!

    This is an interview Jimmy Dore made with another army veteran in Afghanistan.

    Dan Berschinsky lost both his legs to an improvised explosive device he stepped on. The explosion took both his legs just above the knees, destroyed his left arm, broke his jaw, and blew out both his eardrums. His friend Jonathan got killed right next to him.

    This is not a political statement. It is purely an anti-war statement!



  • Pedophilia,  Debra,  Crimes

    Stopping a Pedophile

    Unfortunately, child sexual abuse is way more common than people want to believe. 8% of men and 20% of women have prior to the age of eighteen suffered some form of sexual abuse (1), (2).

    If you are aware and you look around you will most likely spot someone who is a pedophile.

    But – you probably don’t know what you are looking for so in this story I will show you a very typical example of a pedophile and how they are ‘grooming’ their victims.

    Len, Angel, and I had decided to go to Long Beach just to shop, relax and talk. You know – we were sisters but we only knew each other for a few weeks so still had a lot to catch up on and talk about. Imagine being sisters and you don’t know each other – there are a gazillion things to talk about to get to know each other. So that’s what we did.

    After a few hours of shop crawling we sat down in a nice café to get something to eat and it was while we were eating Angelica noticed a mother with her 5-year-old daughter and a man in his seventies. Maybe her father or an uncle.

    — Look at them, Angel said and nodded in their direction.

    I immediately noticed that the mother didn’t seem interested in her daughter at all. She talked to the old man while eating and if she talked to her daughter she didn’t even look at her.

    The old man on the other hand was very focused on the daughter. While he talked to the mother he also looked at the daughter and talked to her. We couldn’t hear what they talked about, but he smiled a lot at the daughter.

    At some point, the daughter needed to go to the toilet, but it was the man who took her hand and followed her to the back.

    Now, Angel knows exactly how to spot these scumbags. She has encountered hundreds of them and they all have the same ‘vibe’. They kinda ‘smell’ the wrong way.

    — I know what is going to happen, Angel said. Come with me.

    Angel went out back and followed them silently. She gave them sixty seconds, and then she violently kicked the door to the toilet, and voila! There he was. Groping her in all the wrong places.

    He flew up and tried to look as if this was the most natural thing in the world. But his face was all wrong. His body language revealed with 1000% accuracy that he knew this wasn’t good.

    Len took the girl by her hand and helped her finish her visit at the toilet. Angel was not that polite. As soon as Len and the daughter were out of sight she kicked the man so hard in his balls that he fell to the ground!

    — I know who you are and in particular, I know WHAT you are! I know where you live and if you continue this pedophilic lifestyle I am going to cut your balls off and the police will find you dead while eating your balls!

    Actually we didn’t know where he lived but we know the car he drove so it was only a matter of looking at his license plate.

    We took them both back to the mother and Len started out saying:

    — Fortunately, we entered the toilet while this man had her hands and fingers in all the wrong places of this young lady and I suggest that you take a lot more interest in how your daughter is doing!

    She looked confused. Not in the innocent way. The way you try to act when you know you are wrong but not ready to admit it.

    At the same time, Angel threw the man in his chair. He looked terrible. She threw her gun – which is a Glock 22 and a pretty impressive piece of hardware, at the table in front of him and said:

    — From this day on you will NEVER even think of touching an underage!

    She took her gun and we left.

    I could tell Angel was furious! Furious because there was no one to defend her when she got raped, abused, sold, and trafficked to Albania. Furious because we probably were the only people in the world who were able to spot this and at the same time do something. The world is populated by morons, psychopaths, narcissists, egomaniacs, pedophiles, sex offenders, liars, scumbags, and politicians who get paid to protect them.


    What could have happened if Angel didn’t notice:

    The man would have done things to the girl at that café that would put him by bars for the rest of his life. He would come out from the toilet with the little girl in his hand. He would probably kneel down and whisper something in her ear while smiling AND touching her. What he would be saying: “Don’t tell anyone about this. This is OUR secret!”

    And he would have continued to molest this girl and maybe even other girls too.

    There is nothing wrong with granddads and uncles taking care of their grandchildren. The problem is when they look too much, smile too much, and in particular TOUCH too much.

    It is easy to spot when the child thinks it is too much. They will try to avoid contact because it feels uncomfortable.

    And that’s where you step in!


    1. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0272735809000245?via%3Dihub

    2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Child_sexual_abuse?fbclid=IwAR09wZBsqJGh9bOHwiWhrYZyTQWZuhThLTKYR4e5-fjSBGcJQyjzq60vats

  • Celestine,  Love,  Spirituality

    What Mindfulness REALLY is!

    During the past 20 years, Mindfulness has really found its way into many people’s hearts. Especially young people seem to have fallen in love with the idea of being Mindful. From the time the Chinese invaded Tibet in 1950, the Tibetans have spread all over the world, bringing oceans of wisdom out of Tibet to the western world.

    I would like very much to clarify a little what Mindfulness is and in relation to this, also what Meditation is.

    Mindfulness and Meditation

    Jon Kabat-Zinn has defined mindfulness as “the awareness that arises from paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally”.

    And this is a very accurate description. I would, for the sake of precision add that this is a practice that if it is going to work, has to be practiced daily and always from your heart. In everything you do, remember your heart. This will make your Mindfulness practice much more precise and to the point.

    Mindfulness is like learning to play the piano and be able to play your favorite songs. Meditation is like a concert pianist who has practiced 8 hours a day for 20 years.

    You can regard Mindfulness as Meditation ‘light’.

    The purpose of Mindfulness is NOT to make you be able to withstand higher levels of stress or make you perform more, faster, or better! The purpose of true Mindfulness is not to achieve less stress in your life either – although this can be a very nice side benefit.

    At some point in human development, we found that some level of hygiene is very beneficial to us. We are now at a time in history where we are learning that some level of mental hygiene is also beneficial.


    The deepest purpose of Mindfulness is to bring you home.

    Mindfulness is not to achieve something and it is not about getting rid of something. If that is your purpose you have fallen out of the present moment.

    As humans, we tend to identify with thoughts and feelings. We tend to believe that thought and feeling control us.

    Mindfulness will teach you to be unattached to your thoughts and feelings and the biggest reward by being able to look at thoughts and feelings from the outside is that you are coming home. Home to your self. Or at least closer to home. Closer to your self and your true being. You will slowly become more awake and aware.

    In time you will be able to watch your thoughts while they arise from homelessness. Watch them take form as words and watch them dissolve back into homelessness. And you were no part of the process. You only witnessed it while it happened.

    Are you Thinking or are you Being?

    The one you THINK you are is not who you really are. It is only thoughts about who you are and discovering that you are not what you THINK you are will bring you closer to the peace and quiet that lives in your heart.

    The one who is doing the thinking about who you are is lost in thinking about who you are rather than BEING who you are!

    Realize that there is an infinite difference between who you THINK you are and who you really are. Realize it is not the spoon that bends. It is you!

    Going from Mindlessness to Mindfulness is like going into a dark room and gradually turning up the light. You move from being unconscious to becoming aware.

    The deepest purpose of Mindfulness is to bring you home to who you really are.

    A huge industry of Western Mindfulness teachers has flourished all over the world, offering mindfulness classes in just about every country on the earth.

    Many of today’s teachers are not quite able to teach you the precise path back to your real self. Simply because they haven’t found their own real self. They are still searching.

    If you want authentic and competent teaching you need to find a teacher who has realized that level of consciousness and they are rare. It will take 10-20 years of intense practice to become an authentic teacher in Mindfulness.

    Here are 9 ways to know if you have found an authentic Mindfulness teacher:

    • He has been practicing mindfulness 3-8 hours every day for the past 10-20 years. Maybe even more.
    • She will be present and authentic and she will know when you throw your projections at her and she will most kindly reject them!
    • He will not be your father/mother or your lover. He will be your teacher.
    • She has a teacher who has even more training than her.
    • He knows his borders and he will say yes and no accordingly.
    • She will be soft and gentle like a feather falling silently to the ground but sharp and precise as a katana cutting through the noise.
    • It should be very easy to count his enemies. Ideally, he has none.
    • She has been on several group and solo retreats lasting from 3 months to a year.
    • The only ambition he has is the Presence of Love.

    It might take a long time to find such a teacher so in the meantime, you might wanna go with a local teacher to get you started!

    There is NO path to happiness. Happiness IS the path!


  • Love,  Debra,  Crimes

    Michael Jackson’s bodyguards say Not Guilty!

    In this previous article, I described why I deeply believe why Michael Jackson is innocent.

    Two of Michael Jackson’s bodyguards have now come forward and are giving very strong testimonies to Michael Jacksons’ innocence in the accusations from James Safechuck and Wade Robinson.

    The two bodyguards are Matt Fiddes who worked for Michael for ten years and Bill Whitfield who worked for Michael for two years. Here is the video interview with Bill in which he explains his relationship with Michael and firmly states that he is totally innocent and James and Wade did what they did because of greed.

    Next we will be investigating Epstein! Were these timed allegations against Michael supposed to take the heat from Harvey Epstein?

    To cover up the fact that Epstein had very powerful clients like Bill Clinton, Trump, Lots of Hollywood producers…?

    Also check Corey Feldman here:


    And if you still don’t believe Michael Jackson was innocent listen to what Tom Meseraux says about the 140 witnesses the state called to testify against Michael. He discredited all of them from A to Z and some of them even discredited themselves:



  • Self-defence

    Pepper Spray for self defense

    Every woman with respect for her own life MUST have this small pepper spray for self-protection. Sometimes I wish I could use it on Facebook!!! Well, I have used pepper spray before. I also managed to get out of situations either by talking, running, or sometimes when everything else fails – by fighting. Unlike most others, I am not afraid of fighting. Not anymore. Actually I like a challenge! It keeps me sharp and aware! But you are probably not like me. Most people are afraid of being beaten up or potentially losing their life. And I totally understand that. Being scared is your body trying to protect itself.

    Pepper Spray for self defense 1

    I have been fighting a lot. You probably haven’t. I got beaten up and handled some big guys by being faster and smarter than them.

    Anyways… My point is pepper spray is much safer, much faster, and a helluva lot easier. Any woman should have this tactical gear in her party arsenal for self-protection!

    It is effective up to 10-12 ft. and contains 12-15 shots per canister. Just point and spray.

    Click on the image or the button and go check it out. For a few dollars, it will save your life!

  • Self-defence

    Steelman Kevlar Safety Sleeve for self protection

    I’m a pissed off girl in a fucked up world! I don’t look for trouble. Trouble always seems to be looking for me! I hope you all attract better circumstances!

    These sleeves are very nice to wear in a violent city. They are slice and cut-resistant and if you have some martial arts training you can easily disarm someone attacking you with a knife without getting your arms sliced. If you have no martial arts training you should run as fast as you can instead!

    Steelman Kevlar Safety Sleeve (Pair), Cut-resistant, Protects against Heat, Oil, and Water, Double Layer Protection, Welding, Martial Arts, Mechanics, Black.

    Steelman Kevlar Safety Sleeve for self protection 2

    Click on the image or the button to check them out!

  • Lenora,  Crimes

    Google doesn’t like Trinity Sisters – AMP bugs

    When Debra started this blog Google did not even notice. TrinitySisters.net did not appear anywhere in a Google search unless it was a long-tail keyword like Trinity Sisters Dirty business. This is a short essay on AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages and why you should be careful.

    Normally when you create a website you should easily be able to occupy position one on page one for a search on the URL without extension. This means that a search like this: Trinity Sisters will show you Trinity Sisters as the very first. Of course, there are factors like the number of backlinks and other sites with the same words in the URL – competition, but the site should still be pretty near position one.

    The first thing we noticed was that Google Search Console told us that the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) version of the site had a ton of script errors and of course they did not provide ANY clues to these errors!

    We had experts looking at the site and they all agreed that there were NO script errors and Google got it wrong. So trying to do something we tried another AMP plugin, submit the site for a new review and wait. That didn’t make any difference what so ever.

    Then we tried deleting plugins – half of them each time and narrowed it down to Really Simple SSL. It has probably nothing to do with Really Simple SSL as it works brilliantly on gazillions of sites all over the world AND both the SSL plugins we used caused errors. BUT there is a reference to SSL in the image below.

    When we deleted this plugin and submitted the site again the AMP errors disappeared very slowly over the next month. The number of script errors began to decrease in Search Console. The first three days they reviewed three pages and three AMP errors disappeared. Then Google slowed down and it would take 3-4 days between new reviews – probably because they will not allow people to ‘spam’ the Review button.


    AMP script errors


    After one and a half months, Trinity Sisters began showing up in Google. On page 20! Slowly during the next two months, the site rose to page 7-8 – which means position 70-80 which clearly was better than before but not good enough yet.

    And why isn’t this good enough?

    Simple! These search engines have TrinitySisters.net on position ONE:

    • SwissCows.ch
    • Yandex.com
    • Yahoo.com
    • DuckDuckGo.com
    • BaiDu.com
    • AOL.com
    • Bing.com
    • Yandex.ru
    • iSearch.Babylon.com
    • Rambler.ru
    • Lycos
    • Seznam.cz

    And Google has TrinitySisters in position 50-65…

    This tells me that Google Search has a BUG!

    One of our search engine experts at MakeItCountSEO.com got an idea that made our site climb approximately 20 positions up. On the site, he created a 301 redirect and began visiting all AMP versions of the site and 14 days later June 14. 2020 TrinitySisters.net was on position 50-65 which is better but still, we have a long way to go.

