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Fighting Trafficking, Corrupt politicians and common stupidity

The search for Angelica

March 04, 2019

The spotter was a wimp. If he knew anything it would probably be easy to convince him to talk. The other guy with the bullet hole in his shoulder, was playing tough even though he was in pain. In contrast to the other guy this one was above street level so he would have contacts higher up in the system. I wanted to break him.

So I took one of the lamps and cut the wire. Stripped the plastic and tied the ends of the cable to each of his ankles. I actually enjoyed the fear in his eyes. He knew what was coming. I was going to roast his balls because the current would run from one leg to the other passing his balls on it’s way and probably make the piss boil in his bladder…

He started to sweat but didn’t say anything.

– We are looking for our sister and we have reason to believe that you are involved in her disappearance. I think you took her and sent her out of the country. I want to know everything.

– I’m just gonna see if this works.

I took one of his socks off, put it into his mouth and turned the power on for a second. Luckily this place was quite isolated. He went into a spasm and screamed like a pig on it’s way to the slaughterhouse.

I think he softened a bit and his friend had this terrified look in his eyes as if he feared he would be next. He was probably ready to talk.

You might ask where I learned these interrogation methods and I would answer that this was one of a few methods used in Afghanistan along with waterboarding and sleep deprivation to ‘extract’ information from prisoners. This method called Power Persuasion was usually the fastest. No one in the public knows anything about this method because the Americans made sure that no one lived to talk about it! Of course the CIA knows about it and it is classified as hell. The public discussion in the US about waterboarding was primarily to remove focus from other and far more efficient information extraction methods like the Power Persuasion.

His eyes went back and forth between Len and I. As if he hoped to find some kind of understanding from one of us. He was clearly softening up!

I never experienced this method myself, but I have seen what it can do. I tried waterboarding though. We tested it on each other in Afghanistan just to get a feeling of what it does to you. People who say waterboarding is horrifying doesn’t know this method. Waterboarding is a holiday paradise compared to this. It FEELS like you are drowning, but you are not! And having tried it a number of times you simply stop panicking. Just relax and make the oxygen last longer.

When you are waterboarded you keep clinging to the hope that it stops at some point. When you get electrocuted like this you don’t hope or cling to anything. The pain is tremendous and your body and mind is in shock while the power is on. The brain is shorted, you can’t speak, you can’t think, you can’t move. You don’t really know what is happening while it happens. It is only seconds later after the shock gradually disappears you begin to realize what happened and the brain begins to work again.

– You ready to tell me something?

I gave him 3 seconds to answer, while counting down just to indicate that if he wanted to say something it had to be very fast. Once again he went into a spasm. This time for two seconds. I had to pause because you can’t talk with 230 volts passing through your body. Every single muscle goes into a spasm and there is no way to control any body function at all.

– You are responsible for my sisters disappearance. You can’t imagine what I will do to you if I do not find her alive!

– Talk Now! I demanded.

He didn’t look at any of us any more. He looked down which is a sign of beginning submission.

He started to say something. He stuttered but he wasn’t quite there yet so I gave him four more seconds of pure power.

– They’ll kill me, he shouted when he ‘came back’. – They’ll kill me!

– No they won’t, but if you don’t talk NOW I will turn on the power and leave this building and in a few months the electricity company will cut the power because the bill hasn’t been paid. At that time the rats will have consumed your dead roasted body.

– I hope you understand that I had a rough childhood. There is NOTHING I won’t do to find my sister. Your pals won’t kill you. I will! And then I will kill them. All of them.

To make sure he did get my point I turned the power on for five seconds this time and after that it looked very much like he was broken and ready to talk.

– Stop please stop don’t turn it on again!, he shouted.

– I have 10-15 people working for me. They pick up young women and they are held in a house outside London until they are skipped off in groups at 8-10 people. They are smuggled to Vlorë in Albania. I have names and an address.

– I want to know who is picking girls up in Newham!

– Vladimir. It’s Vladimir.

– Who is Vladimir and where can we find him?

– I can call him.

– So you have his number?

– Yes, yes I do.

He sounded like he hoped for a pardon if he gave me the number.

– Has he ever been at your place?

– A few times.

– You are not going to call him. I am going to send him a text. I will ask him to come over tomorrow.

And so I did. “Something came up. Can you come over tomorrow at 12?”

Two minutes went by and he actually replied “OK” and that was the moment I learned that the man we just tortured was Amir.

But this was not the end. I wanted to know who his bosses were so I asked him:

– Are you going to tell me the names and addresses of your bosses or do I need to power you up again?

We got an interesting name. Kristo Dako. The very Godfather of organized crime in London. He lived in a mansion outside London with a ton of bodyguards. Taking him out would be a major operation that needed detailed planning. I had to look him up on the net to see if I could find his picture. This way it would be much easier to identify him when we find him.

Everybody on Amir’s level reported to Kristo. There are somewhere around 100 independent cells in London. Some picking up girls. A lot of them selling drugs and other groups stealing cars, delivering them to special garages where they are chopped up in spare parts and sold. Burglar groups and looters are breaking in to companies and rich peoples homes delivering the stolen goods to warehouses in the industrial areas from where they are sorted and transported to the London Container Terminal where they are shipped off to the Balkans. They also have special divisions for gunrunning. Guns stolen from private homes, the police or even the military.

All in all it looked very similar to what we did in the Double Dragon in Korea just a few years ago.

Next morning we took Amirs keys and went to his apartment. I went inside and Len stayed in the car so she could stop Vlad if he got suspicious and tried to run.

I wanted to secure the apartment so we were early, but everything was quiet.

At noon the doorbell rang and I opened the door. Len was already behind him and pushed him through the door where I took him down on the floor and put my knee to his back while pointing my gun to his head.

– Turn your head slowly and look at me.

– Shit, it’s you. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…

Soooo he ‘recognized’ Angel or rather, he mistook me for being Angel!

– NO! I’m her sister and if I do not find her very, very soon you will find your self on the bottom of the Thames with a 3 tons anchor firmly attached to your balls within the hour.

– No, no, no… My job was to invite her to a party and from there others took over.

– Who?

– The transport team.

– The transport team?

– They move people in and out of the country.

– Names! I demanded.

We got a few more names on the transporters and he explained how girls were transported through Amsterdam, Germany and ended up in Eastern Europe. He didn’t knew much but it sounded plausible.

We went back to the car, cuffed him and drove to the nearest Mac Drive, bought some burgers to go and went back to our garage where we threw him with the other two.

We secured them tightly. Didn’t want them to sleep well. They are easier to handle when they are exhausted so we made sure they had to sit up in uncomfortable positions the entire night.

Tomorrow our friends would arrive so we started to organize transport to Albania. We would have to leave our weapons behind and get some new when we arrive in Albania. That shouldn’t be hard. After all they just recently had a major war going on in most of the Balkans.


By Debra Quincy

Debra was an outsider all her life. She never knew her father and she lost her mother and sisters very early. Couldn't handle close friends. They would only be taken away from her – just like everyone else before. Going to war actually saved her and finding true friends in the army started a healing process.

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