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Karma 1O1

June 16, 2019

The purpose of Karma is to teach you NOT to suffer. The way we usually go around this is to try to CONTROL our surroundings. But the returning karma of controlling other people is to be controlled by other people!

You can’t escape your karma. You can run but it will catch up with you eventually – and you will get what you deserve – so to speak.

There is a deep secret in the saying “Treat others as you would like to be treated”. Think of energy as a common denominator for everything you do, say, think and feel. The doing represents most energy. Thoughts and feelings are more subtle.

When you do something to others you are starting an energy movement. You are sending something out in the world. The big secret most people have yet to discover is that energy moves in circles! And that is why you get the same energy back as you send out. Some actions are returning fast and some slow. It also depends on where you are in your understanding and recognition of how energy works. Killing of people is a big movement and it takes a lifetime to get that energy back.

We see two kinds of karma.

1. Compensating Karma

Karma is not about revenge. Karma in itself is emotionless. Karma is evolution’s most powerful tool to drive human progress.

The turn around time for karma depends on how developed you are. If you are living in your solar plexus trying to achieve wealth or power you are not able to connect the thing that happen to you to events that started that karma. And thus you will tend to believe that there is no connection.

If you live from your heart you will be much closer to realize the connection between what you sow and what you reap.

If you have had some openings to the next layer of consciousness, the spiritual stage, you will most likely begin to see the connection directly and the deeper you go into this layer the more wisdom will flow to you and you will see things for what they are including karma.

Karma is almost 1:1. If you learn by your mistakes it will not hit you as hard when it returns, but it will still hit you.

In many ways karma works like a pendulum. If you are rich in this life you will be poor in the next. If you are powerful in this life you will become powerless in the next.

Balance is key!


2. Progressive Karma

At some point in your development you will see the connection between the energy you give and the energy you receive. This is where people usually wake up and decide that if karma return no matter what, I can as well make it beneficial. This way karma becomes an investment. If you give people love you will receive love and at this stage the return will be much faster. But be careful in speculating because speculating will also come back to you! Just be open and honest.

I started training martial arts early in my life and it was this training that opened my eyes to the reality of karma. Martial arts was a special karma arena for me because I noticed that everything I did in a fight came back to me within two minutes! Outside the dojo life was normal, and I was not able to see any connection but inside the dojo karma always worked perfectly. It was almost instant karma.


The purpose of karma is to open your heart.

The first thing karma will do for you is opening your heart. And that will be through suffering. Not a single open heart in this universe has been spared the suffering! Most of the humanity is in suffering and only those who knows suffering and has over come it, can understand the pain others are going through.

Your heart will continue to open. At some point it will open and dissolve! And you will notice that your physical surroundings are gone. People experience this stage different. Some say that everything is pure energy and some says it is pure light. Both is true. This will in time open to cosmic creativity and you will recognize how the universe at this stage is pure creativity and if you have the skills you can connect heaven and earth and let the higher art forms inspire people on earth.

I can hear the most beautiful music that composers through time has made and contributed to the collective consciousness, but I have no musical skills, so I can’t reproduce it. A trained musician can do this.

I can see the most beautiful sculptures and 3 & 4 dimensional paintings ever made, but I am no painter, so I can’t bring these art forms to life here on earth. But a skilled painter can.

I can hear and read the most beautiful poems ever made through all time, but I am no poet, so I can only enjoy them in the next dimension. I have not the skills to put human words on them and translate them to earthly art.

The more art you reproduce the more you will get access to. This is karma.

My only skill is that I can teach you to go there.


Dualism & Oneness.

Be aware:

You see The Light, see a vision of The Christ or The Buddha, you Feel The Energy or you gaze into Nothingness.

There is the experience AND there is something in you that is AWARE of this experience.

As long as there is one that is aware and something to be aware of, the situation is dualistic. When you enter the last stage of transformation, there will be no two entities. Only one. The One that is All.

At this stage there is no karma.

We call it  The Source, but it is Nameless.

One Love!

Read more about my path to The Light here.



By Celestine Quincy

Celestine was born in Thailand one year after her three sisters who she didn’t know because her father didn’t know. Very early she showed signs of spiritual interests and her father wasn’t late to put her in a nearby monastery where she got proper training. She studied under the late Master Po (named after the river Po), who is said to be a reincarnation of Vimalamitra – the 26th of Padma Shambava’s 25 main disciples! His mission was to make his students go further than the master.

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