    This little trick tells Google that the AMP version of the page has been permanently moved and hopefully, Google deletes the page from the AMP cache on their servers, and it is a perfectly ‘legal’ whitehat SEO trick. We also made feedback to Google but who knows if they even read those…

    And of course, we are still looking for other factors that can cause Google to rank TrinitySisters.net in position 50-60. Factors that apparently are hidden.


    Trinity Sisters 30 days later.

    The past 30 days we worked on getting traffic up and we got it from 25 visitors/day to 250 visitors/day. We also got one extra backlink which is DS 43 whish isn’t remarkable enough to make any noticeable difference.

    TrinitySisters.net is more and more to be found at pos 8-12 the last week. A week isn’t much so we will just have to wait and see.

    We also found out that we have the worst Google positions in Europe and the best in the US, but as it is now it seems that Europe is also moving up to pos 8-12.

    Approximately 1 out of 10 searches will still show Trinity Sisters on page 4 or 5. Even if it is 10 or 20 searches in a few minutes. Google’s AI is like a crazy woman (sorry for the analogy) who is caught up in drama and can’t find anything…

    But one single thing we have noticed with Google is that a long tail keyword such as “trinity sisters trafficking” ends up showing 4 sites with links to Trinitysisters and the rest of the results has NOTHING related to Trinity Sisters AT ALL! NOTHING!

    Google is BROKEN! Bert is dyslexic!



    This AMP story leaves us with the following things to consider:

    Move the entire site to a new URL.


    This is how AMP SHOULD work:

  • Debra Quincy

    The Big Bitcoin Revolution Scam

    Yes, I know! Many people haven’t got that much money and this makes them easy targets for these predators at Bitcoin Revolution. But DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!

    The ONLY money that is EASY MONEY are those made by billionaires! The more money you got the easier it is to get more!

    The bad news is that most people have to work pretty hard just to make a living. For normal people, there is no such thing as ‘Easy Money’!

    This scam has many names. Bitvoin Revolution. Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Era…

    According to the FTC it was a $3 billion industry in 2018.

    The people behind these scams know this and they are totally shameless. This scam involves several hundred people and thousands of websites. They make millions of dollars every single day. This is organized crime! If you want real details look here. And another one here with weightloss and miracle pills.

    1. They use celebrities in fake articles to promote this scam.
    2. They use the names of well known and respected news sites to make it look creditable.
    3. They have bought a gazillion websites where they post these fake stories.
    4. They have bought another gazillion review websites that totally dominate the first 10 pages of Google with FAKE positive reviews so when you Google “Bitcoin Revolution” you get 200 FAKE review sites that ALL support the scam.
    5. They steal images and hack innocent people’s websites.


    Bitcoin Scam
    Bitcoin Scam



    Here is an example where a well known and respected Danish news media has been used. Take a look at the address line where it says: www.prendra.com. It says it all. This is not www.BT.dk!!:

    Bitcoin Revolution scam
    Bitcoin Revolution scam

    The Image of Line Pedersen, Slagelse is stolen from The Guardian. It’s the 3rd image in the slider.

    The Image of Kristian Nyborg, Middelfart is stolen from Ellesco.com.

    The image of Julie Christiansen from Græsted is stolen from a Canadian website.

    And so on and on and on…



    These ads can be found on Facebook and sadly Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t care as long as he makes a profit on these ads. A HUGE profit! These ads have been reported for a long time on Facebook as well as Google. But the criminals help each other making money.

    If you sign up and do not pay they WILL call you. Not once. Not twice. Not 50 times! They WILL continue until you succeed in blocking all their numbers – which is around 10.000 worldwide.

    Here is an example of an ‘independent’ review: Insidebitcoins.com which of course is made by – Bitcoin Revolution themselves.



    These Domains are only a fraction of those used:

    InsideBitCoins.com – Owner: Secret

    Is-Scam.com – Owner: Secret

    top5stockbrokers.com – Owner: Secret

    hatenafblog.com – This is a legit Japanese site they hacked, created a subdomain and run thousands of Google Ads on.

    LearnBonds.com – Owner: Secret

    atxtalks.org – Owner: Secret

    greatpeace.org – Owner: Secret.

    aphn.org – Owner: Secret.

    apcdproject.org – Owner: Secret

    cryptoevent.io – Owner: Secret

    zfm-blog.simplesite.com – Owner: Secret

    My guess is that there are thousands of these domains out there.


    How to tell if it is a scam.

    The Big Bitcoin Revolution Scam 3


    1. ALWAYS look at the address line in your browser. Check if it matches what you expect to find. Under this ad it says Instagram so you should expect to end up on an Instagram page – but you don’t!
    2. If it looks too good to be true it very likely is!
    3. If someone asks for your money you better triple check who they are!
    4. Look for spelling errors and odd word combinations.
    5. Look for contact information – This is important because most of these scammers have as NO contact info! Some times a contact form – but they will never answer you! Try to contact them and see if they answer! Look for their OFFICIAL name, address, phone numbers etc. If there are no such things rest assured it is a scam!


    Unfortunately if you pay these bastards any money they are LOST! You will NEVER see them again and you will NEVER receive any Bitcoins! It is a SCAM. Facebook and Google allow it and because they make money with them!

    The Bitcoin Scam is all over the world and it is very difficult to even make a case and take it to court.

    So STAY THE FUCK AWAY from these scumbags! They want your money!

    I have taken bigger and much more violent crime syndicates down before and I’m tempted to do it again. My way! Welcome to my world bitches!





  • Debra Quincy - Trinity Sisters
    Debra,  Crimes

    Police brutality

    Dear Police Officer!


    If you make people insecure, you don’t contain the situation!

    If you make people insecure, you escalate the situation!


    If you make people feel safe, you control the situation.

    If you make people feel safe, you de-escalate the situation.


    If you as a police officer don’t know the law or otherwise call for unlawful action, people will disrespect you.

    If you calmly convey you know what you are doing and what you are talking about, people will respect you.

    If you threaten people and they start fearing for their lives, they WILL go into fight/flight mode! Everybody does! Even you!


    There is NO WAY you can beat a man up and at the same time expect him to be calm and act rationally. It is NOT possible because the reptilian brain takes over and bypasses Neo Cortex (the logical thinking brain). He is not dangerous. The officers’ ego is!

    The most dangerous people to the police are those who are calm and collected.


    Because they have experienced this many times before. They have been to war. Been shot at. Been in prison. Got beaten up. They are experienced and they know what to do! Besides – one of them has invented taser safe clothing which he is manufacturing so a taser is harmless to him. They always wear cut-proof clothing so they are almost 100% immune to knife attacks. They also have kevlar in the sleeves and ankles so if they are attacked by a dog (which has been trained to go for wrists and ankles) it will probably break its teeth. They have concealed weapons everywhere. Hidden tools to open any door. They can slip out of handcuffs in five different ways within five seconds.  They are well well trained, well educated, and extremely well prepared. They are superior and they can handle almost any situation. So they are not afraid.

    I know people in the military who will fuck two police officers over in a split second without even blinking! Well – actually they are so smart so they will never be pulled over by a patrol car. Lucky police officers!

    These guys are people with a lot of experience from real life-threatening situations. They have been in much worse situations than this. Multiple times. And survived. Two men with guns can’t scare them.

    Police burtality

    When a police officer lets his ego take control he loses control of the situation. He is a danger to citizens. 1004 people were shot and killed by the police in 2019.

    Here is one of the stories.

    Unfortunately, the police no longer serve and protect you! The police are used by the top of society to serve and protect their money. And they do this by putting fear into easy targets. They kill them. They beat them up and they throw them in jail. The US has the BIGGEST percentage of its population incarcerated! Almost twice as many as Russia!




    The basic problem is antagonizing.

    If the police start out with the attitude that ‘the others’ are the enemy and we are the good guys they are starting from a polarized situation. This escalates and the ‘distance’ between the parties becomes bigger and bigger. So does the problem. This is called escalation.


    Another huge problem is racial bias.

    Unfortunately, a lot of police brutality is racial biased. The statistics simply state that if you are a black American you are 2.5 times more likely than whites to be killed by police! Let’s say that again – LOUD:

    If you are a black American you are 2.5 times more likely than whites to be killed by police!


    How do we overcome police brutality?

    It is actually very simple. My friends who I mentioned before are on top of the situation no matter what. They are prepared. They are educated and they are well trained. Police officers are not! That’s why the police are scared and cover it up by acting tough with huge guns.

    What makes a Navy Seal on top of the situation is months and months of training and years of experience. Realistic training. Training that is similar to or even worse than real-life situations. Training that makes normal police work look like playing Counter Strike which means the SEALs are able to take it easy simply because they KNOW they are in control when they have the right attitude. They do NOT escalate the situation. They contain it and because of their training, they can de-escalate any threat before someone gets hurt.

    The opposite of antagonizing is harmony – which is healing. Instead of splitting the situation, they make it whole by bringing the parties together in harmony.

    When I was a kid I was afraid of walking the streets of Gwangju but after several years of martial arts training, I got the balls to go everywhere in my city day and night. I was on top of the situation and nothing ever happened.

    So don’t defund the police and don’t continue the militarization of the police. Educate them properly. Prepare them. Train them! Teach them to be REAL men. Not wuzzies that hide behind a tough facade!

    Overcome your fear so you don’t have to play tough guy to hide it!


    Watch Jocko talking about how to handle tough situations without escalating them:

  • Debra Quincy - Trinity Sisters

    The Cavalry Arrives


    Snyper, Psycho, Coach, and Goldie arrived in London the next day and we spent the first hour just talking, while we drove to the garage.

    – Guys! I said to attract their attention.

    – In the UK it is illegal to carry weapons so we have to be careful. Not even self-defense is a justification for carrying. We have a situation outside London we have to look into and if nothing revolutionary comes up here it looks like we are going to Albania tomorrow.

    – As of now, we don’t know much about the location. It’s a mansion. It’s heavily guarded with personal bodyguards, don’t know how many but 10 or 12 armed with concealed weapons outside the house and inside probably armed with fully automatic weapons, would be likely for a man in his position. Maybe dogs.

    – I suggest that Snyper, Goldie and I go there. Psycho and Len go to the collect house just to check if there is anybody there or to see if there is any trace of Angel. After that, you will take our three prisoners and dump them at a police station or tip the police somehow without being noticed and Coach you stay here and find a transport to Eastern Europe, most likely Albania.

    Snyper, Goldie and I took the car and drove north to pay Kristo Dako a visit.

    We stopped a mile before arriving and unfortunately his mansion was placed in the middle of a huge plain field that made it difficult to approach the place. Attacking at night could be risky as they – like us, might have Night Vision Goggles.

    – The direct approach seems to be a bad idea for this, Snyper commented.

    – Yee, a plane would be better, Goldie said.

    We watched for an hour and noticed only 4 guards outside the house, which probably meant at least 8 more inside so they could take shifts around the clock.

    So we put a plan together.

    – We would go back to London, team up with Psycho when he and Len are back from the collect house, rent a plane and jump covered in darkness. Unfortunately, I have no experience in parachuting. As you know I usually stay on the plane until it hits the ground somehow!

    – I will provide the escape by car and when you have taken the outdoor team down, I will join you for the interrogation of the survivors.

    We went back to the garage.

    I gave Goldie and Snyper each a silenced Glock.

    – If you need more firepower such as fully automatic weapons you will have to borrow them at the mansion.

    Len and Psycho hadn’t returned yet so I made some coffee and we talked about the whole damned situation until Len and Psycho arrived.

    They had a girl with them.

    – House wasn’t quite empty, but it is now, Len stated.

    – They were three men watching Camila who was taken on a bar here in London just two days ago. Camila is from Sweden and was traveling with her best friend. Let’s have some coffee and some food, then we will go to her hotel and see if we can find her… What was her name? …he said looking at Camila.

    – Ingeliv, Camila replied.

    – Yeah, Ingeliv it was!, She probably already involved the police so we will find her and take them both to the local PD and disappear.

    – What about the three bodyguards in the house? I asked.

    – They are permanently unemployed! Psycho replied. – They got some kind of ehh… terminally illness…


    Visiting Kristo Dako.

    We actually didn’t need to take Kristo down. We had the information we needed to start searching in Albania, but I was determined to stop this trafficking league so other girls wouldn’t end up in the sex industry.

    These guys have a weird routine before jumping. Psycho was the pilot, Snyper Co-pilot and Goldie served coffee. These guys are amazing and they do things others won’t. But one thing is for sure. They can’t sing! So I’m kinda glad I wasn’t there! But I swear I could almost hear them singing in the sky when I parked the car near Kristos mansion! The tune was: Battle Hymn of the Republic. Better known as Glory, glory halleluja.

    – The Major was the last to jump but the first to hit the ground
    – The Major was the last to jump but the first to hit the ground
    – The Major was the last to jump but the first to hit the ground
    – and he ain’t gonna jump no more!

    – Glory, glory what a hellu’va way to die
    – Glory, glory what a hellu’va way to die
    – Glory, glory what a hellu’va way to die
    – and he ain’t gonna jump no more!

    The song had a lot of verses but I only remember this!

    Snyper is extremely good with a parachute. He landed on top of one of the guards behind the house. He landed so hard that the poor guy didn’t survive the clash. Around the corner, he took one more out with his Glock. Goldie landed in cover at the end of the mansion and took out two guards in front of the house. They all had concealed fully automatic weapons under the jacket so they took one each in case the ‘conflict’ should escalate and they also took their keys in case the front door was locked.

    That was the easy part. The building had two floors and by looking through the windows it was hard to figure out how many they were inside. They just had to find a way in and take as many of them out as possible. The front door was locked so they had to try all the keys they collected and luckily one of them worked. I arrived one minute after they went in.

