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    What Mindfulness REALLY is!

    During the past 20 years, Mindfulness has really found its way into many people’s hearts. Especially young people seem to have fallen in love with the idea of being Mindful. From the time the Chinese invaded Tibet in 1950, the Tibetans have spread all over the world, bringing oceans of wisdom out of Tibet to the western world.

    I would like very much to clarify a little what Mindfulness is and in relation to this, also what Meditation is.

    Mindfulness and Meditation

    Jon Kabat-Zinn has defined mindfulness as “the awareness that arises from paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally”.

    And this is a very accurate description. I would, for the sake of precision add that this is a practice that if it is going to work, has to be practiced daily and always from your heart. In everything you do, remember your heart. This will make your Mindfulness practice much more precise and to the point.

    Mindfulness is like learning to play the piano and be able to play your favorite songs. Meditation is like a concert pianist who has practiced 8 hours a day for 20 years.

    You can regard Mindfulness as Meditation ‘light’.

    The purpose of Mindfulness is NOT to make you be able to withstand higher levels of stress or make you perform more, faster, or better! The purpose of true Mindfulness is not to achieve less stress in your life either – although this can be a very nice side benefit.

    At some point in human development, we found that some level of hygiene is very beneficial to us. We are now at a time in history where we are learning that some level of mental hygiene is also beneficial.


    The deepest purpose of Mindfulness is to bring you home.

    Mindfulness is not to achieve something and it is not about getting rid of something. If that is your purpose you have fallen out of the present moment.

    As humans, we tend to identify with thoughts and feelings. We tend to believe that thought and feeling control us.

    Mindfulness will teach you to be unattached to your thoughts and feelings and the biggest reward by being able to look at thoughts and feelings from the outside is that you are coming home. Home to your self. Or at least closer to home. Closer to your self and your true being. You will slowly become more awake and aware.

    In time you will be able to watch your thoughts while they arise from homelessness. Watch them take form as words and watch them dissolve back into homelessness. And you were no part of the process. You only witnessed it while it happened.

    Are you Thinking or are you Being?

    The one you THINK you are is not who you really are. It is only thoughts about who you are and discovering that you are not what you THINK you are will bring you closer to the peace and quiet that lives in your heart.

    The one who is doing the thinking about who you are is lost in thinking about who you are rather than BEING who you are!

    Realize that there is an infinite difference between who you THINK you are and who you really are. Realize it is not the spoon that bends. It is you!

    Going from Mindlessness to Mindfulness is like going into a dark room and gradually turning up the light. You move from being unconscious to becoming aware.

    The deepest purpose of Mindfulness is to bring you home to who you really are.

    A huge industry of Western Mindfulness teachers has flourished all over the world, offering mindfulness classes in just about every country on the earth.

    Many of today’s teachers are not quite able to teach you the precise path back to your real self. Simply because they haven’t found their own real self. They are still searching.

    If you want authentic and competent teaching you need to find a teacher who has realized that level of consciousness and they are rare. It will take 10-20 years of intense practice to become an authentic teacher in Mindfulness.

    Here are 9 ways to know if you have found an authentic Mindfulness teacher:

    • He has been practicing mindfulness 3-8 hours every day for the past 10-20 years. Maybe even more.
    • She will be present and authentic and she will know when you throw your projections at her and she will most kindly reject them!
    • He will not be your father/mother or your lover. He will be your teacher.
    • She has a teacher who has even more training than her.
    • He knows his borders and he will say yes and no accordingly.
    • She will be soft and gentle like a feather falling silently to the ground but sharp and precise as a katana cutting through the noise.
    • It should be very easy to count his enemies. Ideally, he has none.
    • She has been on several group and solo retreats lasting from 3 months to a year.
    • The only ambition he has is the Presence of Love.

    It might take a long time to find such a teacher so in the meantime, you might wanna go with a local teacher to get you started!

    There is NO path to happiness. Happiness IS the path!


