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Love is All You Need

Some people talk about seeing the light, but try BEING the light!

Your soul is a raw unpolished diamond. Spend your life cutting and polishing your diamond so you can reflect the Divine Light. Then let go of the Diamond and become the Light. Know you ARE the light. Know that everything is made of this light and there is NOTHING higher than this – Except for The Source – which is best described as nothingness. But do not give it a name. It is better to leave it with no names.

If there is a God he MUST be made of this light – which means that he is a being no higher and no lower than you and me.

If he is higher than this light he is nothing as the light comes from nothingness. Everything that comes out of this nothingness is polarities. Everything is divided. Divided into darkness and light. Oneness is divided into Duality. Oneness is divided into good and bad. Into God and Devil. Or Good and Evil!

It is all polarities. Each is one half of a whole. Unite God and Devil within and you will become Oneness.


When I was a kid I was very fascinated by the Dorje and the Ghanta. The Dorje is a small scepter, represents the male principle, and is held in the right hand. The Ghanta is a bell, represents the female principle and is held in the left hand.

My father was smart enough to recognize this and he placed me in a Buddhist monastery close to where we lived in Thailand, but I was more than ready to go to the US when Debra and Lenora found me.

My story is 20 years of Buddhist meditation training and one night I had a breakthrough. Not my first but my first groundbreaking breakthrough.

I felt my being diffuse. Dissolve into nothingness. My heart opened and opened and opened until everything was an open heart. First, everything was light. Every stone, every tree, every person around me was illuminated beings. They were light and I was light. Warm, bright beautiful golden Light.

But the light was the only carrier for something far greater. Love. Unconditional Love. Endless unlimited eternal Love. More than enough for every single human being in this world and beyond. I was Love. We all are. I looked into the eternal source from where Love emanated. And I saw nothing. I became nothing. The nothingness that is the foundation of creation. The nothingness that fills everything. As an artist needs an empty canvas for his creation, the divine needs the same for ‘his’ creation. This empty canvas is beyond form. It has never been created and cannot be destroyed. It IS! It simply IS!

I became one with everything, differences and similarities disappeared. There is really no difference between you and me. At this ‘place’ which really is no place, we are all one. And the expression of this oneness is Love of such a caliber that no human is able to comprehend it. You have to leave being human behind. You have to leave everything you think you are behind.

This is beyond you and me. And yet it is more you and me than anything else.

Immense freedom. John Lennon was absolutely to the point: “Love is All You Need”


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