    Snyper went upstairs and Goldie swept the ground floor. All of them were sitting relaxed in chairs or armchairs in different rooms, which meant they wouldn’t fall on the floor and make noise. They were heavily armed. They all had automatic weapons as well as one or two small firearms.

    Goldie took out four bodyguards and approached a closed door in the rear of the house. We could hear someone talking in there. Snyper came down and joined us.

    Goldie whispered:

    – If there are people talking in there it probably ain’t bodyguards. More likely business associates. Should we ask them a few questions before we leave the premises?

    – Absolutely. They might just have some valuable information about Albania, I said.

    Goldie rushed in closely followed by Snyper.

    – Everybody keep calm, he shouted.

    The man closest to Goldie grabbed for something inside his jacket, but he was too close to Goldies gun and quite suddenly he felt his own warm blood running down his bald head and into his ear right after the heavy impact with Glock steel! Goldie pointed his gun in a circle round the room and pointed at each and every one.

    Apart from Mr. Kristo there were three other guys who were definitely not bodyguards.

    – The Lady wants to speak, he said in a way that demanded their full presence.

    – Four months ago my sister disappeared from London. We followed the trace and it lead us here. I wanna know exactly what happens to the girls you are kidnapping. NOW!

    The silence after my little speech was about two seconds too long! Snyper grabbed the nearest man, twisted his arm so long up his back that I think I heard it snap even though he was screaming.

    – Silence! Snyper commanded while he smashed the man’s forehead into the table so fast that it cracked! Not his head. The table!

    Mr. Kristo started talking with an eastern European accent.

    – You don’t know who you are messing with!

    Snyper was over him with lightning speed and Mr. Kristo also had to accept the pain from the impact of a Glock G19.

    – Shut up! Snyper commanded and I began talking while putting my ass on the table right next to Kristo.

    – You got it all wrong Mr. Kristo. You snatched my sister from the streets of London so YOU messed with me!

    – This is simply put the inevitable consequences of messing with my family!

    – Fuck you! It’s just business.

    Snyper hit him once more while he said:

    – Watch your language! You are talking to a real Lady!

    – It might be business for you.

    – But when your business-business becomes my personal business, your business becomes bad business.

    – Fuck you! You won’t survive this afternoon!

    I was tired of talking so I looked at Snyper and waved my gun at the man in front of him. He understood perfectly and he kicked the chair under him and it tilted. The man fell to the floor and Snyper took him in his collar and pulled him up in one arm.

    – You are a bunch of filthy, rapists who abducts women and children. You are not men. So, you won’t need your balls anymore.

    I shot the man Snyper held in his balls. First, he screamed and he sounded like a pig whining.

    – He will pass out in a couple of minutes and bleed out in 20, I said to Kristo. And you are next.

    He looked terrified.

    – Ok, ok, ok, he shouted in an increasing tone.

    – Are the girls shipped to Albnia?

    – Yes.

    – Where do they go from there?

    – They are split up and sent to safe houses all over the country. Starting with the closest of which there are five.

    There was a sudden unnatural shift in his way of talking. He kinda talked too much. Actually so much that it occurred to me that he had some kind of plan to make this information NOT leave the room. I looked around but didn’t see anything unusual. So I stood up and looked discretely behind the two closest men and yes – Kristo had a gun on his back.

    He would not be able to shoot all three of us alone so I hoped the remaining two guys also had guns. I looked at Snyper and looked fast at my gun and then on Kristo. He nodded. He was ready. Goldie noticed this pause was a split second too long so he looked at Snyper who first pointed at him and then on the Bleeding Baldy. Goldie pointed his gun a little closer to him. He got it!

    On top of that, I suddenly saw Mr. Kristo try to get eye contact with the man closest to him. I noticed that man get a lot more aware, so he probably waited for Kristo to take some kind of initiative.

    – And you were the head of operations here in the UK?

    – Where? What do you mean? I AM the head of everything that goes on in this rotten country. Drugs, girls, guns, cars, art. You name it. I got it.

    – You are not head of anything anymore. You are fired!

    – What??? You are not my boss! You can’t do that!

    I almost laughed at this pathetic little man. I don’t think he realized the gravity of the situation so I moved close to him and put my gun in his left eye.

    – You see dis gun? As long as you are located in front of it and me in control of the trigger, I can do whatever I want.

    – Now I want you to put your phones and your wallets on the table in front of you and tell me the passwords to your phones.

    Snyper took the phone from the man on the floor. He didn’t oppose it. Four phones and four laptops and one password. Kristo was the only one to actually use a password on his laptop.

    I was right. Kristo did intend to use his gun and the moment his hand went back to take it out, they all died. Three shots fired at the exact time. It sounded like only one shot, but all three of them collapsed.

    I’ll admit these guys are extremely efficient. My friends I mean. Theres a chemistry, almost psychic like we are somehow communicating on a higher frequency or something. We work like one body controlled by an invisible brain. I call it One Mind. These guys haven’t taken a job they did not complete with 100% success.

    We took the hardware and picked up the chutes on our way out.

    – We got their identification papers, passports, a few credit cards, some keys, their cellphones, and laptops. Coach will go through all this and find out who they were and look in their phones and laptops and mails and stuff. Maybe something interesting will show up, AND… We need to destroy our guns when we get back. Shouldn’t we torch this place?

    – That would be easy. They have gas in the kitchen, Snyper said. Go outside! I’ll prepare the end of this party.

    We had to wait a couple of minutes to fill the kitchen with enough gas.

    – The police will probably think this is gang-related, Goldie said while he threw a few grenades through the kitchen window.

    – Fire in the hole! He shouted.

    We ran like…

  • Debra Quincy - Trinity Sisters
    Debra,  Love

    Is Michael Jackson innocent?

    Trinity Sisters - Is Michael Jackson innocent?
    Trinity Sisters – Is Michael Jackson innocent?



    The talent of Michael Jackson is beyond comprehension. The world hasn’t seen a musical genius of this size since Mozart. His legacy is beyond words and as Orianthi – his last guitarist said: “A huge part of music died today, such an incredible artist and person that has inspired so many and brought joy to so many people’s lives”.

    Personally I think his music is a gift from whoever runs this universe and I wanted to find out if these molestation accusations were true or not. I wanted to find out if it was right or wrong to besmirch his music – and him as a human being. I simply wanted to find the truth.



    Is Michael Jackson innocent?

    Here are some details:


    I analyzed every single video I could find and the verdict is clear. It took me several months but I am in NO doubt what so ever. The body language of Michael Jackson is 100% authentic from start to end. On the contrary, the body language of Wade Robson and James Safechuck is the language of liars who try to act like victims to manipulate us to feel sorry for them. It doesn’t work on me! I instantly know when people lie to me. And these two guys are lying like you have never seen people lie before. This was just a chance to make some easy money!


    The psychology/personality of Michael Jackson.

    From a psychological point of view, Michael Jackson had deep inner contact with his Anima – that is his feminine side, and this is necessary to be able to create anything at all. Women create a life for instance. Basically the feminine is the creative, lifegiving aspect and the masculine is the destructive, life taking aspect – look at this in a positive way. Old structures HAVE to be broken down using the masculine force and new ones have to replace the old outdated structures, That’s where the feminine creative comes into play. So from a psychological point, Michael Jackson would not have the capacity to molest any child. He would probably not even be able to kick a dog if he got mad.

    Try comparing Wade and James’ stories with REAL victim’s stories and you will see and feel a noticeable difference in credibility.

    One of the important things that people seem to misunderstand is when Michael admits sharing his bed with the kids, most videos are cut before he adds that he actually slept on the floor!


    Michael Jackson was totally acquitted by the FBI – TWICE!

    Michael experienced two FBI raids and they concluded there was NOTHING! NOTHING AT ALL! Not even a shadow of anything that could point to any wrongdoing. See the FBI Records here.

    The Killer!

    The one huge lie that made the entire accusation fall apart was James Safechuck saying he was being abused from 1988 to 1992 in the Neverland Train station. The building of the Train station started in August 1993!!! James was caught in a gigantic lie! Read more here.


    Michael Jackson was innocent! The scumbag (Jordan Neil “Jordy” Chandler, 1992) that accused him of sexual abuse only caused a sensitive soul to suffer unnecessarily.


    Michael, the verdict is clear. You have given the world your music of such a divine caliber. Your Love for humankind is far greater than most other human beings on this planet. Your legacy and your music will live forever and spread your Love and Joy for all humankind! We Thank You for that!


    “Michael Jackson – We sentence you to a life in Freedom, Joy, and Love. You are free to go!”

    Dave Snyper and Debra Quincy


  • Debra

    Julian Assange – The end of free press

    One day I got an insanely great idea! It was a business idea. It hit me like lightning!

    The best business in the world is owning/controlling as many governments as possible!

    I was pretty proud of myself for quite a while thinking that I got this ultimate business idea. I knew I couldn’t use it, but that didn’t matter. I was happy about myself and my ability to get what looked like the best business idea ever!

    Then I suddenly was hit by another lightning!

    Once I read about Morphic Resonance. You know these isolated islands where one group of monkeys discovered how to rinse potatoes and at the same time without having contact with the other islands, other groups of monkeys living on these islands, discovered the exact same thing!

    This means that I possibly was not the first to get this great business idea…

    Free Julian Assange - Trinity Sisters


    So I looked back in history and it occurred to me that governments all over the world actually behaved like they were owned by big money. Look at the white house staff over the past 50 years. Most of the staff in the Treasury are from Wall Street.

    One month before Obama became president Citygroup sent an email to John Podesta a month before he was named chairman of President-Elect Obama’s transition team. The mail had a list of Obama’s 2008 cabinet. These were the people hired with nearly 100% accuracy!

    This was of course revealed by Wikileaks.

    So here is a bunch of guys that covertly runs the government by deciding who works with the president. We don’t know how the president is ‘chosen’ but I think it is very realistic to say that he is not elected. He is selected!


    It is obvious that Julian Assange has given us a tremendous view behind the scenes. And it’s obvious that the government is only for the people who are filthy rich and immoral.

    The system doesn’t like that!

    • A government that can’t handle the opposition in any other way than oppressing them is a fascist government!
    • A government that needs to spy on its own people is the classical definition of a fascist government.


    A government should be for and by the people. The whole idea is that something is better off being handled by the collective rather than by individuals. Together we can lift more! Unfortunately, some people exploit being in a position of power.

    If learning the truth about what our governments do is illegal, then we have no way of challenging them and we truly live in a totalitarian regime!

    AND the ultimate Neo-Liberal idea of a great business is simple. What is the best business in the world? To run the government of course!


    Being continuously in power today means controlling the opposition. Not working with it, but CONTROLLING it. Oppress it and make sure people do not want to be a part of it by making it illegal. This is fascism! Bear in mind that Democrats and Republicans are NOT in opposition to each other! They work for the same people on Wall Street! The opposition is people who fight for truth and justice as opposed to control and greed.

    Several people in government and NSA says that Julian Assange has caused damage to innocent people and that some have been in danger because of the publication of ‘secret’ documents.

    But they conveniently ‘forget’ the fact that it is the stockholders in the Military-Industrial Complex that creates wars for profit and thereby brings not only soldiers but also civilian lives in danger!

    To accuse Julian Assange of bringing people’s lives in danger is hypocritical like hell!


    Julian is a threat to Big Business (Big Pharma, Big Oil, and The Military Industrial Complex) – That is the REAL reason why he is in jail! Everything else they say is BULL SHIT! Unsubstantiated BULLSHIT!

    And everyone else who is a threat to Big Business will end up the same way. This is Dirty Business. This is what we are fighting!





  • Debra Quincy - Trinity Sisters

    Cookies my ass!

    We don’t really know what happened in Brussels when some senior butthead decided that every single website in the world should warn people about the use of cookies!

    Maybe they were running out of work, was afraid we would think they didn’t produce enough laws or maybe they just felt they had to produce something for their astronomical royal salaries…

    The result of their boredom was the total destruction of the flow on the Internet. In the good old days, we could surf from website to website completely uninterrupted and hassle-free. But now the typical website experience on each and every webpage you visit is a popup where we have to click YES – I accept your fucking cookies!

    Why on earth did those EU barons have to ruin the flow on the Internet? Steal people’s valuable time by asking them to accept cookies on every single website on the Internet?

    How stupid is that?

    Well, that is just about the dumbest thing I have ever seen online. Imagine someone knocking on your door. You answer through your door speaker. “I can’t open the door until you read and sign the 16-page paper contract I slice to you through the letter slot. Read it, sign it and return it. Accept that access to my house is at your own risk…

    Imagine every time we go shopping in town we had to sign a 16-page contract before entering the shop…

    What is a cookie?

    Cookies are small pieces of information the website stores on your computer. Every webpage is a unique and independent session that doesn’t know which page (or session) was before and which comes next. This is where cookies are used. The first webpage stores information to the next in cookies on your device to help the next page so you are able to navigate through all elements on a website. Imagine you putting something you want to buy in a basket and click Checkout. The checkout page has no other way of knowing what you put in your basket unless it can read the cookies stored by the page where you put your stuff in the basket. Likewise, the amount has to be stored in a cookie to tell the payment page how much money you are spending.


    Our leaders are drunk addicts. Addicted to power and money. They are extremely good at wasting our money and our time. They are too far away from the reality of the majority.

    Adding a cookie accept popup to all websites on the Internet corresponds to building speed bumps every 100 yards on a highway!

    EU go home and drink some more booze. Please drink so much that you are unable to make any new laws at all…




  • Celestine - Trinity Sisters
    Celestine,  Spirituality

    Being Present

    The past is gone. The future has not arrived. There is no Love and no Life outside this moment.