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    Being Present

    The past is gone. The future has not arrived. There is no Love and no Life outside this moment.

    Ego is not present. It cannot be. Ego has jumped out of the source. Left the now. Always trying to define itself because of that. It is a construct. A bunch of opinions and attitudes. Nothing more. The moment Ego arrives at NOW it is not Ego any more. It becomes omnipresent as nothingness.

    Leaving Now is falling. Falling asleep. And Ego does not notice. Ego is not aware that it fell asleep. We are neither aware when we fall asleep at night.

    The point we notice we fell asleep is the time we wake up!


    Ego always wants something. Ego is always on its way from somewhere to somewhere else.

    If you want to be more present you need to know your Ego first.

    Ego will trick you and try to convince you all the way to high hell that you are on the right path to heaven. But with Ego you are not. Ego cannot lead you to the present moment. Ego does not want you to find the present moment because the present moment will reveal completely what Ego really is. It will ultimately even kill Ego. And Ego does not want that.

    You cannot lead yourself to the Source. You need someone who knows the way to guide you. A teacher. But you can start practicing.

    If you want more presence in your life you have to discover that you are NOT Ego. You are something else. You need to realize that you were absent for some time and Ego put itself on the throne while you were deeply asleep. And you accepted it because Ego managed to convince You that Ego is You!

    But you are not!

    Ego is nothing more than a contraction of nothingness and that contraction has become your prison where the walls are painted in wonderful natural colors and the ceiling depicts a vast blue sky. And you believe it is real ONLY because Ego told you.

    It is very simple. Let go of your thoughts and let go of your emotions. Everything is Ego anyway. Discover the part of you that is watching your thoughts and your feelings. It is like a flashlight. Usually, you look where the light is. Not from where it comes.

    Your awareness is your light. Find the source. Watch from where it comes. Look into the source.

    And the Ego will trick you again.

    In the beginning, you can only look into your own awareness for a split second. This will release energy in you and Ego will immediately begin verbalizing what happened. Let go of this. Relax for a second. And look into the source again. And again. and again.

    Do this a million times and you gradually will be able to see Ego for what Ego is. You will now be watching from a more present place – outside the Ego. From the Real you. From presence. You will see your prison from the outside. Not the inside.

    Compare it to piano practice. If you want to become a concert pianist you have to practice every day for many years.

    Presence is no different. It has to be practiced at all time.

    Slowly you will become free and present.


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    Why suicide does not help.

    In the following I will go through the consequences of ending your life prematurely.

    Emotions can be very dark and heavy. They can trick people into doing things they otherwise would not have done. When emotions take you over you lose conscious control of yourself. Thought can amplify emotions and thought can control emotion – if you are well-trained in watching your mind. This is also called meditation or mental hygiene.

    In the Movie Ground Hawk Day Bill Murray finds himself waking up every day at six o’clock and the day before repeats itself. This happens over and over and over. Bill tries to change things, manipulate things and learn fantastic skills – everything in an attempt to get Love from Andie MacDowell. He also tries to escape the wheel of life by killing himself. Only to discover that he still wakes up at six o’clock to a new repetition.

    After repeating his life numerous times he finally discovers the truth. The only thing that will set him free from repeating the same life and the same mistakes day after day is Love.


    Killing your self does not solve anything. The first thing you will notice after ending your life is you will be isolated in the afterlife in a place that is sad, dark and lonely. In the first short time you will try to orient yourself to find out where you are and why your life did not end.

    If you think your pain will stop when you die you are mistaken.

    If you think everything will go black and stop you are mistaken.

    If you think suicide is the solution to your grave emotional situation you are severely mistaken.


    Killing your self makes everything much worse. Most people who kill themselves believe that their sufferings will end or that they stop existing and thus the pain will end.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. The biggest issue now trying to contain your emotions. And you cannot do that without your body. If your emotions were impossible to cope with and overshadowed you when you were alive, you will notice that without your body it gets many times worse! Your pain will be tenfold. Your grief will be tenfold. Your sorrow will be tenfold. If it was boredom that drove you here it will be tenfold.

