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Being Present

The past is gone. The future has not arrived. There is no Love and no Life outside this moment.

Ego is not present. It cannot be. Ego has jumped out of the source. Left the now. Always trying to define itself because of that. It is a construct. A bunch of opinions and attitudes. Nothing more. The moment Ego arrives at NOW it is not Ego any more. It becomes omnipresent as nothingness.

Leaving Now is falling. Falling asleep. And Ego does not notice. Ego is not aware that it fell asleep. We are neither aware when we fall asleep at night.

The point we notice we fell asleep is the time we wake up!


Ego always wants something. Ego is always on its way from somewhere to somewhere else.

If you want to be more present you need to know your Ego first.

Ego will trick you and try to convince you all the way to high hell that you are on the right path to heaven. But with Ego you are not. Ego cannot lead you to the present moment. Ego does not want you to find the present moment because the present moment will reveal completely what Ego really is. It will ultimately even kill Ego. And Ego does not want that.

You cannot lead yourself to the Source. You need someone who knows the way to guide you. A teacher. But you can start practicing.

If you want more presence in your life you have to discover that you are NOT Ego. You are something else. You need to realize that you were absent for some time and Ego put itself on the throne while you were deeply asleep. And you accepted it because Ego managed to convince You that Ego is You!

But you are not!

Ego is nothing more than a contraction of nothingness and that contraction has become your prison where the walls are painted in wonderful natural colors and the ceiling depicts a vast blue sky. And you believe it is real ONLY because Ego told you.

It is very simple. Let go of your thoughts and let go of your emotions. Everything is Ego anyway. Discover the part of you that is watching your thoughts and your feelings. It is like a flashlight. Usually, you look where the light is. Not from where it comes.

Your awareness is your light. Find the source. Watch from where it comes. Look into the source.

And the Ego will trick you again.

In the beginning, you can only look into your own awareness for a split second. This will release energy in you and Ego will immediately begin verbalizing what happened. Let go of this. Relax for a second. And look into the source again. And again. and again.

Do this a million times and you gradually will be able to see Ego for what Ego is. You will now be watching from a more present place – outside the Ego. From the Real you. From presence. You will see your prison from the outside. Not the inside.

Compare it to piano practice. If you want to become a concert pianist you have to practice every day for many years.

Presence is no different. It has to be practiced at all time.

Slowly you will become free and present.



  • Ridgen Phamridge

    I can relate soooo much to what you say and I my highest wish is to be a better human tomorrow that I am today. To night I have a few things to work on to be able to achieve that! I really wish Nirvana for all human beings ♥♥♥

    Thank You for your love to the world!

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