    Ego is not present. It cannot be. Ego has jumped out of the source. Left the now. Always trying to define itself because of that. It is a construct. A bunch of opinions and attitudes. Nothing more. The moment Ego arrives at NOW it is not Ego any more. It becomes omnipresent as nothingness.

    Leaving Now is falling. Falling asleep. And Ego does not notice. Ego is not aware that it fell asleep. We are neither aware when we fall asleep at night.

    The point we notice we fell asleep is the time we wake up!


    Ego always wants something. Ego is always on its way from somewhere to somewhere else.

    If you want to be more present you need to know your Ego first.

    Ego will trick you and try to convince you all the way to high hell that you are on the right path to heaven. But with Ego you are not. Ego cannot lead you to the present moment. Ego does not want you to find the present moment because the present moment will reveal completely what Ego really is. It will ultimately even kill Ego. And Ego does not want that.

    You cannot lead yourself to the Source. You need someone who knows the way to guide you. A teacher. But you can start practicing.

    If you want more presence in your life you have to discover that you are NOT Ego. You are something else. You need to realize that you were absent for some time and Ego put itself on the throne while you were deeply asleep. And you accepted it because Ego managed to convince You that Ego is You!

    But you are not!

    Ego is nothing more than a contraction of nothingness and that contraction has become your prison where the walls are painted in wonderful natural colors and the ceiling depicts a vast blue sky. And you believe it is real ONLY because Ego told you.

    It is very simple. Let go of your thoughts and let go of your emotions. Everything is Ego anyway. Discover the part of you that is watching your thoughts and your feelings. It is like a flashlight. Usually, you look where the light is. Not from where it comes.

    Your awareness is your light. Find the source. Watch from where it comes. Look into the source.

    And the Ego will trick you again.

    In the beginning, you can only look into your own awareness for a split second. This will release energy in you and Ego will immediately begin verbalizing what happened. Let go of this. Relax for a second. And look into the source again. And again. and again.

    Do this a million times and you gradually will be able to see Ego for what Ego is. You will now be watching from a more present place – outside the Ego. From the Real you. From presence. You will see your prison from the outside. Not the inside.

    Compare it to piano practice. If you want to become a concert pianist you have to practice every day for many years.

    Presence is no different. It has to be practiced at all time.

    Slowly you will become free and present.


  • Celestine - Trinity Sisters
    Celestine,  Spirituality

    Why suicide does not help.

    In the following I will go through the consequences of ending your life prematurely.

    Emotions can be very dark and heavy. They can trick people into doing things they otherwise would not have done. When emotions take you over you lose conscious control of yourself. Thought can amplify emotions and thought can control emotion – if you are well-trained in watching your mind. This is also called meditation or mental hygiene.

    In the Movie Ground Hawk Day Bill Murray finds himself waking up every day at six o’clock and the day before repeats itself. This happens over and over and over. Bill tries to change things, manipulate things and learn fantastic skills – everything in an attempt to get Love from Andie MacDowell. He also tries to escape the wheel of life by killing himself. Only to discover that he still wakes up at six o’clock to a new repetition.

    After repeating his life numerous times he finally discovers the truth. The only thing that will set him free from repeating the same life and the same mistakes day after day is Love.


    Killing your self does not solve anything. The first thing you will notice after ending your life is you will be isolated in the afterlife in a place that is sad, dark and lonely. In the first short time you will try to orient yourself to find out where you are and why your life did not end.

    If you think your pain will stop when you die you are mistaken.

    If you think everything will go black and stop you are mistaken.

    If you think suicide is the solution to your grave emotional situation you are severely mistaken.


    Killing your self makes everything much worse. Most people who kill themselves believe that their sufferings will end or that they stop existing and thus the pain will end.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. The biggest issue now trying to contain your emotions. And you cannot do that without your body. If your emotions were impossible to cope with and overshadowed you when you were alive, you will notice that without your body it gets many times worse! Your pain will be tenfold. Your grief will be tenfold. Your sorrow will be tenfold. If it was boredom that drove you here it will be tenfold.

    But this is not all of it.

    If you hurt anybody – living or dead – by killing yourself you will feel their pain tenfold on top of what you already are feeling.

    If you let someone down – living or dead – by killing yourself, you will feel let down tenfold.

    After years of immense sufferings and pain you will fall asleep and after years of relaxation you will be born again. With the exact same challenges, you did not solve correctly in your previous life. The universe is patient. You will get another chance to make the right decision. And another and another. Until you WAKE UP!

    There is always someone somewhere that is saddened by your suicide. Always. You will also be reborn in their situation to feel and learn what you did to them.

    You will be put in the same challenge over and over until you solve the riddle and chose the path of Love, forgiveness and Enlightenment. You cannot escape. The patience of the Universe is endless.

    In other words – you will lose several hundred years of time and make your sufferings ten times bigger and 100 times longer simply because you made a bad decision.

    Chose Love. Chose from your heart. Chose to cope with your pain now.


  • Celestine - Trinity Sisters
    Celestine,  Spirituality

    Karma 1O1

    The purpose of Karma is to teach you NOT to suffer. The way we usually go around this is to try to CONTROL our surroundings. But the returning karma of controlling other people is to be controlled by other people!

    You can’t escape your karma. You can run but it will catch up with you eventually – and you will get what you deserve – so to speak.

    There is a deep secret in the saying “Treat others as you would like to be treated”. Think of energy as a common denominator for everything you do, say, think and feel. The doing represents most energy. Thoughts and feelings are more subtle.

    When you do something to others you are starting an energy movement. You are sending something out in the world. The big secret most people have yet to discover is that energy moves in circles! And that is why you get the same energy back as you send out. Some actions are returning fast and some slow. It also depends on where you are in your understanding and recognition of how energy works. Killing of people is a big movement and it takes a lifetime to get that energy back.

    We see two kinds of karma.

    1. Compensating Karma

    Karma is not about revenge. Karma in itself is emotionless. Karma is evolution’s most powerful tool to drive human progress.

    The turn around time for karma depends on how developed you are. If you are living in your solar plexus trying to achieve wealth or power you are not able to connect the thing that happen to you to events that started that karma. And thus you will tend to believe that there is no connection.

    If you live from your heart you will be much closer to realize the connection between what you sow and what you reap.

    If you have had some openings to the next layer of consciousness, the spiritual stage, you will most likely begin to see the connection directly and the deeper you go into this layer the more wisdom will flow to you and you will see things for what they are including karma.

    Karma is almost 1:1. If you learn by your mistakes it will not hit you as hard when it returns, but it will still hit you.

    In many ways karma works like a pendulum. If you are rich in this life you will be poor in the next. If you are powerful in this life you will become powerless in the next.

    Balance is key!


    2. Progressive Karma

    At some point in your development you will see the connection between the energy you give and the energy you receive. This is where people usually wake up and decide that if karma return no matter what, I can as well make it beneficial. This way karma becomes an investment. If you give people love you will receive love and at this stage the return will be much faster. But be careful in speculating because speculating will also come back to you! Just be open and honest.

    I started training martial arts early in my life and it was this training that opened my eyes to the reality of karma. Martial arts was a special karma arena for me because I noticed that everything I did in a fight came back to me within two minutes! Outside the dojo life was normal, and I was not able to see any connection but inside the dojo karma always worked perfectly. It was almost instant karma.


    The purpose of karma is to open your heart.

    The first thing karma will do for you is opening your heart. And that will be through suffering. Not a single open heart in this universe has been spared the suffering! Most of the humanity is in suffering and only those who knows suffering and has over come it, can understand the pain others are going through.

    Your heart will continue to open. At some point it will open and dissolve! And you will notice that your physical surroundings are gone. People experience this stage different. Some say that everything is pure energy and some says it is pure light. Both is true. This will in time open to cosmic creativity and you will recognize how the universe at this stage is pure creativity and if you have the skills you can connect heaven and earth and let the higher art forms inspire people on earth.

    I can hear the most beautiful music that composers through time has made and contributed to the collective consciousness, but I have no musical skills, so I can’t reproduce it. A trained musician can do this.

    I can see the most beautiful sculptures and 3 & 4 dimensional paintings ever made, but I am no painter, so I can’t bring these art forms to life here on earth. But a skilled painter can.

    I can hear and read the most beautiful poems ever made through all time, but I am no poet, so I can only enjoy them in the next dimension. I have not the skills to put human words on them and translate them to earthly art.

    The more art you reproduce the more you will get access to. This is karma.

    My only skill is that I can teach you to go there.


    Dualism & Oneness.

    Be aware:

    You see The Light, see a vision of The Christ or The Buddha, you Feel The Energy or you gaze into Nothingness.

    There is the experience AND there is something in you that is AWARE of this experience.

    As long as there is one that is aware and something to be aware of, the situation is dualistic. When you enter the last stage of transformation, there will be no two entities. Only one. The One that is All.

    At this stage there is no karma.

    We call it  The Source, but it is Nameless.

    One Love!

    Read more about my path to The Light here.



  • Angelica Quincy - Trinity Sisters

    How to become an addict

    I lost my family when I was 5. I never had a dad and I lost my sisters and my mom when our family was torn apart in 1993. I was placed in a catholic school with strangers and I missed my mom and my sisters like you won’t believe it. This is the story of…


    The Hungry Ghost.

    In time this family breakup became a huge void inside of me. It was dark and scaring and every time I was alone with this emptiness I was overpowered and got panic attacks because I figured this was how the rest of my life was going to be. I was terrified and I used drugs to fill that void but it only lasted for a few hours before ‘the beast’ wanted more.

    I was sad most of the time. Lonely and didn’t dare to talk to anybody.

    I wasn’t able to relate to other people. I always thought they would hurt me by leaving me and reinforcing my loneliness. I couldn’t let any one in to my life.

    I got disconnected from my family. Got disconnected from my self and eventually disconnected from life and the only bonding I had was with my drugs. It is a sad replacement for relationships but the only thing I could manage to figure out.

    Sadly most of us has addictions. How are you doing without your phone?

    Some are food addicts. Others are sex addicts. Some are television addicts, shopaholics or workaholics. Others are sports fanatics, alcoholics, gamblers or can’t quit smoking. It pretty much always comes down to the same thing. We replace our relationships with other things. Often unhealthy things. Like I did with coke and meth.

    This is the realm of The Hungry Ghosts! They live in the vacuum inside of us. They ARE that vacuum! We can feed them forever or we can call them out!


    As I described in detail here I had this huge moment when I rammed my knee into my prisoners balls. I suddenly felt so empowered and passioned that anything seemed possible. Before this moment I was an addict. After this moment I realized I was connected to my fellow sisters in capture and felt totally responsible for their freedom – and mine of course. I suddenly had a purpose. These girls suddenly depended on me. I felt so connected to my new found purpose that I did not even think of getting a new fix any more!

    I used to be a victim. Abusing drugs and abusing myself. I tried not to abuse other people but I know I let them down. I was so disconnected from everything including my self, that I probably never would have found my way back if it hadn’t been for this tragic situation we were in. All my life I was sad and angry because of being isolated and lonely – but I didn’t know until now.

    I was forced to be present and in that presence I discovered that my emptiness inside was NOT empty! It was filled with 20 years of repressed anger that wanted to get OUT! I used 20 years trying to escape this anger because I was afraid of it.

    My anger exploded like a nuclear bomb when I hit that trafficking agent in his balls with my knee. His balls took twenty years of my anger savings. At that moment my mind was totally clear. It was the best fix ever! It was an Oved Dose! The old Angelica died and a new stronger and braver Angelica was reborn. I was free! And I was determined to stay free! This was my reconnect with Life! Reconnect with Purpose and Meaning! I was back! Fighting!

    Fighting for my self and my fellow prisoners. I have never felt so great in my entire life before!


    Bruce Alexander created Rat Park as an experiment on addicts and he showed that well functioning relationships are vital, because if we don’t have relations we tend to replace them with things that anesthetize us instead so we don’t feel the missing social connections. Just like the rats in his experiment.

    I would like to end this story with a video from Johann Hari. He got it right. “The opposite of addiction is Connection!”

    Thanks for reading!

  • Debra Quincy - Trinity Sisters

    Merchants of Death and Responsible Investments

    If you have had enough of war (you probably don’t because you never were in one), here is a list of the Merchants of death – contractors that work for the ‘defense’ industry and profit grossly on it. Knowing who they are, makes it possible actively NOT to support them!

    I’ve been there. In the mountains of Afghanistan. Hunted, shot at, and held prisoner by a rogue renegade local warlord for weeks. Greedy people start wars. Dumb people go to war – me for instance. Wise people stay at home.

    If you buy from these companies you are in fact supporting continuous wars all over the world. And of course, the US is in the front every time.

    You also support an industry that is corrupted beyond belief. Do I have to mention that CIA supports and arms rebels all over the world to overthrow democratically elected governments?

    I made a pretty penny after coming home from war and I didn’t know what to do with them, but I thought the stock market looked interesting. So I spent a lot of time figuring out how to invest in stocks, commodities, options, and indexes all over the world.

    It was obvious to me that the war machine was NOT where I would put my money! Big Pharma is very much excluded too as they are a bunch of crooks I can’t support at all – except for a few smaller companies outside the US. I don’t put money in oil either. It is a dirty business and it is too closely related to the military.

    Instead, I invested in tech companies at NASDAQ and it was quite fun. Many are likewise contractors for the military-industrial complex but far from all of them. I found some great online portals:

    Plus500 which has a great user interface and easy to use graphs.