    But this is not all of it.

    If you hurt anybody – living or dead – by killing yourself you will feel their pain tenfold on top of what you already are feeling.

    If you let someone down – living or dead – by killing yourself, you will feel let down tenfold.

    After years of immense sufferings and pain you will fall asleep and after years of relaxation you will be born again. With the exact same challenges, you did not solve correctly in your previous life. The universe is patient. You will get another chance to make the right decision. And another and another. Until you WAKE UP!

    There is always someone somewhere that is saddened by your suicide. Always. You will also be reborn in their situation to feel and learn what you did to them.

    You will be put in the same challenge over and over until you solve the riddle and chose the path of Love, forgiveness and Enlightenment. You cannot escape. The patience of the Universe is endless.

    In other words – you will lose several hundred years of time and make your sufferings ten times bigger and 100 times longer simply because you made a bad decision.

    Chose Love. Chose from your heart. Chose to cope with your pain now.


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    Karma 1O1

    The purpose of Karma is to teach you NOT to suffer. The way we usually go around this is to try to CONTROL our surroundings. But the returning karma of controlling other people is to be controlled by other people!

    You can’t escape your karma. You can run but it will catch up with you eventually – and you will get what you deserve – so to speak.

    There is a deep secret in the saying “Treat others as you would like to be treated”. Think of energy as a common denominator for everything you do, say, think and feel. The doing represents most energy. Thoughts and feelings are more subtle.

    When you do something to others you are starting an energy movement. You are sending something out in the world. The big secret most people have yet to discover is that energy moves in circles! And that is why you get the same energy back as you send out. Some actions are returning fast and some slow. It also depends on where you are in your understanding and recognition of how energy works. Killing of people is a big movement and it takes a lifetime to get that energy back.

    We see two kinds of karma.

    1. Compensating Karma

    Karma is not about revenge. Karma in itself is emotionless. Karma is evolution’s most powerful tool to drive human progress.

    The turn around time for karma depends on how developed you are. If you are living in your solar plexus trying to achieve wealth or power you are not able to connect the thing that happen to you to events that started that karma. And thus you will tend to believe that there is no connection.

    If you live from your heart you will be much closer to realize the connection between what you sow and what you reap.

    If you have had some openings to the next layer of consciousness, the spiritual stage, you will most likely begin to see the connection directly and the deeper you go into this layer the more wisdom will flow to you and you will see things for what they are including karma.

    Karma is almost 1:1. If you learn by your mistakes it will not hit you as hard when it returns, but it will still hit you.

    In many ways karma works like a pendulum. If you are rich in this life you will be poor in the next. If you are powerful in this life you will become powerless in the next.

    Balance is key!


    2. Progressive Karma

    At some point in your development you will see the connection between the energy you give and the energy you receive. This is where people usually wake up and decide that if karma return no matter what, I can as well make it beneficial. This way karma becomes an investment. If you give people love you will receive love and at this stage the return will be much faster. But be careful in speculating because speculating will also come back to you! Just be open and honest.

    I started training martial arts early in my life and it was this training that opened my eyes to the reality of karma. Martial arts was a special karma arena for me because I noticed that everything I did in a fight came back to me within two minutes! Outside the dojo life was normal, and I was not able to see any connection but inside the dojo karma always worked perfectly. It was almost instant karma.


    The purpose of karma is to open your heart.

    The first thing karma will do for you is opening your heart. And that will be through suffering. Not a single open heart in this universe has been spared the suffering! Most of the humanity is in suffering and only those who knows suffering and has over come it, can understand the pain others are going through.

    Your heart will continue to open. At some point it will open and dissolve! And you will notice that your physical surroundings are gone. People experience this stage different. Some say that everything is pure energy and some says it is pure light. Both is true. This will in time open to cosmic creativity and you will recognize how the universe at this stage is pure creativity and if you have the skills you can connect heaven and earth and let the higher art forms inspire people on earth.