    Markets.com which has the same great user interface and is easy to use (once you know all the money and dealing terms).

    Of course, I will advise you to be VERY careful! Take the time it takes to educate yourself. I didn’t make money for the first two years. Actually, I lost some. Not overwhelmingly much because I was careful only investing small sums I could afford to lose!


    Responsible Investing!

    I met a pretty rich investor not long ago. He was VERY conscious of his focus on investing. Everything related to War and the sex industry was not getting money from him. No matter the return was high! He loves making money but he would never make money on other people’s sufferings!


    If you want to invest in the future of mankind, a peaceful world and in your conscience here are some companies NOT to invest in:

    This list is from a book written by Alan Axelrod.  “Mercenaries: A Guide to Private Armies and Private Military Companies.”

    The book is well over 400 pages and every paragraph has been thoroughly examined and documented.

    • SAAB – Swedens largest defense contractor
    • Swedish Defence Research AGENCY
    • ArmorGroup/4GS
    • Erinys Holdings Ltd.
    • Groupe EHC (France)
    • Golan Group
    • International Security and Defense Systems
    • Meteoric Tactical Solutions
    • Protea Coin Group
    • Ronin South Africa
    • Securitas
    • Edinburgh Risk and Security Management
    • BritAm Defense
    • Genric Holdings Limited
    • Janusian Security Risk Management Ltd.
    • Task International
    • Akal Security
    • BH Defense
    • Blackheart International
    • Corporate Training Unlimited
    • Custer Battles
    • Potomac River Group LLC
    • SCG International Risk
    • Steele Foundation
    • Sterling Global Operations Inc.
    • Total Security Services Inc.
    • Halliburton
    • Airbus Group


    Amanda Macias has written this arcicle on the top 10 US defense contractors which are:

    • Almaz-Antey
    • Leonardo
    • Thales
    • General Dynamics
    • Northrop Grumman
    • BAE Systems
    • Raytheon
    • Boeing
    • Lockheed Martin


    On Wiki you can find this list of US defense contractors.

    Of course, there are thousands more around the world and I will keep updating this list.

    Happy investing – and remember: BE CAREFUL! Never invest more than you can afford to lose!

  • Debra Quincy - Trinity Sisters

    Privatizing wars with mercenaries and paid killers!

    Ever since the NeoCon wave began flooding the western democracies, everything that could be monetized became privatized.

    Healthcare, pension, telephone companies, public transport, railways, gas, oil, hospitals, mail and probably more I can’t think of or don’t know of. Even democracy has been covertly privatized in many countries!

    In several countries education has been or is in the process of being privatized.

    I don’t claim that all privatization is bad. BUT I will claim that something is best managed by the state and NOT by private companies. Two of these things would be the military and the police.

    Unfortunately as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer we will see much ‘private security’ everywhere in our daily life.

    We haven’t heard much of the privatization of police, military, and public security in general. But some people might know PMC’s like these:

    • Academi – Former Blackwater and Xe Services LLC
    • Halliburton
    • Lockheed Martin
    • DynCorp
    • Aegis Defence Service
    • L3 Technologies
    • Compass Security
    • G4S

    Which all have had their share of scandals. There are actually more than hundreds of these private security companies and 60 of them were hired by the US government during the Iraq war.

    Academi (former Blackwater Security Consulting) founded by Eric Prince got famous for the killings of 17 Iraqi civilians and Iraqi security guards at Nisour Square in Baghdad. Three of his mercenaries got 30 years in jail and on got the life sentence. Read more here.

    DynCorp are engaged in almost every international crime possible. Organized child abuse, trafficking of women and children, drugs, false-flag attacks, illegal armstrade…

    The whistleblower Kathryn Bolkovac exposed DynCorp’s human trafficking and sexual abuse operations.
    Read more here.

    Compass Security is in the fraud department. Read more here.

    G4S (aka The Chaos Company) are running prisons and immigration detention centers for profit and are well-known for their violence, racism, and incompetence. G4S has been involved in prisons, checkpoints and the settlements in the West Bank where they abused child prisoners but after Desmond Tutu’s and UN’s involvement it became bad business and they stopped working in Israel. They are notoriously known for violating Human Rights.

    G4S are known for killing and torturing prisoners under transportation (Jimmy Mubenga 2010, Peter McGormack 2012, Mohamoud Ahmed Ali 2014).

    Read more here about the Epic Olympic security failure, Israel/Palestine, Wackenhut, child abuse, Baghdad, non existing humanrights. They are corrupt like you won’t believe it!

    The long story about G4S.

    Some of G4S criminal records.


    These companies are primarily working for governments as not many private companies can afford to hire them and their main objective is always the same: Protection of capital by providing security. This means that OUR tax money is used to pay for fraud, trafficking, drugs, abuse, killings, violence and torture!

    If you want a better world you’d better stop supporting companies like these!

    G4S are selling alarm systems – don’t buy them!

    4G4S are selling ‘Guard’ services for security and surveillance – especially in places where money transactions are done or money are being moved. That is sale or control of tickets, bridge passage, highway payment, event security (from concerts to the Olympics 2012 – which failed miserably) and armored transports.

    Don’t ever take a job in a ‘security’ company. They are mercenaries and hired killers!

    These are merchants of death! Stay away from them!

  • Celestine - Trinity Sisters
    Celestine,  Love,  Crimes,  Spirituality

    Sri Lanka Easter Bombings and the Karma for the Suicide Bombers

    This article has been written in the light of the bombings in Sri Lanka on 21 April 2019.

    Worry not for revenge as the universe is intelligent enough to deal with the actions of a suicide bomber. Always stay in contact with the Divine Love as much as you can. The Divine Universe does not care for religion of any sort. Only for Light and Love.

    Love will wake you up to what is behind the curtain. Hate will roll down more curtains.

    Everything that happens to the suicide bombers after their death is not real. It is their own inner projection they experience. It will be much like a nightmare and in order to have any educational effect, it will feel very real to them. What they see, feel, and hear will be their reality, simply because they created it! And they cannot escape it.

    The moment we die we will meet the Primary light which emanates from the source of nothingness. If we are able to recognize that this light has never been created nor will disappear and that this light is not outside of us nor inside, we will attain the highest stage of Consciousness and Love immediately.

    Most people will not know what to do when they see this light because they do not have the necessary training. So death will continue its process without any awakening.

    The suicide bombers will not see this light at all. It will be there, but they are not able nor ready.

    What will happen is they will be separated from each other and ‘placed’ in open solitary confinement. A place in the afterlife where there will be not much light. Their only true companion will be loneliness. This loneliness will be very painful. It is impossible to contain emotions without a body so it will be endlessly overwhelming to experience all that pain they have caused. Yes, they will experience every bit of pain and suffering they have inflicted and it will take a long time. Imagine you fall off of a ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in a thunderstorm. The water, the and the rain and the storm equal these emotions. You will be a victim to the forces of nature. You can’t do anything. You can’t even die from the pain because you are already dead.

    Cosmos will replay the catastrophic death scenery over and over for months and months and the suicide bombers will have to live through every single affected person’s pains and sufferings likely for years. Eventually, the ‘screenplay’ will fade, they will be left in darkness and will now in addition to the loneliness also have their own anger, sorrow, and regrets as company.

    After 20 to 40 years they will slowly fall asleep and forget and after many more years of relaxation, they will be born again with no direct memories of their past. As we cannot remember from one dream to another likewise we cannot remember from one life to the next.

    And know that first now the education process begins.

    Every death the suicide bomber has caused he will be forced to experience himself.

    Every loss he has caused he will be forced to experience himself and

    Every pain he has inflicted will be forced upon himself to feel.

    The universe is truly a tough but just teacher. The suicide bombers will now spend the next 500 to 1000 years paying their debt to the Universe.

    The consequences of such an act are almost endless. This is why we NEED to stay in contact with the Eternal and Divine Love! The suicide bombers did not only create the horrible scenarios in Sri Lanka. They will continue to create similar scenarios in the future in order for them to suffer the necessary amount of pain to learn from their deeds. This will create even more victims. The event in Sri Lanka will have a ripple effect for thousands of years.

    This is Karma beyond belief.

    This is the law that rules this universe.

    This is the Law of Balance.

    This is why we need to stay in contact with Divine Love and seek to forgive instead of seeking revenge. Do NOT become a part of this ripple by hating and wanting revenge. Use your valuable time on earth to Heal and Love. The Law of Love is superior to the law of balance.

    This is a healing practice you can use:

    Contact your Love for your family, friends, and loved ones. Feel how much you Love them. Send that Love EQUALLY to all the victims and all the perpetrators. Keep in mind that the suicide bombers will have a much harder time than their victims for the next 1000 years. They will be the ones to suffer the most. The more you heal these two parts of the events, the more you heal the world, and the less the total amount of suffering on earth will be.

    You will bring Love and Light in existence on earth using this practice. And as a pleasant side effect YOU will become a more Loving being.

    It takes tens of thousands of years to wake up through suffering. It takes thousands of years to wake up through mindfulness. It takes only a lifetime to wake up through the Love and Presence of the right teacher.

    Waking up means knowing the truth about your self.

    Love is all you need! Stay present! Be aware! Love is all you need!




    I was taught by the late Master Po. He was able to follow the spirits after they left the body and guide them through the passage of death. I have watched blissful deaths as well as painful deaths, and Master Po always guided the younger spirits towards higher stages of consciousness.

    Master Po – Even though we are never separated we will meet again!


    One Love!




  • Celestine - Trinity Sisters
    Celestine,  Love,  Spirituality

    Love is All You Need

    Some people talk about seeing the light, but try BEING the light!

    Your soul is a raw unpolished diamond. Spend your life cutting and polishing your diamond so you can reflect the Divine Light. Then let go of the Diamond and become the Light. Know you ARE the light. Know that everything is made of this light and there is NOTHING higher than this – Except for The Source – which is best described as nothingness. But do not give it a name. It is better to leave it with no names.

    If there is a God he MUST be made of this light – which means that he is a being no higher and no lower than you and me.

    If he is higher than this light he is nothing as the light comes from nothingness. Everything that comes out of this nothingness is polarities. Everything is divided. Divided into darkness and light. Oneness is divided into Duality. Oneness is divided into good and bad. Into God and Devil. Or Good and Evil!

    It is all polarities. Each is one half of a whole. Unite God and Devil within and you will become Oneness.


    When I was a kid I was very fascinated by the Dorje and the Ghanta. The Dorje is a small scepter, represents the male principle, and is held in the right hand. The Ghanta is a bell, represents the female principle and is held in the left hand.

    My father was smart enough to recognize this and he placed me in a Buddhist monastery close to where we lived in Thailand, but I was more than ready to go to the US when Debra and Lenora found me.

    My story is 20 years of Buddhist meditation training and one night I had a breakthrough. Not my first but my first groundbreaking breakthrough.

    I felt my being diffuse. Dissolve into nothingness. My heart opened and opened and opened until everything was an open heart. First, everything was light. Every stone, every tree, every person around me was illuminated beings. They were light and I was light. Warm, bright beautiful golden Light.

    But the light was the only carrier for something far greater. Love. Unconditional Love. Endless unlimited eternal Love. More than enough for every single human being in this world and beyond. I was Love. We all are. I looked into the eternal source from where Love emanated. And I saw nothing. I became nothing. The nothingness that is the foundation of creation. The nothingness that fills everything. As an artist needs an empty canvas for his creation, the divine needs the same for ‘his’ creation. This empty canvas is beyond form. It has never been created and cannot be destroyed. It IS! It simply IS!

    I became one with everything, differences and similarities disappeared. There is really no difference between you and me. At this ‘place’ which really is no place, we are all one. And the expression of this oneness is Love of such a caliber that no human is able to comprehend it. You have to leave being human behind. You have to leave everything you think you are behind.

    This is beyond you and me. And yet it is more you and me than anything else.

    Immense freedom. John Lennon was absolutely to the point: “Love is All You Need”

  • Debra

    The search for Angelica

    The spotter was a wimp. If he knew anything it would probably be easy to convince him to talk. The other guy with the bullet hole in his shoulder, was playing tough even though he was in pain. In contrast to the other guy this one was above street level so he would have contacts higher up in the system. I wanted to break him.

    So I took one of the lamps and cut the wire. Stripped the plastic and tied the ends of the cable to each of his ankles. I actually enjoyed the fear in his eyes. He knew what was coming. I was going to roast his balls because the current would run from one leg to the other passing his balls on it’s way and probably make the piss boil in his bladder…

    He started to sweat but didn’t say anything.

    – We are looking for our sister and we have reason to believe that you are involved in her disappearance. I think you took her and sent her out of the country. I want to know everything.

    – I’m just gonna see if this works.

    I took one of his socks off, put it into his mouth and turned the power on for a second. Luckily this place was quite isolated. He went into a spasm and screamed like a pig on it’s way to the slaughterhouse.

    I think he softened a bit and his friend had this terrified look in his eyes as if he feared he would be next. He was probably ready to talk.

    You might ask where I learned these interrogation methods and I would answer that this was one of a few methods used in Afghanistan along with waterboarding and sleep deprivation to ‘extract’ information from prisoners. This method called Power Persuasion was usually the fastest. No one in the public knows anything about this method because the Americans made sure that no one lived to talk about it! Of course the CIA knows about it and it is classified as hell. The public discussion in the US about waterboarding was primarily to remove focus from other and far more efficient information extraction methods like the Power Persuasion.

    His eyes went back and forth between Len and I. As if he hoped to find some kind of understanding from one of us. He was clearly softening up!

    I never experienced this method myself, but I have seen what it can do. I tried waterboarding though. We tested it on each other in Afghanistan just to get a feeling of what it does to you. People who say waterboarding is horrifying doesn’t know this method. Waterboarding is a holiday paradise compared to this. It FEELS like you are drowning, but you are not! And having tried it a number of times you simply stop panicking. Just relax and make the oxygen last longer.

    When you are waterboarded you keep clinging to the hope that it stops at some point. When you get electrocuted like this you don’t hope or cling to anything. The pain is tremendous and your body and mind is in shock while the power is on. The brain is shorted, you can’t speak, you can’t think, you can’t move. You don’t really know what is happening while it happens. It is only seconds later after the shock gradually disappears you begin to realize what happened and the brain begins to work again.

    – You ready to tell me something?

    I gave him 3 seconds to answer, while counting down just to indicate that if he wanted to say something it had to be very fast. Once again he went into a spasm. This time for two seconds. I had to pause because you can’t talk with 230 volts passing through your body. Every single muscle goes into a spasm and there is no way to control any body function at all.

    – You are responsible for my sisters disappearance. You can’t imagine what I will do to you if I do not find her alive!

    – Talk Now! I demanded.

    He didn’t look at any of us any more. He looked down which is a sign of beginning submission.

    He started to say something. He stuttered but he wasn’t quite there yet so I gave him four more seconds of pure power.

    – They’ll kill me, he shouted when he ‘came back’. – They’ll kill me!

    – No they won’t, but if you don’t talk NOW I will turn on the power and leave this building and in a few months the electricity company will cut the power because the bill hasn’t been paid. At that time the rats will have consumed your dead roasted body.

    – I hope you understand that I had a rough childhood. There is NOTHING I won’t do to find my sister. Your pals won’t kill you. I will! And then I will kill them. All of them.

    To make sure he did get my point I turned the power on for five seconds this time and after that it looked very much like he was broken and ready to talk.

    – Stop please stop don’t turn it on again!, he shouted.

    – I have 10-15 people working for me. They pick up young women and they are held in a house outside London until they are skipped off in groups at 8-10 people. They are smuggled to Vlorë in Albania. I have names and an address.

    – I want to know who is picking girls up in Newham!

    – Vladimir. It’s Vladimir.

    – Who is Vladimir and where can we find him?

    – I can call him.

    – So you have his number?

    – Yes, yes I do.

    He sounded like he hoped for a pardon if he gave me the number.

    – Has he ever been at your place?

    – A few times.

    – You are not going to call him. I am going to send him a text. I will ask him to come over tomorrow.

    And so I did. “Something came up. Can you come over tomorrow at 12?”

    Two minutes went by and he actually replied “OK” and that was the moment I learned that the man we just tortured was Amir.

    But this was not the end. I wanted to know who his bosses were so I asked him:

    – Are you going to tell me the names and addresses of your bosses or do I need to power you up again?

    We got an interesting name. Kristo Dako. The very Godfather of organized crime in London. He lived in a mansion outside London with a ton of bodyguards. Taking him out would be a major operation that needed detailed planning. I had to look him up on the net to see if I could find his picture. This way it would be much easier to identify him when we find him.

    Everybody on Amir’s level reported to Kristo. There are somewhere around 100 independent cells in London. Some picking up girls. A lot of them selling drugs and other groups stealing cars, delivering them to special garages where they are chopped up in spare parts and sold. Burglar groups and looters are breaking in to companies and rich peoples homes delivering the stolen goods to warehouses in the industrial areas from where they are sorted and transported to the London Container Terminal where they are shipped off to the Balkans. They also have special divisions for gunrunning. Guns stolen from private homes, the police or even the military.

    All in all it looked very similar to what we did in the Double Dragon in Korea just a few years ago.

    Next morning we took Amirs keys and went to his apartment. I went inside and Len stayed in the car so she could stop Vlad if he got suspicious and tried to run.

    I wanted to secure the apartment so we were early, but everything was quiet.

    At noon the doorbell rang and I opened the door. Len was already behind him and pushed him through the door where I took him down on the floor and put my knee to his back while pointing my gun to his head.

    – Turn your head slowly and look at me.

    – Shit, it’s you. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…

    Soooo he ‘recognized’ Angel or rather, he mistook me for being Angel!

    – NO! I’m her sister and if I do not find her very, very soon you will find your self on the bottom of the Thames with a 3 tons anchor firmly attached to your balls within the hour.

    – No, no, no… My job was to invite her to a party and from there others took over.

    – Who?

    – The transport team.

    – The transport team?

    – They move people in and out of the country.

    – Names! I demanded.

    We got a few more names on the transporters and he explained how girls were transported through Amsterdam, Germany and ended up in Eastern Europe. He didn’t knew much but it sounded plausible.

    We went back to the car, cuffed him and drove to the nearest Mac Drive, bought some burgers to go and went back to our garage where we threw him with the other two.

    We secured them tightly. Didn’t want them to sleep well. They are easier to handle when they are exhausted so we made sure they had to sit up in uncomfortable positions the entire night.

    Tomorrow our friends would arrive so we started to organize transport to Albania. We would have to leave our weapons behind and get some new when we arrive in Albania. That shouldn’t be hard. After all they just recently had a major war going on in most of the Balkans.


  • Angelica Quincy - Trinity Sisters

    Trafficking, child labor and sex slaves.

    The Wrath of an Angel – Trafficking is REAL!

    Trafficking is real! Very, very real! The chances of you knowing someone who is secretly involved in trafficking are much higher than you want to believe. It could be one of your classmates who picks up women in airports or clubs. It could be the amateur photographer in your street. It could be your nice uncle who has child porn on his computer. It could be the local strip club that manages a handful of girls under the cover of being dancers. Maybe the geek next door is the administrator on the dating sites that pick up women. Maybe your neighbor’s van is used for transporting women or stolen children. Maybe you know people in customs or local police that are paid to look the other way.

    I was lucky. Very, very lucky. Partly because I refused to give up and partly because my loving sisters found me! Almost no one escapes a trafficking ring mostly because the other girls are punished and raped if someone tries to escape.

    Trafficking is the fastest growing business in the world!

    Trafficking is a problem! A HUGE problem! And it is growing! It is the fastest growing business in the entire world! There are a few reasons for that.

    1. Drugs, illegal guns, and stolen cars can only be sold once. Women and children can be sold over and over again!
    2. Unfortunately, there is a market for this: Cheap labor, organ sales, illegal adoption, child soldiers, forced marriages, forced prostitution, etc.
    3. Unfortunately, there are people without any conscience that are willing to profit from other people’s sufferings. Ie. the traffickers themselves, corrupt politicians, law enforcement, and people who are silent about what they know. Braindead (or heart dead) people who want to profit regardless of other human’s sufferings.
    4. Poverty.
    5. Remote areas and bad legislation make it easy to hide from law enforcement.

    Pickup methods for trafficking. There are a number of ways to snatch people. Most people are lured into a trap they can’t escape but kids are often just physically stolen. Earlier women were picked up in foreign countries and trafficked far away from home to make it hard to escape. But some traffickers found it much easier to pick up traveling women. There are a lot of young women who want to travel and see the world before settling down and it is much cheaper to pick them up in bars, holiday resorts and clubs in the country they visit. This saves a lot of transportation, expenses to fake passports and local pick up people can drop women close to the pickup place which minimizes travel expenses a lot. The methods are:

    1. Young female travelers are being approached by a young charming male who lures them to a place where they are held back.
    2. Children being snatched from parents in crowded places in a moment of distraction.
    3. Dating sites and social media. Males try to win their trust, meeting women, and drop them in ‘secure’ houses.
    4. Fake job recruitment.
    5. Homeless children being abducted.
    6. Orphanages are often involved in supplying children.
    7. In poor countries, the pick-up guy can be anyone. Your uncle, brother in law, the neighbor. It can also be women!

    Business model for trafficking. The money in this industry is at astronomic levels.

    1. Underage virgins are sold for $100.000 – $500.000 in auctions (live or internet) and are often killed and dumped right after. This option is for very rich people who care nothing about other people. To them, it is power and money. Virgins are often sold for half a million dollars.
    2. Women sold to prostitution.
    3. Children are sold to the porn industry. You can pay to watch children being molested and killed online!
    4. Children are sold for illegal adoption.
    5. CEO’s and rich people are kidnapped for ransom but this is rare and often used in African countries. A lot of athletes and football stars are from Africa and kidnapping their relatives and family is actually practiced.

    A Real Man Defends Women and Children with his Life!

    I made up my mind the day one of the girls tried to escape but was found by dogs less than an hour later. We were located in Albania in the middle of absofuckinglutely nowhere, so there wasn’t really anywhere to go. To set an example they threw her on a table in the basement in this godforsaken country house where we were locked up. Two men held her arms and they raped her with metal pipes and beat her up while she cried and begged for her life and the rest of us were forced to watch while they took turns in raping her. I can’t imagine in a hundred years how humiliating and how painful this must have been and it broke my heart in a way that made me so furious and angry that I swore to kill every single one of them in the most painful way I could find! These men were not humans to me anymore. Even calling them scumbags would be too nice.

    At this point, I realized that begging for your life is futile. These guys simply take what they want no matter the consequence. So I figured this was the ‘language’ I had to use to ‘communicate’ with them. In other words, I would simply take what I want from them and besides my freedom, it would probably also include their lives!!! At that moment I realized that they couldn’t let us live to talk! One way or the other this was Death Avenue! And at this moment I stopped being an addict! No more drugs for me. No more feeling sorry for my self for having a tough life. No more excuses for not being fully responsible for my own life. No more sleepwalking through life and just letting things happen to me that confirmed that I was a victim and entitled to my pain. The chains that tied me to my past vanished like a fog on the moor when the sun rises. I realized in this golden moment that I was NOT my past! It was gone and only held me back because I wouldn’t let it go. I wasn’t ready. Until now! I woke up from a dull, dizzy, foggy life in self-inflicted pain. This moment was a full and complete STOP!

    As they were raping Donnah I felt my power coming back. The power I gave away to be able to maintain a powerless victimized existence as a junkie came back like a tsunami and I felt stronger than I have ever felt my entire life! The more they raped her and the more they humiliated her the stronger I became and the harder I would let my anger hit these scumbags and would crush them like tiny ants. These assholes were already dead. They just hadn’t realized it yet!

    Girls – Don’t do this at home. It is dangerous!

    I made a plan! There were always at least three men in the house to guard the place, but they were eight in total. The others were usually in town or moving girls around so customers got new ‘merchandise’ regularly.

    I didn’t have to wait long. The very next day we were – as usual alone with only three guards and I started to scream. Donnah was lying on a gross mattress barely alive and we took turns in holding her hand, wiping the blood off her, and keeping her clean. The girls were shit scared but I wouldn’t involve them in anything until after the guards were down. I was scared too but I had to look past that. I waited until I knew they were only two – sometimes one of them went out to take a piss or smoke or get something from the car which would make it easier for me. I remember I shouted while hammering the metal pipe into the staircase: “Come down here you mother fucking rapists!” And two of them did. The third was in the car and didn’t hear anything. They were always armed but they had their guns in their belt – center stomach. Not in a holster which would make it easy to take one of them.

    I continued shouting like hell and began to hit the first man who approached me – and approach was exactly what I wanted him to do because that would make close contact so much easier. He grabbed my left arm and pulled me towards him – I could not have asked for a better move and my right leg accelerated to at least 200 miles an hour before my knee hit him like a runaway train and turned his balls into mashed potatoes! Until this point, I was terrified by fear but the moment my knee made contact with his balls, a feeling of success and determination filled my body and I just knew I could do this!

    He didn’t say a word. His eyes turned totally white and right before he went down on his knees I grabbed his gun with my right hand, turned the safety off, and immediately shot his friend who probably never saw what hit him, in his chest. Then I pointed the gun to the head of the sucker that now looked like he would beg for his miserable life if he was able to speak. I simply fired the gun – execution-style and he left this horrible world in a hurry. Lucky him. I would seriously have liked to have had the opportunity to cut his balls off while he was still alive.


    Vlore in Albania - Trafficking

    Of course, the shots alarmed the guy who was outside and he came running in fast, but I was prepared.

    I simply put the metal pipe through the railing and he tumbled down the stairs headfirst. He was surprised and hurt himself while falling, but he was not down yet. Lying on the floor he tried to pull his gun but alas… I had two guns now and I emptied both mags in his rotten body. A hell of a noise but I was furiously mad and totally blinded by hate – which made it very easy to whack him. I never thought I would like to kill another human, but I have to admit I enjoyed this immensely! I felt totally on top of the situation as if it was a movie I was watching and everything was following a script. The anger made me sharp, clear and calm all at the same time. Anger can be very useful and I sure as hell was NOT going to be a victim anymore! Not ever!

    The girls were totally surprised by this role change. All of a sudden we were in charge!

    We grabbed all the weapons, ammo, food, and clothes we could find, took the van and simply drove away. This is where my plan ended. I didn’t know this country at all so now we had to improvise.

    Luckily there was a map in the car and we went to Tirana which took a few hours. Wouldn’t trust the local police after this. I’m pretty sure they were paid to be cooperative and silent.

    So shortly after arriving, I found a bar – thought it would be smarter to ask some locals for a place to lie low than just checking in to some random hotel. 10 girls like us would look rather suspicious doing that. The girl in the bar looked trustworthy so I told her directly what brought us here, asked her if she knew a place and then I just watched her reaction to see if she was on our side. She looked terrified but she knew that these things happened here. We ‘connected’ immediately and I felt I could trust her. Her name was Agnesa and she gave us some addresses – we had to split up into smaller groups.