    I can hear the most beautiful music that composers through time has made and contributed to the collective consciousness, but I have no musical skills, so I can’t reproduce it. A trained musician can do this.

    I can see the most beautiful sculptures and 3 & 4 dimensional paintings ever made, but I am no painter, so I can’t bring these art forms to life here on earth. But a skilled painter can.

    I can hear and read the most beautiful poems ever made through all time, but I am no poet, so I can only enjoy them in the next dimension. I have not the skills to put human words on them and translate them to earthly art.

    The more art you reproduce the more you will get access to. This is karma.

    My only skill is that I can teach you to go there.


    Dualism & Oneness.

    Be aware:

    You see The Light, see a vision of The Christ or The Buddha, you Feel The Energy or you gaze into Nothingness.

    There is the experience AND there is something in you that is AWARE of this experience.

    As long as there is one that is aware and something to be aware of, the situation is dualistic. When you enter the last stage of transformation, there will be no two entities. Only one. The One that is All.

    At this stage there is no karma.

    We call it  The Source, but it is Nameless.

    One Love!

    Read more about my path to The Light here.



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    Sri Lanka Easter Bombings and the Karma for the Suicide Bombers

    This article has been written in the light of the bombings in Sri Lanka on 21 April 2019.

    Worry not for revenge as the universe is intelligent enough to deal with the actions of a suicide bomber. Always stay in contact with the Divine Love as much as you can. The Divine Universe does not care for religion of any sort. Only for Light and Love.

    Love will wake you up to what is behind the curtain. Hate will roll down more curtains.

    Everything that happens to the suicide bombers after their death is not real. It is their own inner projection they experience. It will be much like a nightmare and in order to have any educational effect, it will feel very real to them. What they see, feel, and hear will be their reality, simply because they created it! And they cannot escape it.

    The moment we die we will meet the Primary light which emanates from the source of nothingness. If we are able to recognize that this light has never been created nor will disappear and that this light is not outside of us nor inside, we will attain the highest stage of Consciousness and Love immediately.

    Most people will not know what to do when they see this light because they do not have the necessary training. So death will continue its process without any awakening.

    The suicide bombers will not see this light at all. It will be there, but they are not able nor ready.

    What will happen is they will be separated from each other and ‘placed’ in open solitary confinement. A place in the afterlife where there will be not much light. Their only true companion will be loneliness. This loneliness will be very painful. It is impossible to contain emotions without a body so it will be endlessly overwhelming to experience all that pain they have caused. Yes, they will experience every bit of pain and suffering they have inflicted and it will take a long time. Imagine you fall off of a ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in a thunderstorm. The water, the and the rain and the storm equal these emotions. You will be a victim to the forces of nature. You can’t do anything. You can’t even die from the pain because you are already dead.

    Cosmos will replay the catastrophic death scenery over and over for months and months and the suicide bombers will have to live through every single affected person’s pains and sufferings likely for years. Eventually, the ‘screenplay’ will fade, they will be left in darkness and will now in addition to the loneliness also have their own anger, sorrow, and regrets as company.

    After 20 to 40 years they will slowly fall asleep and forget and after many more years of relaxation, they will be born again with no direct memories of their past. As we cannot remember from one dream to another likewise we cannot remember from one life to the next.

    And know that first now the education process begins.

    Every death the suicide bomber has caused he will be forced to experience himself.

    Every loss he has caused he will be forced to experience himself and

    Every pain he has inflicted will be forced upon himself to feel.

    The universe is truly a tough but just teacher. The suicide bombers will now spend the next 500 to 1000 years paying their debt to the Universe.

    The consequences of such an act are almost endless. This is why we NEED to stay in contact with the Eternal and Divine Love! The suicide bombers did not only create the horrible scenarios in Sri Lanka. They will continue to create similar scenarios in the future in order for them to suffer the necessary amount of pain to learn from their deeds. This will create even more victims. The event in Sri Lanka will have a ripple effect for thousands of years.

    This is Karma beyond belief.

    This is the law that rules this universe.

    This is the Law of Balance.

    This is why we need to stay in contact with Divine Love and seek to forgive instead of seeking revenge. Do NOT become a part of this ripple by hating and wanting revenge. Use your valuable time on earth to Heal and Love. The Law of Love is superior to the law of balance.

    This is a healing practice you can use:

    Contact your Love for your family, friends, and loved ones. Feel how much you Love them. Send that Love EQUALLY to all the victims and all the perpetrators. Keep in mind that the suicide bombers will have a much harder time than their victims for the next 1000 years. They will be the ones to suffer the most. The more you heal these two parts of the events, the more you heal the world, and the less the total amount of suffering on earth will be.

    You will bring Love and Light in existence on earth using this practice. And as a pleasant side effect YOU will become a more Loving being.

    It takes tens of thousands of years to wake up through suffering. It takes thousands of years to wake up through mindfulness. It takes only a lifetime to wake up through the Love and Presence of the right teacher.

    Waking up means knowing the truth about your self.

    Love is all you need! Stay present! Be aware! Love is all you need!




    I was taught by the late Master Po. He was able to follow the spirits after they left the body and guide them through the passage of death. I have watched blissful deaths as well as painful deaths, and Master Po always guided the younger spirits towards higher stages of consciousness.

    Master Po – Even though we are never separated we will meet again!


    One Love!




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    Love is All You Need

    Some people talk about seeing the light, but try BEING the light!

    Your soul is a raw unpolished diamond. Spend your life cutting and polishing your diamond so you can reflect the Divine Light. Then let go of the Diamond and become the Light. Know you ARE the light. Know that everything is made of this light and there is NOTHING higher than this – Except for The Source – which is best described as nothingness. But do not give it a name. It is better to leave it with no names.

    If there is a God he MUST be made of this light – which means that he is a being no higher and no lower than you and me.

    If he is higher than this light he is nothing as the light comes from nothingness. Everything that comes out of this nothingness is polarities. Everything is divided. Divided into darkness and light. Oneness is divided into Duality. Oneness is divided into good and bad. Into God and Devil. Or Good and Evil!

    It is all polarities. Each is one half of a whole. Unite God and Devil within and you will become Oneness.


    When I was a kid I was very fascinated by the Dorje and the Ghanta. The Dorje is a small scepter, represents the male principle, and is held in the right hand. The Ghanta is a bell, represents the female principle and is held in the left hand.

    My father was smart enough to recognize this and he placed me in a Buddhist monastery close to where we lived in Thailand, but I was more than ready to go to the US when Debra and Lenora found me.

    My story is 20 years of Buddhist meditation training and one night I had a breakthrough. Not my first but my first groundbreaking breakthrough.

    I felt my being diffuse. Dissolve into nothingness. My heart opened and opened and opened until everything was an open heart. First, everything was light. Every stone, every tree, every person around me was illuminated beings. They were light and I was light. Warm, bright beautiful golden Light.

    But the light was the only carrier for something far greater. Love. Unconditional Love. Endless unlimited eternal Love. More than enough for every single human being in this world and beyond. I was Love. We all are. I looked into the eternal source from where Love emanated. And I saw nothing. I became nothing. The nothingness that is the foundation of creation. The nothingness that fills everything. As an artist needs an empty canvas for his creation, the divine needs the same for ‘his’ creation. This empty canvas is beyond form. It has never been created and cannot be destroyed. It IS! It simply IS!

    I became one with everything, differences and similarities disappeared. There is really no difference between you and me. At this ‘place’ which really is no place, we are all one. And the expression of this oneness is Love of such a caliber that no human is able to comprehend it. You have to leave being human behind. You have to leave everything you think you are behind.

    This is beyond you and me. And yet it is more you and me than anything else.

    Immense freedom. John Lennon was absolutely to the point: “Love is All You Need”