    Besides my past, I think we left quite a statement in that house in the mountains!

    Only two days later my lovely sisters found me and we set out to destroy the rest of this dirty business, but that’s another story!

  • Angelica Quincy - Trinity Sisters

    Dear Trump

    I have met a lot of men from all walks of life. I have met criminals, drug dealers, thieves, mafia bosses, soldiers and officers from many different countries, a few (corrupt) politicians and a lot of ordinary people. The vast majority of my encounters reflect pretty normal men who have the ability to be present and open to some degree. BUT some of them were very ambitious and some very ruthless in their way to prove themselves worthy of something they tried to achieve. These men all had one thing in common. They never experienced the presence of a dad.

    This leaves the boy hurt, with a subtle feeling of failure that needs to be covered up and compensated for.

    And it seems that the army – and the police force in the US in particular – attracts a certain kind of man. Men who did not have a solid, sensible father figure present in their childhood!

    Now Egoes come in all shapes, forms, and sizes and I realize that some kind of ego is necessary to survive in this world – which is why the military can be great for ‘boys’ who need to develop the masculinity they never got from their father.

    Most soldiers actually become more MEN by being a soldier – if we take out all the negative consequences it has to send young men overseas to kill other men. The trauma can actually break them instead and often does if you don’t put on your psychic armor and become a try-hard hard-ass! An empty shell.

    My view on Trump is that he has one of these oversized, overcompensated egos. I bet his dad never sat down with his son and told him that he was the best thing that ever happened to him. That he would love him no matter what and that he was proud of him! I bet that he never spent a single day with his son to make him feel accepted, appreciated, recognized, and loved!

    An oversized Ego is a sign of compensation. Always! No exception! The largest ego is the one who talks the most to cover up the lowest self-worth. The largest ego is the most shallow.

    In everything, Trump says you can hear him say, “See me, Dad.” “Am I great or what”? “Are you proud of me now, dad”? “Do you love me”?

    Our psychology (psyche) and history have one thing in common. They repeat themselves! We all know that history repeats itself. But not many have recognized that we as human beings always unconsciously try to go back in time to unfinished dramas to finish them. This means we try to recreate previous unfinished situations in order to make a more satisfying ending where we can feel accepted, appreciated, and loved, and unfortunately, this does not really work. Well, it does actually, but it takes an insanely long time and maybe a lifetime of repeats before we wake up.

    That’s why every achievement Donald makes has this subtle signature saying: Dad – see what I did. Acknowledge me! Do you love me now?


    Mr. Trump! It seems you have been walking in circles all your life just to handle this single issue that your father wasn’t there for you.

    You probably don’t want pity.

    I’m sorry for you, Mr. Trump. All you ever wanted was Love and that was the only thing you never got…

    But you got some achievements during your time of action. You are the president who has done most for trafficking victims and pedophilia! Click here!

    I hope you get them before we do!


  • Lenora Quincy - Trinity Sisters

    Homeless in Detroit

    Detroit is half dead. Or half Detroit is dead. It’s a broken city. Just like me. I guess half the city is abandoned and all around the city in homeless communities, it’s easy to be accepted as part of a group. People are really nice and help each other all they can. I ended up in a place with tents and was invited by a woman to sleep in her tent at night and in the middle of this place that once was a thriving community, we had a huge fire to keep us warm. These people have nothing. Nothing! Apart from the outworn clothes they are wearing. Some of the gangs around are criminal and weaponized, trying to dominate a block that laughs back at them because there is nothing left to dominate. Nothing to rule over. Nothing to live for…

    Everybody is trying to survive in some way. The general mood is despair, desperation, decay, and destruction…

    Homeless in Detroit 4
    This is a stock photo. I don’t have any photos at all.

    There were 15-20 people in my group trying to survive. There were empty houses all around, but most people preferred the tents. The houses were cold and they had no water anyway. But there are shelters here that are better than sleeping in the streets, especially in the winter, and there are organizations, mostly churches that provide food for the homeless. In the daytime, we try to keep warm and once in a while, someone is lucky enough to find work for a few hours or a few days, but never enough to lift him out of this swamp. This is one of the reasons to run a tent city because when you are finished at work late at night the shelters are closed.

    It is as if this city wants us here. Eternally poor, living day to day. Maybe we are the heart of this city and downtown Detroit is the unnecessary money making ego maniac center that keeps this polarization – the gap between rich and poor alive. This gap is like a prison wall except a prison wall is probably easier to jump. Maybe it is us who are free and the rich who are the slaves…

    No doubt capitalism works. For the top 1% of ‘humanity’! The richest. But it doesn’t work for the rest of us. Trickle down economics is a filthy excuse the rich use to make even more money. There is no such thing as trickle down. Not even a microscopic part of the money they make will ever trickle down.

    Like everything else in this world, it works the opposite way around. Money trickles UP! Money is exempt from gravity. Money has always been made in the low and middle class and then they go upwards in society and ends up in offshore taxfree accounts. From there they go to the stockmarkets and grow even more without anyone except the billionaires benefitting from it.

    Money is a tool for the richest to make even more money. Because of one simple thing. Money is the best way to power and influence for small insecure egos that hide behind a facade of strongness and willpower. The purpose of money should be a tool for everybody.

    The money supply is either a tree where you can pick all the money you want or it is a closed limited system! Right? It can’t be both! And we can probably agree that the money supply is not unlimited (although the rich behave like it is).



    The money supply is a closed loop. Just like a birthday cake. If the two fastest (most greedy) eat 4/5 of the cake there is only 1/5 left for the other 23 children at the birthday! Right?





    Sometimes a police car drove by to check and in one of these police cars was a senior police officer that sometimes stepped out and handed us bread and sometimes even a few dollars. He often took some time to talk to us and listen to our stories and he also told us what happened outside our little ghetto.

    One day he asked me my name and I told him I was Quiet. Well I’m John, he said and I wanna tell you a story Quiet. Can we sit down over here?

    ”I read a story recently”, he started. “A very sad and moving story – but not without hope”, he started. “Once there was this beautiful innocent girl living in London with her mom and her sisters. They had a fine life but one day a man moved into the house and he started destroying the family. They got split up and lost contact with each other. That little girl had a father, she did not know and instead, she got this horrible stepfather that was the devil himself and if someone had not killed him, I sure would have found a huge amount of pleasure in doing it myself, before he killed someone.”

    Slowly I began to realize that it was ME he was talking about and I almost panicked and started thinking of running away as fast as I could. But he noticed I was scared and he said: ”I’m obviously not here to arrest you. I know everything about you. The UK police know that you escaped to New York and I was assigned to the case via Interpol to find you. It wasn’t easy and I learned a lot about you and your family along the way. At this point, I am pretty sure I know who your real father is because I got access to some of his records in CIA and I am trying to locate him right now.”

    ”I think you did the world a big favor helping your stepdad into the next world. The world is a better place without him and as far as I am concerned I will just keep on working on your case never finding you. By the way… The police in London is not that eager to find you either. Your stepdad had a very long record of violence and sexual crimes against kids and he was released from jail only a week before he moved in at your mom’s place.”

    The detective from England and I became good friends. He knows every bit of your story and his short bold comment on this case was that you saved the British taxpayers a lot of money. As far as he is concerned justice has been served extremely well!

    The next day he came back with more food and he also brought me some clothes. We talked some more and he told me he had a daughter at my age Debbie (16 yrs) and the clothes were from her. He also had a son John Jr. (25 yrs) that wanted to be a policeman.

    He then asked me what I wanted to do for a living and I was very surprised to notice that I never ever thought about anything else than making it through the night. It was like opening a fantasy door and I began imagining things and dream about a brighter future. Scary and exciting at the same time. And it suddenly occurred to me that I wanted to become a nurse.

    So I told him with a passion in my voice I never had before: ”I want to be a nurse. I want to heal and help people!”

    “I knew you would, he said. Your heart told me long ago that you are going to change the world for the better!”

    John Sr. often came by to check me and one day he told me that one of his friends in Detroit had a Café and he was in need of a pair of hands to serve food, drinks and coffee. It’s a nice cozy place, but the owner is getting older and would like to hire some help. “Would that be something you are interested in?” he asked. I was very surprised. I told him I never had a job in my life before and didn’t know anything about cafes and serving people.

    My friend is a very nice man and he will teach you everything you need to know. In a year you will be able to run your own cafe! Think about it. I will be back tomorrow, then we can go visit him if you are interested.

    I was still equally anxious and excited the next day when John took me to the Coffee shop. We went in and he took me to the kitchen out back and introduced me to the owner James who was making sandwiches.

    James was a grey-haired big African American and he said: “Ohh I heard so much about you Lenora and I have been looking soooo forward to meeting you! Have you gotten anything to eat yet? I’ll fix you a delicious sandwich he said before I could answer. Find yourself a table and I will be right back.”

    John and I walked back into the cafe and sat down at a table and shortly after James came back with sandwiches, soda and coffee for all of us.

    He sat down and began to talk. “My wife died last year and things have been hard here in my cafe ever since that time. I didn’t know how to continue after that. I sometimes just wanted to quit everything, but John kept coming every day ordering coffee and food, so I really couldn’t close the cafe, could I? He looked at John, took his hand and laughed!

    “John has been a tremendous support since my wife died and it was him who suggested that I should find someone to help me. At first I didn’t have the energy to find one but on the other hand, I don’t have the energy to continue this alone either. I can pay you 15 bucks an hour and free meals from the kitchen and if you are interested I have a spare room upstairs where you can move in if you want to. There’s a toilet up there too, but regarding the kitchen, I’m afraid you will have to suffice with this down here. There’s a washing machine out in the back for cleaning towels and so on and you can use it for your own clothes if you want to. I would really like you to feel at home – even though it is a café.”

    After finishing our sandwiches we went upstairs and I realized in a huge moment that my life was about to change. Change for the better and I was overwhelmed. I cried and I had to give them both a big, big hug. I felt hope and I was happy for the very first time in my life.

  • Lenora Quincy - Trinity Sisters


    I remember hiding and sleeping in the closet because I didn’t want him (my stepfather) to find me. But he always did. And when he did he wanted me to ”pet his dog” as he called it. It was horrible. The smell of booze and sweat was unbearable. In the beginning, he wasn’t violent, but when I resisted he began hitting me and sometimes he also had a knife and threatened to cut off my fingers if I didn’t ”touch his dog”.

    In ’93 when mother fled back to Korea with Debra, I was placed in an orphanage outside London. Basically a nice place with a huge garden and close to the forest. I must have been around 5 years old at that time. My stepfather was not supposed to know where I was but unfortunately, he was very aware of my whereabouts and he visited me quite often and at some point, he began to take me out for a ride in the forest – with his ‘dog’ of course – ‘Daddy’s Dog’!

    For years I didn’t dare to tell anybody about this. I was simply too terrified and I also felt embarrassed thinking of telling someone what was happening. But I did. One day I told the superintendent what my stepfather was doing. He didn’t say a word. He just turned around and walked away. Something was wrong here. Badly wrong. I felt totally rejected and I was very confused that he did not say anything at all.

    So I went outside and took hide in the woods trying to find some kind of meaning or explanation, but I couldn’t. So instead I decided to spy on him and try to find out why he acted suspiciously. I had gained some experience hiding in closets, so I thought I would do the same here. As a result, I spent a lot of evenings in his closet at his office, sitting there behind clothes, books, and briefcases listening to his phone calls and watching his meetings with strangers. Many of them were not from the UK. I heard them speak languages I did not know. Probably some kind of European language but I’m not sure.

    One night he got this special call where everything suddenly fell into place. I overheard a meeting with some strangers from abroad, where he agreed to deliver a boy and a girl at a small airport south of London in return for 50.000 pounds!

    Suddenly I understood why my friends disappeared from this place. They were simply sold!

    I knew I had to do something, but before I could figure out what I should do, the situation somehow appeared all by itself. A few days later my stepfather picked me up for another ride. He was drunk as usual and this time he took me home to his apartment. Inside he immediately dropped his pants and I tried to escape through the front door while he stood there with his pants halfway down but he managed to block my way despite the position of his pants. I was terrified but determined that this had to stop! I could not take it anymore! I had enough!

    For some time he chased me from room to room and I ended up in the kitchen – suddenly remembering that he once used a knife to threaten me, so I immediately went for the drawers and found what I needed – a big knife. A huge wonderful companion which was able to do what my parents failed to do – protect me!

    Of course, he noticed that I held my hands behind my back, but my best advantage was probably that he was under heavy influence of the booze he had been drinking and before I knew it, I planted the knife in his belly. Not once. Not twice. But over and over! I later learned the coroner had counted 28 knife wounds. I did not count. I was totally captured and mesmerized by the feeling of being released from my prison as I stabbed this low life scumbag again and again and again. A feeling of freedom that was way too big to grasp.

    There was blood everywhere and I only had the clothes I was wearing, so I ran out of the house as fast as I could and I ended up at the harbor where I entered one of the huge cargo ships and took hide deep down behind some of the containers.

    I don’t know exactly how long time I spent in the cold dark stomach of this containership from London Container Terminal. It was more than a week but less than two. I slept on some card boxes I arranged as a mattress and used some tarps to pull over me trying to retain some kind of body temperature that was high enough to not kill me. It was hard to sleep. Every time I closed my eyes I saw my stepfather attacking me and me stabbing him. I was still shit scared, half in panic and afraid to sleep and relax. What if someone found me and turned me over to the police? What if I didn’t make it? How was I supposed to survive?


    Story continues here. “Homeless in Detroit.”

  • Debra Quincy - Trinity Sisters


    I’m on Facebook and I am one of these girls who get a ton of PM’s every day from guys. Only one word. “Hi”.

    What the hell is that for an insanely stupid worthless way to contact a girl on Facebook??? What the fuck does a guy expect a woman to respond to that???

    If you have a FANTASTIC follow up, it would most likely work in real life. But this is Facebook.

    You guys have a great reason to approach me! I have a nice face and I look sexy. All the reason you need. But my good looking is not an invitation to sex. It is not an invitation to anything. It is just the way I look!

    I have no reason at all to answer you! I don’t know you. I don’t care how your face looks and I do not check your profile. Not without any reason. And you give me none just by saying “Hi”.

    If you expect me to react to a “Hi”, I assume you are absolutely uninteresting, non-creative and totally boring! This means I will NEVER respond to your “Hi”. Never as never in all eternity!

    “Hi” = Insecure! If you do not have the guts to challenge me intellectually in a humorous way that signals that you are funny, exciting and challenging to be with (for any period of time), don’t even bother contacting me! The world is full of small insecure men.

    “Hi” means that you want ME to take the initiative from there. And I won’t.

    I am the kind of girl that goes for what I want! 200%! A “Hi” signals that you are NOT going to invest anything in getting what YOU want. A simple cheap non-risky almost anonymous “Hi”.

    You are not ready to risk rejection to invest in what you want! You are not committed!




  • Debra Quincy - Trinity Sisters

    My previous Life

    I owe my life to Snyper and Goldie. After a Chinook crash in Afghanistan, I was the only survivor and I tried to keep myself alive for days around the wreck while burying my dead friends. My brain was totally clear from the adrenalin rush when the heli crashed and I thought This is the end, but I still expected some kind of more irrational reaction or break down at some point. Luckily that wasn’t now. The adrenaline kept it away.

    I knew there was a transponder in the heli, but I didn’t know if it worked. And if it did, it could take days to send people up in these cold and rocky mountains to find me. Military equipment is, apart from the black box – which actually is orange, only rarely equipped with transponders but this heli should have a special powerful transponder that besides a radio signal also emits a flashing light as well as beeping sounds.

    Even though I had all the weapons and ammo I could ever ask for, I ended up in a rather impossible situation and I was captured by this insanely ruthless local drug lord and his men, who were responsible for the heat-seeker that took the heli down. I know there are rebels in the mountains who claim they have taken helis down with RPG’s – that’s a rocket that can be fired manually from your shoulder, but if the heli is more than 250 feet away, a takedown would be pure luck – even if the target is stationary. A moving target such as a flying heli is impossible to take down without any kind of tech to assist you and that kind of equipment is very rare in Afghanistan – unless it says “Made in the USA” on it.

    The US supplied the Mujahidin’s with Stinger missiles to fight Russian helicopters, so maybe there are still some of these things around. My best guess is that it was a Stinger. But luckily we were only 30-50 feet above the ground and I think my luck was that the heat seeker hit the front engine and I was all the way back in the heli. At least I have no better explanation.

    It sure took them a long time to reach the crash site and all they wanted was to look for weapons and stuff they could use or sell. Scavengers. They didn’t expect to find survivors so I managed to eliminate three of them with my baby – a H&K G36K which is the perfect gun for a woman, it almost fits in a handbag; before they changed strategy and succeeded in surrounding me.

    Despite all the military hardware that was scattered around the site, he was convinced that I was an American spy and he took me to the mountains where I was tortured and beaten up for days. He had a crew of approximately 15 men (left) and they lived here under very primitive circumstances. The smell of dirt, garbage, primitive open toilets, and dead animals was unbelievably unbearable. It’s sticky and once you get it in your nose, your memory of it will cause you to keep on smelling it for the rest of your life.

    In Scandinavia, there was a guy with a shiny name. Rumor says he was born with his hair shining like gold. His dad called him The Golden Child and even wrote a song about it. Later on, he took the name Goldie.

    This Golden guy had a business. A shy business that was, but nevertheless very profitable. He was trying to expand his business to other countries to make even more money. He knew Afghanistan far better than his own bank statements as he spent many years in the country after the Russians left in 1989 and he knew that he could make a fortune out there.

    They grow a lot of poppies in Afghanistan and after the US occupation in 2001, the production has been on the rise. This is not a coincidence. There’s a reason why we call CIA the Cocaine Import Agency! They got planes! And they control airports in Afganistan as well as in the US and a lot of other countries all over the world. Besides overthrowing 50 foreign governments during the last 50 years, they also make a shitload of money by distributing and selling Coke in the US.

    In fact, the Taliban declared Opium anti-Islamic the year before the US invasion and made it illegal to grow poppies, so the farmers were poor, hungry and unhappy at that time.

    But – a long story short… the cocaine business exploded and everybody wanted their share. That’s why Goldie and his friend Snyper, went to Afghanistan that summer in 2008.

    Goldie was there in ’89 and he had ‘secured’ a lot of military equipment from the Russian Special Forces in the days after they left the country. Mostly cars, ammo, and weapons. Everything stashed up in the mountains in a very remote area. Actually so remote that no one would ever find it. Not even by accident. The houses are built into the mountains and are practically invisible from the air and they are connected to a network of caves the Russians used as a military depository.

    The site is located approximately 220 miles from the Chinook crash site. And about 230 miles away from the place I was held captured, which was somewhere east of a village called Adraskan. This country is so huge you can’t grasp it, there are so much dessert and so many mountains, that endlessness and hopelessness melt together in a big pool of nothingness.

    This drug lord – his name was Lev – I don’t know if it was some kind of short for Levinsky or something and now it sure as hell doesn’t matter, but he knew the existence of the Russian base and he was never able to find the materials they left behind. That was because Goldie was there first! They usually go there a few times every year to pick up weapons and ship them back to the US and sell them through their network – and bring some drugs home too at the same time. Usually, they checked this cabin because they knew it was one of Lev’s secure places. This time they were lucky! And that was my luck too.

    Goldie knew Lev! Mostly because his father worked for the KGB and spent years trying to find him. Lev was a high ranked senior tactical genius in the Russian mafia. Goldie never met him, but he knew exactly who he was and approximately where he was. Goldie’s father retired before he could find Lev and he was very excited to know that Goldie almost stumbled into him in the same area he was stationed years earlier!

    Goldie and Snyper had been monitoring the cabins where Lev and his people resided for a few days and suddenly they noticed that I was brought up from the caves and tied to a chair in one of the cottages and apparently they decided to do something. As Snyper said: ”We were going to level this place to ground zero anyway, so let’s start shooting!”

    I was tied to a chair and I had a hard time seeing what was going on. Lev had severely beaten me up and I had blood in my eyes which made it hard to keep them open. He kept on shouting: “Who sent you? Who is your boss”? I did not answer, which caused him to beat me up even more.

    Goldie and Snyper had taken up residence on the slope of the mountain opposite Lev’s cottages the night before and it was in the morning Snyper discovered me through his Leupold Mark 4 telescopic sight. The lasered distance was 5.089 feet or 1.696 yards, which are well within this rifle’s capacity. The bullet velocity is 2.800 feet/sec. So the travel distance is 1.8 seconds. That means after the shot has been fired, the target would have 1.8 seconds to remove himself from the trajectory.

    No problem – Snyper told me later. The cabins were small and the only place he could go was out of the door and that was exactly the way the bullet would travel. It would take him 2.5 to 3 seconds to get out of that door, so he would get hit somewhere in the upper body anyway. This rifle will spit molten chunks of the second amendment with a velocity that makes sure these guys won’t reincarnate until the next millennium!

    The original plan was to wait and watch some more and then initiate the attack at night. But the situation changed. Snyper noticed that Lev’s behavior got more aggressive so Goldie rapidly armed himself with his AK47 – which is his favorite weapon in almost any situation – a backup gun with a silencer and a few doomsday grenades, and he climbed down the mountain to get closer. It took him almost twenty minutes to reach the cabin.

    “And then we released hell on them,” Snyper said. “There were 15 men and they didn’t have a chance to see where the shots came from. And that’s the beauty of the mountains. The sound of the shot is echoed back and forth between the mountain walls so it is virtually impossible to locate the shooter and in daylight, they can’t see the muzzle flame. They were totally confused”.

    The first to go was Lev. Goldie was almost in position when Snyper noticed that Lev took out his handgun, made sure a bullet was in the chamber and slowly started to point it at me. The situation escalated and he had to act fast. 1.8 seconds is a very long time to travel for a bullet 5.000 feet away. So he fired and exactly 1.8 seconds later Lev checked out. For good. He was slammed into the floor with a .50″ bullethole from a Barrett M82A1 rifle in his chest. And when I say bullet hole I really mean bullethole!

    The Barrett M82A1 rifle is extremely powerful! It will spit molten chunks of the second amendment with a velocity that makes sure these guys won’t reincarnate until the next millennium!

    This is not really a sniper rifle as the precision is much less than that of a bolt action sniper rifle. You don’t usually target personnel with this. It is a rifle you use when hunting mammoths and 18 wheelers! It is designed to kill a truck engine at 3000 feet! Or shoot a plane out of the sky in a burning smoking fireball”!

    And it saved my life.

    It literally took his heart out – if he ever had one! The Barrett is a semi-automatic long-range sniper rifle and with the Leupold Mark 4 telescopic sight, it is like being present in the room with the guy you take out, Snyper said. ”You stop breathing because you feel he can hear you – even though he is 5.000 feet away”.

    “Did you get him?” Goldie asked over the walkie. ”Elvis has left the building”, Snyper replied calmly.

    I was in shock and completely overwhelmed by this unimaginable relief, as I slowly began to grasp the fact that this scumbag, who was now lying on the floor – in more than one piece, would never ever cross my path again. At least not in this lifetime. I only heard a swuuuuschh, a flop and a body falling to the ground. Then two or three seconds of complete silence where my entire life speeded through my mind and then a loud bang coming from outside the cabin. I looked around and the first thing I noticed was the light from the door which almost blinded me as the sun was rising. I could barely open my eyes because I had blood running down my face and had to blink a lot. But the sun’s rays signaled hope and life. The next thing I saw was the wall behind me. It was 10 feet away but most of it was red. Painted red with blood and thousands of small pieces of Lev’s heart, spread all over the wall from floor to ceiling. It was incredibly red and he was incredibly dead. First then I realized that somebody shot Lev. I first thought it must have been one of his own men, and then I just heard AK47’s bark at each other.

    From there on I only remember foggy things. More shooting. Machinegun fire, some explosions, and shortly after Goldie ran through the door, picked me up, cut the ropes that tied me to the chair, gave me some water, and carried me out of the building. At the time I thought I was ok, but my left arm was broken twice, I had several internal bleedings and a mild concussion.

    Snyper took out 8 men and Goldie went in with blazing guns and hellfire and stirred up the nest which made it easier for Snyper to hit something. 7 hillbillies on the wrong end of his AK47 – that’s unfair – to them! Even though many of them also had AK47s. About the tactics, Goldie always only has one and it works every time: Create so much confusion and noise so fast that they can not figure out what is going on and where the enemy comes from, and take them out before the noise disappears and before they realize they are under attack.

  • Debra Quincy - Trinity Sisters
    Debra,  Dating

    I’m not dating!

    Just want to make one thing clear…


    I am NOT on the Internet (including Facebook) to find a date!


    Because I’m broken and I will fuck it up!

    I am by no means a tough girl, but things happened and in the moments where it hurt the most, I found an unbelievable inner strength. I had to endure these tough moments. I had to survive because I wanted to. And because I was afraid of dying. I didn’t want to suffer.

    – I had a huge desire to live! I’m a fighter and I do not give up.

    – I never had a real family. So I have been fighting all my life to belong somewhere. To be part of something. To love and be loved. By sisters, brothers, and parents. Unfortunately, I lost all my family relations very early in life which left me with huge problems relating to people.

    Imagine this:

    You and I on a nice evening stroll in the city after a wonderful dinner and we get jumped by a mugger. Maybe even an armed mugger. Yes, I have a pretty face which has made me millions of dollars but don’t be mistaken.

    I will be the one breaking his arms and smashing his skull against the pavement. And I will probably not stop until he doesn’t move anymore. Blood doesn’t frighten me. Not the slightest. The enemy’s blood calms and encourages me. When I see him bleed I feel victorious and strong.

    You will be the one standing five yards away pissing your pants. And I don’t blame you. I also wet my pants right before the first time I got shot.

    It won’t matter how many they are. More muggers will just take a little longer and you will get even wetter.

    That’s because I’m angry. My therapist says I will outperform a nuke any day – and he is right!

    I never had a dad and my mom died when I was a kid. Meaningless killed by a drunken man.

    I lived and survived on the streets. Eight years old.


    I learned how to cheat and steal to survive. The mafia and a gun became my closest family. Murder, violence, and loss of friends regularly.
    I’ve been at war and I should have been dead many times over.
    I have been driving in exploding vehicles and planes that got shot out of the sky.
    I have found my self at both ends of a riffle and the other guy died.
    I have seen innocent children getting sold, raped, and killed.
    I have seen women selling the last part of their body to get a fix.
    I have been tortured and humiliated every day for several weeks in a cold cave in a dead mountain somewhere in Afghanistan by former KGB agents and Afghan insurgents.

    My friends died and I survived. Life isn’t fair. Not by a long shot.
    I can’t afford to love people because they die from me and I don’t trust people. No one!
    My most reliable friend is a Heckler & Koch assault rifle.
    I’m broken. So mad, angry, and broken even the devil doesn’t want to date me.
    I’m a pissed off girl in a fucked up world and I screw things up – big time!

    And only I can heal me – and that will take a lot of time…